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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

(LifeSiteNews) — I was in Rome early this January for a nine day Ignatian Retreat. In solitude so to speak, except for a meeting at the close of each day at the Gregorian University with my retreat guide. Each morning, I passed some time in meditation inside a rather bustling St.Peter’s Basilica, praying within the relative stillness and quiet of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. In the evening, I walked past a growing number of homeless tents around St.Peter’s square, on my way past Castel Sant’ Angelo along the Tiber towards the Gregorian.

The days passed in a mix, mostly of intense desolation or absence of God’s presence, to occasional moments of consolation and light. I used to rejoice in years past at the sight of the majestic Basilica and the consoling spiritual presence that rested over Her. The light in the papal apartment at night in one sense reminding me of the tabernacle light that burns when the Lord is present. This light is now noticeably absent, seemingly as if the Lord were no longer present…

I had hoped by the latter half of 2023, the Vatican’s Academy of Sciences planned review of the COVID-19 policy of the Catholic Church, including the widely reported adverse health events from the mRNA vaccinations, would have taken place. Unfortunately this review was postponed due to the October Synod. I say “unfortunately,” since the health data now widely available on publicly accessible sites show that excess deaths continue to trend higher globally within highly vaccinated countries, across all age groups, and most disturbingly among the younger generation, 16 to 35 years.[1][2][3][4]

Other health related issues, particularly turbo cancers, heart disease and sudden death syndrome are all on the increase (There are more than three thousand peer reviewed medical scientific papers covering adverse health effects of the covid-19 vaccination on www.react19.org alone, an advocacy and science based support organization for people suffering from long-term COVID-19 vaccine effects).

A growing body of international medical experts are now concerned this may well be an adverse consequence of the global mRNA COVID-19 vaccination program.[5][6][7][8][9]

There is a clearly observable data correlation between the surge in all adverse health events and the commencement of the global COVID-19 vaccination program, which needs to be urgently investigated by both National Health Institutions and the WHO.[10] Fertility rates also continue to plunge in the western nations, whether the mRNA COVID-19 vaccination is also playing a role needs to be clarified. (The late renowned German pathologist Dr.Arne Burkhardt in an autopsy of two men who died as a consequence of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccination, found that the sperm of the deceased had been entirely or almost entirely replaced by the spike protein in the testes).[11]

Healing the wounds of the pandemic

If the Shepherds of the Catholic Church (and indeed other mainstream Faith Denominations) were “misguided” in enthusiastically promoting such new and untested COVID-19 mRNA gene therapies[12][13], which may have adversely impacted the spiritual, emotional and physical health of hundreds of thousands of the faithful, including tragically the loss of many lives[14][15], they now have a moral responsibility to use all resources that Christ has made available to His Church, for bringing spiritual, emotional and physical healing to the faithful who have been harmed.

The adverse health consequences of the COVID-19 vaccine[16] and the spiritual, emotional and socio-economic wounds inflicted through collusion with National Governments, Health Authorities, the WHO, Technology and Pharmaceutical Industrial complex, that forced repressive regulations around COVID-19 mandates, including use of masks and COVID-19 ID passes to enter places of worship, robbed the faithful of their dignity and freedom as children of God. (A recent study by the Catholic Union in the U.K. found that 62 percent of people said there mental health had been impacted by church closures during the lockdowns).[17]

One wonders, given that the Catholic Church manages twenty-six percent of Health Care facilities globally[18], why the associations of Catholic Medical Doctors and Scientists did not more prudently advise the Office of the See of Peter about the dangers of untested and novel mRNA based COVID-19 vaccinations.[19] Did the Catholic Medical Establishment not think to alert the Church and its Faithful to the possible dangers of these untested mRNA technology based vaccinations ? Did each Catholic Doctor who administered the COVID-19 injection not first consider in good conscience, his or her own hippocratic oath “To do no harm”? (In a CDC Survey of more than 13.000 children aged 6 months to 2 years in 2022, more than 55 percent suffered a “systemic reaction” after COVID-19 vaccination, 6 percent unable to perform normal activities after the second dose).[20] How many Medical Institutions, both Catholic and other Faith Denominations, abandoned sound medical ethics and patient care for political convenience and gain of profit ?

I will leave Judgement ultimately to almighty God, regarding those in the Church tasked with the spiritual care of souls and those in the Medical Professions with health care of patients; who knew what was the right and just course of action but did not take it, leading to both spiritual and emotional suffering[21][22], physical harm, and in some cases regrettably loss of human life for the patient.

