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September 15, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Dishonesty and deception, unfortunately, are sometimes discovered in local or federal bureaus and departments with significant power over the lives of Americans. Over the past months, some have mentioned certain government entities’ dishonest methods of labeling and counting “COVID-19 deaths” which were not caused by COVID-19. The use of dishonest and deceptive methods by investigators − whether they be scientific, medical, the FBI, etc. − should be unnecessary when one is claiming to be proving something to be true; one should not need to use falsehoods to prove a truth.

The use of deceptive methods makes the investigators, and their results and conclusions, untrustworthy; if a government department or bureau uses dishonest or deceptive methods in one way, one can reasonably expect the bureau or department to be deceptive or dishonest in other ways.

The discovery of deceptive methods of counting COVID-19 deaths may lead some to ask: if government entities deceptively label deaths which really occurred falsely as COVID-19 deaths, would the same government entities simply make up deaths or forge death certificates which never occurred and add those false deaths to the city, state, or total death count in America?

Government entities are merely reporting numbers rather than names of people. It is unlikely that anyone is actually checking up on each number that is labeled as a COVID-19 death, and doing so would be almost impossible. It would be seemingly easy for some or many to get away with adding deaths to the total count which never actually occurred.

It is yet another serious question which most would prefer not to ask. Are there any indications suggesting that the “COVID-19 death count” in America includes deaths which may have never occurred? The answer is, yes, there are indications suggesting that deaths which may have never occurred may be included in the COVID-19 death count.

Health care professionals are often on the lookout for fraud in scientific and medical research. One of the most important indicators of medical research fraud or error is implausible trends in research data. The overall approach to COVID-19 is comparable to medical or scientific research in that there are entities, like the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which are collecting, studying, and forming conclusions from medical data.

The conclusions are used to promote freedom-removing draconian decisions (like the lockdowns, mask mandates, and potentially even forced vaccinations) and prompt trillions of dollars of funding requests and allocations. The main data that are used to support draconian actions are the COVID-19 deaths, pneumonia deaths, and total deaths in America compared to previous years (which are often referred to as “excess deaths”). 

As I previously have written, based on the CDC’s severity criteria, COVID-19 is less severe than public health officials and politicians have been claiming. The article also mentioned the possibility of the discovery of significant flaws which would make the CDC’s data almost completely unreliable; those flaws can be observed in the CDC’s COVID-19 statistics and will be explained in this article.

Three different death counts will be mentioned throughout this article and it is important to keep them separate in one’s mind while reading: deaths with COVID-19 listed as the underlying cause of death, deaths involving pneumonia, and the total number of deaths in America from any cause. Some repetition is used to specify which medical information is relevant to the claims that are made.

As initially mentioned, there are at least two ways in which COVID-19 death counts could be wrongly increased: one is by labeling deaths that really occurred falsely as COVID-19 deaths (for example, falsely labeling a death as a COVID-19 death of a person who actually died from cancer but “with” or “presumed with” COVID-19; or everyone who dies after merely testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 without any COVID-19 symptoms falsely being labeled as a “COVID-19 death”). Previous articles have examined that possibility and it will not be completely elaborated here. 

A second possible way in which deaths could be fraudulently or erroneously reported is by simply adding deaths which never really occurred to the COVID-19, pneumonia, or total death counts. This article will look into that possibility.

Some medical information which was mentioned in a previous article needs to be repeated before identifying the implausibility of the CDC’s COVID-19, pneumonia, and total death counts.

To be considered a severe case of COVID-19, the CDC requires “clinical or radiographic evidence of pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)”. It is unlikely that non-severe COVID-19 cases (cases without pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome) would cause death; in other words, true COVID-19 deaths would likely require “clinical or radiographic evidence” of pneumonia or ARDS. (A necessary side note: a diagnosis of pneumonia or ARDS cannot be made on “clinical evidence” alone; according to the medical literature, radiographic imaging is necessary for a diagnosis of both pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Thus, the CDC’s use of “clinical evidence” as a criterion could result in wrongly inflated pneumonia or ARDS statistics.)

Elsewhere, the CDC makes a similar point, implying that a true COVID-19 death would include pneumonia and/or ARDS, when explaining to physicians how they are expected to fill out a death certificate. The CDC acknowledges that in the cases where “COVID-19 played a role in the death” of a person, the “life threatening conditions” (and therefore the conditions which cause death) expected to be observed are pneumonia and/or acute respiratory distress syndrome. And UpToDate, a source edited by physicians and used by millions of medical professionals worldwide, explains the same medical fact: 

[t]he major morbidity and mortality from COVID-19 is largely due to acute viral pneumonitis that evolves to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

The main point to keep in mind, according to the source and even the CDC, is that if COVID-19 causes death, the deaths will mostly be due to lung problems known as pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome. That is, a true COVID-19 death would be expected to result in viral pneumonia and/or ARDS, and the certificate of death for a true COVID-19 death would likely then include at least both COVID-19 and viral pneumonia or both COVID-19 and ARDS.


