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December 13, 2019 (American Thinker) — In the 1997 movie The Devil's Advocate, Al Pacino portrays Satan, and Keanu Reeves portrays his son, who is unaware that Pacino is his father. Reeves is a hotshot lawyer from Florida who is lured away to New York City to work for Pacino's law firm. Near the end of the movie, Reeves confronts Pacino about his identity. Pacino proceeds to give a speech about who he is and what his plans are. There is a revealing part of the speech where Reeves asks Pacino why he, Satan, is using the law as part of his plan. 

Kevin (Reeves): Why the law? Cut the s—, Dad! Why lawyers? Why the law?

Milton (Pacino): Because the law, my boy, puts us into everything. It's the ultimate backstage pass; it's the new priesthood, baby. Did you know there are more students in law school than there are lawyers walking the Earth? We're coming out, guns blazing! The two of you, all of us, acquittal after acquittal after acquittal…until the stench of it reaches so high and far into heaven, it chokes the whole f—— lot of them.

“Acquittal after acquittal after acquittal.” Not of people being wrongly convicted in American courtrooms, but of those who are guilty beyond reasonable doubt, who are being acquitted and released back into society to commit more crimes. It matters not if they are misdemeanor or felony crimes. The guilty go free and continue to prey on society until that city in which they reside collapses under the weight of the filth and stench of crimes without consequences.

This is an interesting and frightening revelation that parallels what is happening today in cities all across America. How is this happening, and who is the driving force behind this? Look no farther than to George Soros and the liberal advocacy groups he donates so much money to. These groups are spending millions of dollars on district attorney races in major American cities. These groups back liberal-minded lawyers (mainly defense attorneys) with the goal to “fundamentally change” the criminal justice system to their liking — not in an effort to fight crime and be victim advocates, but the reversal of that: to reduce or eliminate bail for perpetrators who have been arrested for both minor and heinous crimes, and to put them back out on the street while they await their trial date. They also want to completely disassemble police departments, which they have long viewed as racist, and replace them with an ah-shucks Andy Griffith–type law enforcement character to deal with modern-day societal ills and woes. Hint: It won't work. The societal fabric is unraveling around its frayed edges, and namby-pamby approaches to enforcing the law have never worked. At least not in major cities, they haven't worked.

Is this really happening, and what's the long-term outcome? Look no farther than to California for proof that it's indeed happening. The latest and most high-profile district attorney race victory went to none other than the stinking, crime-infested city of San Francisco. Does the name Chesa Boudin ring a bell? No, not to me, either, at first — not until it was revealed he is the son of 1960s radical leftist and American terrorist bomber Bill Ayers. It matters not that Boudin, a defense attorney, has never prosecuted a single case. I bet he'll make a great district attorney for victims of crimes (sarc.). Boudin has already stated he will not prosecute public urination, prostitution, and “quality of life crimes” for the homeless. What about quality of life for the hardworking taxpayers and business-owners?

Supporters of Boudin claim he wasn't financed by George Soros, but this statement is disingenuous. From an article written in October this year by Michelle Malkin for Real Clear Politics:

I discovered from Boudin's most recent campaign finance disclosures that one of his top donors is Chloe Cockburn. She is a prominent partner of globalist billionaire George Soros' Democracy Alliance. Cockburn moderated a crucial 2017 summit with Soros and other deep-pocketed liberal philanthropists to strategize on taking over local and state offices to reclaim “our progressive future.” Other bigwig Boudin donors hail from the Soros-allied Tides Foundation and Soros-funded Brennan Center for Justice.

California instituted Proposition 47 in 2015. This is a crime measure pushed, ironically enough, under the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Funds.” This initiative was designed, by liberal advocate groups, along with lawmakers and politicians, to reduce prison population, reduce certain felony crimes to misdemeanors, decriminalize all narcotics possession from felonies to misdemeanors, and for better use of funds for education and drug treatment centers for criminals.

This initiative was endorsed and sold to voters by politicians on both sides of the aisle and, foolishly enough, by many police chiefs and county sheriffs. If you attach the word “education” to any piece of legislation, the voters more likely than not will support it if they believe it will benefit children and schools. And so, California voters approved this monstrosity of an initiative.

Were the “experts” really so shortsighted that they couldn't have predicted what would happen once this initiative was put into effect? Thousands of convicted criminals were immediately released from jails and prisons. (What could possibly go wrong?) Property theft–related crime rates shot through the stratosphere. Homelessness is now completely out of control, with not only no quick fix in sight, but no long-term fix in sight, either. Squalor, filth, and diseases on par or worse with some third-world countries are now prevalent in major cities in California. Criminals who were once incarcerated, convicted, and put in jails or prisons for their various crimes are now out on the streets with no job nor home to live in. They are no longer arrested for crimes that used to put them in jail, which sadly helped them “clean up” for a short period and provided them with “three hots and a cot.” Those same criminals are no longer being thrown in jail for crimes they commit, and they now openly defecate, shoot up heroin, and commit theft crimes without fear of retribution. This has led to more violent encounters with residents and business-owners. 

Another high-profile example of the nefarious plan is the election of Cook County, Illinois state attorney Kimberly Foxx. You might remember her from the Jussie Smollett farce that headlined in the news for a few weeks earlier this year. Foxx's office dropped the charges against Smollett, who was accused of orchestrating a hate-crime attack on himself. Kimberly Foxx won her election to state attorney with the help of hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to her campaign by George Soros.

Is this their plan? Is this how they plan to cause the collapse of America so they can realize their globalist utopia? Acquittal after acquittal after acquittal? To collapse our cities into third-world squalor and filth that will be dependent on big government's meager handouts to survive? It appears to be. If Soros and his acolytes are successful with this strategy, it will create in our country a stench that will reach so high that it'll choke the whole of our society. You need only to do an internet search of district attorney races across America to see which cities have already been affected by the “Soros Society.”

At the end of the speech by Pacino's character, Keanu Reeves says this:

Kevin (Reeves): In the Bible you lose. We're destined to lose, dad.

For the sake of America, I pray George Soros and his henchmen lose.

Published with permission from the American Thinker.