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FULTON COUNTY, Georgia (LifeSiteNews) – The forewoman of a Georgia grand jury that is investigating the possibility that President Donald Trump or his associates broke laws in their 2020 election challenges in the state has thoroughly discredited the entire process.

Forewoman Emily Kohrs is 3o years old and apparently has quite the interest in pagan and wiccan beliefs.

But even more than that, she has a strong interest, it seems, in becoming the next short-lived media darling of the Left, following in the footsteps of Cassidy Hutchinson or Michael Avenatti.

The Fulton County grand jury is not a traditional one which can issue indictments. It is simply a large fishing expedition to see if there are any ways that Trump or his associates can be nabbed on criminal charges. It provides plenty of media fodder for talking heads to scream the likes of “The walls are closing in now!”; “Any day now the indictments are coming!”; and “They’ve got Trump now!”

Talking heads have been claiming since at least 2017 that Trump could face criminal charges – Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C.

Except Kohrs’ media tour may undermine any chance of the investigation getting to actual criminal charges. Sort of like the Russia collusion investigation, the process appears to exist to slander conservative individuals but will ultimately end with few, if any, criminal charges.

Kohrs giggled her way through an embarrassing interview with NBC News where she “dropped a whole lot of hints,” according to an MSNBC host. That’s, after all, the whole point. Wink, wink and nudge, nudge as long as possible.

But this sideshow of the media circus may falter due to Kohrs’ attention seeking, as both liberal and conservative legal experts and commentators have concluded that her interviews are undermining the judicial system.

MSNBC legal analyst and Michigan State University law professor Barbara McQuade said she was “mortified” by Kohrs’ actions and said they were likely causing the blood pressure of District Attorney Fani Willis to rise. McQuade wrote: “A blabbing grand jury threatens to upend the whole enterprise. At some point, impropriety by a grand jury could be grounds for a claim of violation of the due process rights of the accused.” She also detailed other improprieties in the process, such as jurors reading outside news and Kohrs’ swearing in one witness while holding a Ninja Turtle ice pop she had received at the district attorney’s office ice cream party.

McQuade wrote:

A what?! Why on Earth would grand jurors be socializing with the prosecutors? A grand jury is an independent body, and prosecutors are trained to maintain a professional distance and avoid engaging in interactions that could be perceived as influencing their decisions.

The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal said Kohrs is “doing a disservice to impartial justice.”

“We wonder why the [district attorney] couldn’t persuade Ms. Kohrs about her obligation to stay silent, and the blabbering won’t help her case,” the editors wrote.

Trump’s attorneys believe that Kohrs has done them a favor.

“This is an indictment. Your intentions were made clear,” Trump attorney Alina Habba said on Newsmax. “Thank you for going on national television, for breaking any confidentiality or impartiality that you’re supposed to hold as a grand juror let alone the forewoman of the grand [jury].”

“You can’t make it up. CNN and MSNBC and all the left-wing media for putting this on, thank you. Anderson Cooper actually agreed and said this is absurd,” Habba said.

Other attorneys for the former president called her actions “emblematic of the deeply flawed process that took place over the last seven months,” according to Bloomberg.

Kohrs embarrassed herself and the entire grand jury process used in Fulton County, which was already resting on shaky grounds.

The federal government has gone out of its way to target Americans, whether it be labeling Latin Mass Catholics as “radical” or asking federal law enforcement to surveil parents who oppose critical race theory and pornographic LGBT books in the schools.

Now that malfeasance has come down to the state level, where Emily Kohrs is leading way on discrediting Georgia’s judicial system. She is just further illuminating the lengths some people will go to smear Trump and Republicans who were fighting to ensure that elections are conducted in a fair and proper manner.