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(Campaign Life Coalition) — We’ve decided to start a LifeFunder for Dr. Ann Gillies after the Superior Court of Ontario issued a ruling in May 2023 in which it ordered her to pay $5,000 in costs to the Bluewater District School Board (BDSB).

Gillies, a retired psychotherapist and trauma specialist who lives in the district, had sued the school board for censoring her delegation presentation to the board of trustees, back in 2019. She had planned to object to “allowing the LGBT flag to be flown at our schools in June” along with the teaching of harmful transgender ideology in schools.

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In the censored presentation that trustees didn’t allow her to make, Gillies stated, in part:

Transgender children don’t exist – this term was brought into being by a coalition of pressure groups and political activists. It is NOT a scientific or medical term.

We have a moral obligation to open transgender doctrine to critical scrutiny. We stand in solidarity with biology, human design, physical reality, health, and moralism. As parents and concerned citizens we politely ask that you do not support the harmful transgender ideology by allowing the LGBT flag to be flown at our schools in June.

Campaign Life Coalition fully supports the message that Gillies wanted to present at the board of trustees. It is one of scientific truth and genuine compassion which seeks to protect children from an ideology that can result in the amputation of perfectly healthy body parts.

We appreciate her being a Christian witness to a morally-dulled culture, and for bringing her significant clinical experience and research in the area of human sexuality to enlighten the Bluewater school trustees.

Public school boards have an obligation to be open to public input at public meetings, on matters of concern to the parents and taxpayers of the board. Gillies felt it was a violation of both her constitutional rights, and the board’s obligation to listen to public concerns.

Sadly, the politically correct judge sided with the school board, ruling that her presentation could be harmful to “trans” children.

Can you believe the insanity of that assertion?

Here we have a retired professional psychotherapist who is trying to protect children from sterilizing puberty blockers, genital mutilation, and the mental health problems associated with going down this path, and she is told by a judge that her presentation could be harmful to so-called trans youth?

It’s outrageous.

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We need to support courageous people like Gillies. When they stick their necks out for the cause of life and family, they deserve to be supported by our community.

For that reason, we’ve set up a LifeFunder crowdfunding campaign at www.lifefunder.com/StandWithAnn. It has a $5,000 goal which she can use to cover the court-ordered penalty, or to appeal the ruling. Either way, we don’t want to leave Gillies holding the bag alone, when trying to defend our children… and our freedom of speech.

Reprinted with permission from Campaign Life Coalition.