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Al Gore addresses CEDA's Climate Change and Economics event at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on June 7, 2019, in Brisbane, AustraliaPhoto by Chris Hyde/Getty Images

(American Thinker) — Politicians, bureaucrats, the United Nations (UN), and a bunch of rich people had another climate change gabfest in Egypt that ended recently. These people flew in hundreds of private jets for a conference where they pretended they can control global temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity forever and pretended they care about their carbon footprint.

Instead of presenting scientific facts, they base their policies on inaccurate and easily manipulated computer models. Facts would be inconvenient when they are trying to scare eight billion people into submission.

In 1989, the UN predicted we had only ten years left to save the planet from the existential threat of climate change. In 2022, 33 years later, their newest dire prediction is that we still have around ten years left. No matter how far off previous predictions have been, the new predictions are more threatening. They have to figure out a way to confiscate massive amounts of money from the people for their radical “green” agenda.

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Here are some facts they don’t talk about:

  • That extreme cold has hit the South Pole this month.
  • That the South Pole had record cold temperatures in the six-month winter of 2020–2021.
  • That 2022 was a relatively mild hurricane period, just like the ten years after Hurricane Katrina hit.
  • That we had extreme cold weather in the U.S. this month along with record snow in the Northeast.
  • That the Arctic ice caps have been expanding the last ten years, contrary to predictions that the ice would be gone by now.
  • That the coral reef off Australia is growing with a vengeance.
  • That wildfires were down 80 percent from the last five-year average.
  • After 150 years of exponential growth of crude oil and coal use, and rapid growth in the population and all the other components we are told cause warming, the dire predictions have all been false.
  • The temperature is up only one to two degrees after a Little Ice Age ended in 1860, and the Earth now has a temperature similar to over 1,000 years ago in the Medieval Warming Period.
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Tell G20 to drop radical climate policies causing inflation and blackouts
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The G20 meeting this October will see the most powerful nations in the world - the U.S., Canada, the U.K., the E.U., Australia, India, China, Russia and Brazil among others - discuss climate policies that are already affecting billions of people around the world. 

This powerful cadre of international leaders wants the world to run on solar and wind power, forcing an end to the use of gas, oil and nuclear power, as well as crushing beef farmers because of supposed methane emissions.

But the harsh impact of such policies is already being felt, with energy blackouts and soaring inflation hammering people around the world, making it beyond time for all of us to speak out. 

SIGN: Tell G20 leaders that their radical climate policies are making basic foods, fuel, heating and electricity increasingly unaffordable for normal citizens.

As western leaders turn off the oil spigots and impose draconian restrictions on farmers, we've all experienced the pain of increased prices, not least at the pump and the grocery store.

This inflation was entirely avoidable if only our politicians prioritized food and energy security over climate theories, but instead they have succumbed to radical environmentalists whose agenda would cripple the livelihoods and living standards of much of the globe.

Communities all around you are feeling the weight of crushing price hikes, which will soon reach your own food isles and gas pumps if it hasn't already.

The effects of inflation are being felt in the developing world most, as fuel and food prices sky rocket, making even worse poverty an inevitabilty for hundreds of millions of people.

Reality will hit home for us soon.

The harshest effects of energy shortages will be felt this winter in the west, when our leaders' decisions to cut oil supplies and reject Russian natural gas will:

  • force heating, fuel and electricity prices to sky rocket
  • continue to make food more expensive
  • risk a global depression as inflation spirals out of control
  • prompt more blackouts
  • make civil unrest a real possibility

The media are already preparing people for rolling blackouts. States like California and countries like England are warning citizens that they face severe electricity and gas shortages. 

Now is the time to speak out and be part of a movement that can prevent this disaster spreading. 

SIGN the petition calling on international leaders to abandon their reckless energy agenda and return the world to economic stability.

The entire climate change industry is based on models that have been consistently inaccurate for decades, with Al Gore among the most infamous prophets of doom to be proven wrong.

In 2009 Gore told the COP15 climate change conference in Copenhagen that the North Pole would be ice-free by 2014, a claim that remains wildly off the mark.

Al Gore is not alone in getting things wrong however, as this brief timeline of scaremongering headlines proves:


The world needs to wake-up to what's really happening: our lives are being upended on the basis of climate theories and models that have been consistently wrong for decades.

It's time to stop the scaremongering and push back against the radical agenda of international elites. 

SIGN & SHARE: Tell G20 leaders that their radical climate policies are making basic foods, fuel, heating and electricity increasingly unaffordable for normal citizens.

Thank you.



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Extreme cold records continue to tumble at the South Pole. Three recent days – November 16, 17, and 18 ­– have exhibited a daily record, with the latter plunging to -45.2°C (-49.36°F), compared with -44.7°C (-48.46°F) on the same day in 1987. The records follow the six-month winter of 2020–21, which was the coldest since records began in 1957. Inexplicably, all these facts and trends have escaped reporting in the mainstream media.

In fact, anything getting colder barely gets a look-in these days. Arctic sea ice is making a significant, near silent comeback. Summer ice at the end of September covered 4.92 million square kilometers, which was 1.35 million sq. kms higher than the 2012 low. Over on land, the Greenland ice sheet may have increased in size over the last year to August 2022. Meanwhile, the zoologist Dr. Susan Crockford has reported that this is the fifth year out of the last seven that enough sea ice has formed along the west coast of Hudson Bay by mid-November for hunting polar bears to be able to head out to the ice, “just as it did in the 1980s”

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Of course, it has been a very bad year for climate catastrophists all round. Coral is growing on the Great Barrier Reef with a vengeance, just a few years after journalists and their ‘experts’ warned it was likely to disappear. According to the latest satellite data, the global temperature hasn’t moved for over eight years. A little extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has led to significant “greening” of the planet, a process that over the last 30 years has undoubtedly reduced world hunger and famine.

So, what did all these greenies come up with as the solution to control the climate?

They decided that richer, developed countries should have a slush fund where they confiscate trillions from taxpayers to give to corrupt third-world politicians and dictators who have decided over the years to keep their citizens poor by not using natural resources.

Pakistan has had floods throughout its history. There are no scientific data that indicate that this year’s deadly flood was caused by developed countries’ usage of natural resources.

The corrupt, dishonest UN calls the biggest polluter and country with the second biggest economy in the world, China, a “developing country” so the Chinese wouldn’t have to pay into the slush fund and wouldn’t have to pretend they were going to reduce their carbon footprint starting in 2030.

I would like all these radicals to say how they will mine, transport, and produce the highly flammable pollutant lithium and batteries without machines powered by petroleum.

Sadly, most of the media are so compliant and incurious that they just go along with the radical agenda to destroy capitalism and the U.S.

Claiming that oil and coal consumption are responsible for temperature and sea level rises and more powerful storms is as dishonest as claiming that Donal Trump and Russia colluded and as dishonest as claiming that President Joe Biden had no knowledge or participation in the kickbacks to the Biden family from foreign sources.

Reprinted with permission from American Thinker.