Homosexual Ministry of Propaganda strikes fear into the hearts of small business owners

The propagandists scored another victory in rural Ontario last week.
Wed Sep 4, 2013 - 8:15 pm EST

September 4, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The Homosexual Ministry of Propaganda was active in a small Ontarian town last week, this time demanding that a restaurant owner remove a historical document that had been pinned to the wall for a decade because it offended two lesbians who had come to eat.

The document? A decade old report from a major newspaper about a rally at that nation’s capital city.

The 2003 report detailed how religious leaders gathered to hold a National Marriage Day in which they spoke out against the government's proposal to legalize same-sex “marriage”. The religious leaders and protesters were recorded as saying that they were “united in delivering the message that God created marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

"In the beginning God created male and female, Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," a placard from a Christian organization read, as described by the reporter.

But when two lesbians, who recently moved to the area and who are “married” according to Homosexual Newspeak enshrined in Canadian law, saw the historical account with the biblical message pinned to the wall, they were “shocked”. 

The lesbians’ quickly broadcasted their tale of hatred and discrimination, in spite of the owner making it clear that she had no ill-will toward homosexuals.

But the ubiquitous Homosexual Ministry of Propaganda (HMP), ultimately responsible for getting rid of materials that make homosexuals feel uncomfortable, had already been put into high gear.

A local politician, apparently brainwashed by the HMP, demanded that the historical document be removed at once. A vilification campaign against the owner’s business was mounted through social media. The owner was eventually pressured into removing the offending piece of recorded history.

The HMP apparently had a local reporter in its pocket the whole time. His journalistic brush practically painted the restaurant owner as a detestable villain. Readers of his reports would be hard pressed not to side with the lesbians. The reports appeared in mainstream news sources across the country.

After writing his reports, the local reporter reflected on his journalistic efforts, saying that brought “social justice” to the small town.

Showing his true colors, the local reporter admitted that as soon as the story came to his attention, he smelled what he called a “tale of social injustice and discrimination”. He called the historical document posted on the restaurant’s wall “hateful literature” and a “blatant case of human rights abuse within this community”.

He knew that his carefully worded reports, spread through social media, that spotlighted the restaurant owner would “help to score a victory against discrimination and an abuse of human rights”.

The Homosexual Ministry of Propaganda has indeed scored another significant victory.

The most significant part of the HMP victory is that the word “Equality”, a word twisted by the HMP to squash dissent, has once more been reinforced in the minds of the public to mean that a male + male or a female + female = marriage.

Beyond this, a restaurant owner has been publicly vilified and bullied in her private establishment for choosing to have a piece of history pinned on the wall. With the HMP having successfully strong-armed the owner into removing the historical document, a strong message has been sent to business owners across the country that dissent from the gay agenda will not be tolerated.

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