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March 29, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Liberals often accuse conservatives of undermining the electoral process. They cite state voter ID laws, security protocols, and other reasonable restrictions as “proof” of efforts to disenfranchise minorities and the poor. They forever portray themselves as defenders of the ballot box.

However, leftists often project onto the right what they are doing. The recent passage of HR 1 in the House of Representatives smashes the ballot box it claims to save. Never will a piece of legislation do more harm to voting integrity than this bill, shamefully misnamed the “For the People Act of 2021.”

The 800-page monster bill is working its way to the Senate, where only the precarious filibuster stands in its path. Should it pass, the Democrats have all the tools they need to ensure that they will never lose federal power through the ballot box. Every questionable electoral practice criticized in the 2020 elections will be enshrined in law.

This is a revolution, not reform. This bill will help transform America into a socialist nation with no turning back.

The many reasons that make HR 1 detestable

There are many reasons to hate HR 1. It is a wish list of everything on the liberal agenda regarding the vote.

The Act takes away the states’ constitutional rights to regulate their electoral procedures. It will permanently put everything in the hands of an all-powerful central government.

The bill mandates universal mail-in balloting and will require states to wait ten days after the election date for any outstanding ballots to arrive. Such measures facilitate election manipulation and create electoral chaos by prolonging the contests needlessly.

The bill will gut the popular voter ID laws passed by thirty-five states as a condition for voting. Thus, it opens up opportunities for voter fraud since there is no meaningful way to ensure voters are who they say.

States will be forced to automatically extend voter registration to millions of illegal migrants when they use government agencies like motor vehicle departments, welfare offices, and university enrollments. Other provisions prevent officials from questioning qualifications and ban enforcing legal penalties on those who vote illegally.

HR 1 mandates “secured and clearly labeled drop boxes” in every county where absentee ballots can be placed. This would facilitate “ballot harvesting” where individuals could collect mail-in ballots, fill them in, and dump them anonymously into the drop boxes.

These reasons and many others prompted 20 Republican attorneys general to write a letter in which they say, “It is difficult to imagine a legislative proposal more threatening to election integrity and voter confidence.”

What’s behind HR 1

These provisions are bad enough. It is all part of a plan in which the present Congress will take advantage of House and Senate majorities to ram through bills that will restructure American life and take away freedoms.

However, the mentality behind the bill is much worse. This fight is not only about political alignments, maneuvers or even agendas. It reflects a profound mindset shift in significant sectors of the American public that can no longer wait for society to conform to their radical desires. Hence comes the will to impose these changes during this window of opportunity regardless of the consequences.

The left’s polarization has now reached the point that political structures and procedures once deemed sacred must be sacrificed to the idol of extreme ideology. The “woke” left considers the time-tested state rules that have long assured the ordered conduct of elections to be oppressive and even “racist.” For the left’s ideology to prevail, states’ constitutional role in running their own elections must go.

States’ voting laws must be overturned because they harbor “systemic” injustice. They impose minimum voting standards, disqualifying those who do not meet the requirements. They ask voters to make an effort to register, identify themselves, and go to the polls as part of their civic duty.

For generations, this was considered patriotism. Today’s left wants to abolish the most legitimate standards for voting: being an adult; bona fide residence in the county where registering; even proof of U.S. citizenship. No. All must vote, even if they lack proper qualifications.

The electoral process changes contemplated by HR 1 pave the way for massive vote harvesting. Undoubtedly, this favors a determined electoral outcome: the left’s eternal grip of the reins of power.

Not reform, but revolution

Thus, HR 1 should be exposed for what it is. It is a revolution that will destroy what remains of representative government. It will make radical and permanent changes to the electoral process. It must be opposed with all possible vigor.

Some see the ramming through of HR 1 as a sign of political strength on the part of the left. However, it is a sign of weakness. The left’s precarious majority should dictate caution. However, the left knows its message is not popular and is willing to gamble away its political capital to ram through its program. It is ready to break the political process in its effort to risk all. Sooner or later, the left — and America — will pay the consequences of its rashness.

HR 1 and other legislative measures in the works make it clear that the left is breaking down the system. And its radical followers do not care. The “For the People Act of 2021” is not for the people. It is for the destruction of the nation.