To simplify: If SARS-CoV-2 infects a person at all, its most severe effects occur when it infects the lungs. The vast majority of people infected are not harmed by SARS-CoV-2. In rare instances, it is proposed that SARS-CoV-2 can cause a person to die. When it causes death, there are expected sequences of events and/or conditions which occur in the lungs before a person dies. The expected chain of events is as follows: 

  1. COVID-19 infection
  2. Viral Pneumonia
  3. Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  4. Death

Those conditions in the lungs should be diagnosed by a doctor. Without pneumonia and/or ARDS present at death, then, based on the above medical information, it is unlikely that COVID-19 was the underlying cause of death. (When a COVID-19 infection leads to death after sepsis or other problems, it typically does so after viral pneumonia has set in; the death certificate should still mention viral pneumonia and/or ARDS in such cases.)

In an oversimplified manner, one might say “you most likely can’t have one without the other” − that is, according to the CDC and the medical source above, you typically can’t have a true COVID-19 death without a person having the lung problems of viral pneumonia and/or ARDS. If at least one of those conditions is not found prior to a person’s death, then it is unlikely that COVID-19 was the underlying cause of death. 

Now, the following involves important distinctions which require close reading: according to the CDC, prior to the introduction of COVID-19 in America there were approximately 3,000 to 5,000 “deaths involving pneumonia” every week for the last 20 years or so. Because of these expected deaths involving pneumonia not caused by COVID-19, one would expect the 2020 deaths involving pneumonia statistic to be higher than deaths with COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death. But if the CDC’s data listed counts of COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death as higher than counts of deaths involving pneumonia, then the data would be unlikely to be true and would suggest either error or fraud.

This implausible trend is observed in the CDC’s data for multiple weeks in 2020.

As of this writing, the CDC’s data in question is partially presented here (click here to view “COVID-19 as underlying cause of death” and here to view “deaths involving pneumonia”): 

So, for multiple weeks, the CDC reports that deaths with COVID-19 listed as the underlying cause remained above the total pneumonia deaths from pneumonias of all different causes, indicating that those statistics are either significant errors or fraudulent. The “COVID-19 as the Underlying Cause of Death” count and “Deaths Involving Pneumonia” data above from the CDC seem not only implausible, but actually absurd, for multiple reasons.

Notice the trends of deaths with COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death compared to the deaths involving pneumonia; for the weeks ending 4/11/2020, 4/18/2020, 4/25/2020, and 5/2/2020, each week the CDC reports that there were up to approximately 5,000 more death certificates supposedly with COVID-19 listed as the underlying cause of death than there were total deaths involving pneumonia from all different potential causes of pneumonia (which includes the most common bacterial pneumonia caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, other bacteria, fungi, mechanical ventilation, other viruses, etc.). This is scientifically and medically implausible because, again, COVID-19 is a respiratory illness which, if it causes death, is expected to cause death after causing viral pneumonia.

The statistic of the number of death certificates listing COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death should not be higher than the number of deaths involving pneumonia.

Also implausible are the data for the weeks during which deaths with COVID-19 listed as the underlying cause of death are equal to, or nearly equal to, the deaths involving pneumonia.

This is a big deal and requires repetition: the numbers are implausible because, according to the CDC, prior to the spreading of COVID-19 in the U.S., there were approximately 3,000 to 5,000 deaths involving pneumonia per week for the last 20 years or so.

That is, nonCOVID-19 causes of pneumonia have typically accounted for about 3,000 to 5,000 pneumonia deaths every week in the past; it is scientifically and medically implausible, then, for counts of deaths with COVID-19 listed as the underlying cause of death to be more than or equal to weekly deaths involving pneumonia because of the expected 3,000 to 5,000 weekly deaths involving pneumonia not caused by COVID-19.

Because of the expected number of approximately 3,000 to 5,000 deaths involving pneumonia per week not caused by COVID-19, deaths involving pneumonia would be expected to be higher than deaths with COVID-19 listed as the underlying cause. But the CDC’s data provided above claims the opposite, which indicates the data is unlikely to be true: from the week ending 4/4/2020 to the week ending 6/13/2020, the CDC reports that there were about 20,000 more deaths with COVID-19 listed as the underlying cause of death then there were deaths involving pneumonia.

Such numbers are not only scientifically and medically implausible but are actually absurd; science, and medical facts, suggest those numbers should not be believed to be true. 

The above statistics appear even more implausible of late; the numbers of reported deaths with COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death or deaths involving pneumonia resulting from the reported June, July, and August “surges” in COVID-19 cases throughout the U.S. are not even close to the above statistics which are mainly from New York State, New York City, New Jersey, and Massachusetts in April and May during the lockdowns.

COVID-19 reportedly continues to spread, but, thus far, the trends of COVID-19 deaths and pneumonia deaths are much different and much less than the earlier weeks’ data from the CDC.

Such significantly different data trends indicate the potential of either error or fraud.

