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(L-R) US-President Joe Biden, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares Bueno, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US Foreign Minister Antony Blinken (R) talk at the G20 meetings on November 16, 2022, in Nusa Dua, IndonesiaPhoto by Hebestreit/Bundesregierung via Getty Images

(American Thinker) — Both the East, led by China and Russia, and the West, led by U.S. and European Union globalists, want to fundamentally change the world order.

They call this change the Great Reset, first termed by Klaus Schwab, founder and executive director of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The WEF consists of the world’s wealthiest people, including over 1,000 global corporations and most of the G20 leaders. Schwab & Co. naively view China as a partner, with dictator Xi Jinping a regular forum keynote speaker. Although China and Russia are diehard nationalists, their mission dovetails with that of Western globalists; so, for now, Xi and Vladimir Putin play along.

Nationalist former President Donald Trump gave them a common enemy and COVID-19 set the East-West alliance.

During the Obama administration, China achieved enormous gains in overtaking the United States. China’s rise was a boon for corporations. They ignored the $600-billion-a-year thievery of American technology in hopes of accessing the largest market on earth, stocked with some of the cheapest labor and raw materials available.

From 2016 to 2020, globalists and the Chinese watched helplessly as Trump returned manufacturing to this country and increased wages for workers at an unprecedented rate. China experienced its worst economic years since their 2001 World Trade Organization entry. Corporate lobbyists paid Uniparty politicians handsomely to overthrow the president. Wall Street teamed with China  to try to halt Trump’s tariff imposition on the communist nation and China paid nearly $14 billion to politicians and 600 U.S. groups, all to work against Trump.

High-tech capitalist companies like Google refused to work with the Defense Department but rolled over for China, our number-one foe. To slow the Trump engine, billionaires like Mike Bloomberg, George Soros, and Bill Gates poured in millions into the effort to increase the wealth gap between the elite and the worker bees, while China’s slave labor provided the perfect model.

So, China and Western globalists formed their unofficial alliance to destroy Trump. On one side were the global corporations and the United Nations with their World Bank and International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements. On the other side, China, wanting its power to grow, welcomed help from naïve Western globalists. Wall Street began to funnel American investment funds into Chinese companies to prop up the Chinese economy.

Together, China and the Western globalists set the stage for COVID-19. A year after Trump assumed office, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced a major pandemic would shortly strike the world. In October 2019, globalists Gates and Bloomberg organized Event 201. Its purpose: to simulate a pandemic. 130 guests, including representatives from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and global corporations, attended. The stated key to success to “The Great Reset”: world leaders must lockdown economies to stop the pandemic.

COVID-19 helped the East and the West. While China measured its effectiveness militarily during the pandemic, the West gauged its ability to control and reduce the population. China launched a bioweapon without much global pushback and the West, through fear and misinformation, began to convert democracy into totalitarianism. And so the stage was set for Schwab’s Great Reset as China became a reliable partner.

The G20 brings together the world’s major economies that account for over 80 percent of the world GDP and 75 percent of global trade. The G20 included Western and Eastern leaders from developed and developing countries and became the perfect vehicle to advance the Great Reset.

This year’s G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, included two meetings. John Kerry, Joe Biden’s environmental czar, headed the first meeting in Egypt where he proposed that EU countries and the United States pay reparations to developing countries, including the world’s worst polluter China, for environmental damage caused by the West. The outrageous price tag for this initiative and requisite environmental infrastructure? Over $7 trillion annually.

The second meeting held in Bali featured Klaus Schwab, who pitched his Great Reset, the systematic restructuring of the world where technology will change how people and government function.

Subsequent to the Bali meeting, East and West now agreed to:

  • Implement communist-style totalitarian rule globally to maximize the wealth gap between the rich and the worker bees. Western globalists, led by Schwab, praised the Chinese system. They encouraged Western financing, namely Wall Street, to bolster China’s industry. China’s model of slave labor utilization not only minimizes labor costs but also shows how low worker wages must fall to maximize profits and feed global oligarchs.
  • Reduce global population. Since the launch of mRNA gene therapies passed off as legitimate vaccines, the death rate globally has increased by 40 percent. Schwab, nonetheless, is pushing the G20 to globally implement regular mRNA vaccines and to mandate vaxports to monitor compliance. Travel and other restrictions would befall anyone not well jabbed.
  • Control healthcare globally. Mandatory vaccines would both reduce population and result in windfall profits for the elites, while increasing their power over the masses and controlling the global death rate. China, by producing most of the ingredients in pharmaceuticals, not only would regulate the flow of these pharmaceuticals but also their content.
  • Use technology to control global population and replace individuality with collectivism, i.e., everyone must think the same and commit to global governance. People would be monitored by Chinese-style social credit scores and facial recognition IDs, not just vaxports.
  • Advance transhumanism. People would be merged with technology to improve and better control them. Globalists are preparing for cyborg development by brainwashing children electronically with apps like China-backed TikTok, whose purpose is to condition/program kids how to think about what they observe.
  • Digitalize food processing and develop biotechnology to create what they call a sustainable food supply. Both Schwab and Biden, in his biotechnology executive order, call for building more equitable food systems.

But while the western and eastern participants share a vision for the Great Reset, there are significant differences that will eventually tear them apart.

Reprinted with permission from American Thinker.