It is however clear that both the Spiritual and Healthcare Offices of the Catholic Church were misused in a very public promotion of the COVID-19 vaccination as a safe and effective treatment, and cynically encouraged as “An act of Charity,” giving profiteers of the unsafe mRNA COVID-19 treatments and repressive COVID-19 mandates, a global endorsement that ten’s of billions of dollars in advertising could never otherwise have achieved. Sadly, it all strengthened the iron clad arm of an “Oppressor” with little love, care and compassion for all that pertains to the Good of Man, created in God’s image and likeness. With the WHO Pandemic Treaty[23] uncomfortably close on the near horizon, that iron clad arm may well be further emboldened to oppress the faithful again. The Church must learn fast the painful lessons of this pandemic.[24] There is a need for repentance…

The path to healing and restoration…

and saying, ‘The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the Good News.’ (Mark 1:15)

There is always hope. That is the Good News. Even when Institutions both Religious and Civil, fail to act Righteously, the Words and Promises of Jesus hold true for those who have faith and “a humble and contrite heart” (Psalm 51:17).

We believe Jesus entrusted to His Church every spiritual blessing to accompany Her and the Faithful on this earthly pilgrimage, until the end of the ages. Particularly in the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Anointing of the Sick; where spiritual, emotional and physical healing maybe be granted if there is repentance and faith. I believe in view of the immense sufferings and injustices endured by many during the COVID-19 pandemic, a reconciliation and healing service for the wounds of the pandemic, should be offered in parishes throughout the Church, to bring through the gift of these sacraments, both physical and inner healing that the faithful need. Such a service in a Parish Community maybe quite simple, preceded by a day of fasting in preparation. Together with the offering of the sacraments, there should be scripture reflections and prayers for physical and inner healing, as well the breaking of any demonic oppression due to emotional wounds and the COVID-19 vaccination.

At the Diocesan Level, in a spirit of “listening and synodality,” such a reconciliation and healing service over the course of a weekend would address the multifaceted impact of the pandemic. This may involve a diverse panel of speakers or experts to address different aspects; health care professionals, teachers of moral ethics, business leaders, local government and pastors. Such a service should include moments for reflection, prayers, and community sharing. Providing resources for mental health support and avenues for expressing grievances could be beneficial. It should be approached in a humble spirit of reconciliation and healing rather than solely focusing on assigning blame or faults.

Possible approach for a “Healing the Wounds of the Pandemic” service at Diocesan Level…

  • Opening Remarks and Introduction (15 mins)
    • Welcome by a religious leader or representative.
    • Brief overview of the service’s purpose and goals.
  • Prayer and Reflection (30 mins)
    • Moment of silence or prayer for those affected by the pandemic.
    • Reflective readings or music to set the tone.
  • Addressing Physical Wounds (30 – 60 mins)
    • Talk by a healthcare professional discussing the physical impact of the pandemic.
    • Testimonies from individuals who suffered physically.
  • Mental and Emotional Healing (40 – 60 mins)
    • Presentation by mental health experts discussing the psychological effects of the pandemic.
    • Personal stories of mental health struggles and triumphs.
  • Social and Economic Impact (30 – 60 mins)
    • Discussion on the societal and economic repercussions of the pandemic.
    • Insights from economists or social workers.
    • Testimonials from those facing economic hardships.
  • Reflecting on Failings and Injustices (30 – 60 mins)
    • Addressing failings of civil authorities and abuses of power.
    • Acknowledgment of injustices faced by individuals due to mandates.
  • Reflections on the role of the Church during this time (30 – 60 mins)
    • Community Sharing and Testimonies.
    • Open forum for attendees to share their experiences or grievances in a respectful environment.
    • Opportunities for healing through shared stories and community support.
  • Reconciliation and Moving Forward (30 – 60 mins)
    • Addressing the need for reconciliation and healing within the community.
    • Encouragement for forgiveness and understanding.
    • Suggestions on how to support each other going forward.
    • Offering of the Sacrament of Reconciliation for throughout the remainder of the prayer service.
  • Service of Reconciliation and Healing (60 mins +)
    • Participation of all present in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.
    • Closing thoughts by a religious leader or representative.
    • Benediction and prayer for Healing through anointing with the Sacrament of the Sick.

Depending on the needs and circumstances of each local Parish Community within a Diocese, and the Diocese itself; timeframes, prayers and discussions for such a service could be adjusted as necessary to ensure a meaningful encounter with the Lord’s reconciling and healing grace.

I don’t believe brushing the COVID-19 events of the past three years under the carpet, ignoring the suffering and injustices committed, is a healthy and life-giving option for the Church. The Shepherds risk being identified with the religious pharisee in the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37), who walked by on the other side leaving the wounded man lying on the roadside. Open wounds left untreated soon turn septic…

The Lord is the Great Healer James (5:14-15). Let us have the faith and humility to allow Him to walk once more among us, to heal the sick and set the oppressed free (Acts 4:30).

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates


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