And when critically evaluated in light of the implausible COVID-19 and pneumonia deaths’ data mentioned above, the CDC’s total count of deaths in America (and “excess deaths” in 2020 compared to previous years) may be shown to be false. There are indications that false deaths that may have never occurred may have been reported in the CDC’s statistics, which would make the total death count falsely too high; such falsities would also result in the CDC’s statistics of supposed “excess deaths” in 2020 when compared to previous years unlikely to be true. More medical information is helpful to explain the claim.

The CDC defines the “underlying cause of death” on the death certificate as “the disease or injury that initiated the chain of morbid events that led directly and inevitably to death” (emphasis added). COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that, when it causes death “directly and inevitably,” is expected to do so usually by resulting in viral pneumonia. 

The individuals (usually physicians) certifying the death certificate of a person who truly died from COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death would probably want to make sure that the medical information on the death certificate is the same as that information in the patient’s medical charts for insurance and legal reasons. The concept is explained in this way in an online publication describing the death certificate and how death certificate certifiers should fill out the cause of death:

For each condition listed in…the cause-of-death statement, a space exists to indicate the approximate time interval between the onset of the condition and death. For each condition, the interval should be indicated as accurately as possible based on the certifier’s assessment of available information…Stating the interval should not be approached casually—the information may be used to assess pre-existing conditions in some medicolegal settings or when insurance claims are processed. Stating the interval also serves as a check that the immediate, intermediate, and underlying causes of death have been written in the proper order. [emphasis added]

If a person dies from pneumonia resulting from COVID-19, the physician would want to include pneumonia on the death certificate, at least in part, to certify the interval/amount of time the person had the pneumonia prior to dying. If a death is truly caused by COVID-19, then viral pneumonia is expected to be one condition in the “chain of morbid events that led directly and inevitably to death” and it should be mentioned on the death certificate.

When evaluating the CDC’s overall data of COVID-19 in America, if there is a significant discrepancy between the number of times pneumonia is mentioned “in conjunction with deaths involving COVID-19” when compared with the data of the total number of times COVID-19 is listed as the underlying cause of death on death certificates, it is possible that some or many COVID-19 deaths may have never occurred and are merely completely falsified numbers or potentially forged death certificates. 

Such a discrepancy is observable in the CDC’s data. From February 1, 2020 up to the time of this writing, COVID-19 has been reported by the CDC as the underlying cause of death on 162,229 death certificates but pneumonia is “mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving COVID-19” on those death certificates 74,332 times (space limits a complete explanation, but it should be noted that 74,332 is likely too high of a number because the number includes influenza and several types of pneumonia rather than solely viral pneumonia).

The CDC’s data claims there were about 100,000 (or more) times in which COVID-19 was listed as the underlying cause of death without pneumonia mentioned on the death certificate. This is a major discrepancy because, again, if a death is truly a COVID-19 death, viral pneumonia should be present at death; and if viral pneumonia is present at death, the physician certifying a death certificate would likely be sure to include it on the death certificate.

This discrepancy suggests the possibility of a large number − up to 100,000 or more − of falsified deaths included in the COVID-19 death count which may have never occurred. If this is the case, then the total deaths in America and “excess deaths” would also obviously be falsely too high.

This is a big deal. It should also be noted that according to the CDC, the majority of the “deaths involving COVID-19” occurred in healthcare settings where pneumonia could have been diagnosed or ruled out. 

Such a major discrepancy that may have wrongly been used as the basis for freedom-removing political decisions and caused significant harm to millions of people requires repetition for emphasis: supposedly about 100,000 deaths with COVID-19 listed as the underlying cause of death did not even “mention” pneumonia on the death certificate. Or, using the CDC’s terminology, in 100,000 or more deaths where “COVID-19 [is reported to have] played a role in the death” of a person, the “life-threatening conditions” of pneumonia and/or acute respiratory distress syndrome were not even “mentioned” on death certificates.

If the expected life-threatening, and death-causing, conditions were not mentioned 100,000 or more times when COVID-19 was reportedly listed as the underlying cause of death, one can reasonably, at minimum, state that there is a major discrepancy in the CDC’s COVID-19 data.

When that discrepancy is combined with the additional discrepancy of implausible weekly trends in deaths with COVID-19 listed as the underlying cause of death compared to deaths involving pneumonia, it seems reasonable to ask if thousands of reported COVID-19 deaths actually did not occur.

While the topic cannot be completely looked into here, it should be mentioned that such falsification could have been committed at several different levels, including local or state government levels, a federal bureau or department, etc. (rather than by individual physicians forging death certificates; while possible, it is unlikely that physicians would deliberately forge thousands of COVID-19 death certificates without mentioning pneumonia).

Either way, to put it mildly, the CDC’s counts of COVID-19 deaths, pneumonia deaths, and total deaths are not completely trustworthy.


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It’s also clear that the CDC has engaged in illegal activities relating to the patenting of the virus, and that they had ample motive and means to profit from a coronavirus pandemic. It’s hard to imagine a more corrupt system than what we currently have. The question is: When will something be done about it?


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