October 19, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The people of China have just caught a glimpse of the growing inhumanity of their society, and they are revolted by what they see.  But the horror captured in a recent closed circuit video on a Chinese street is nothing more than a microcosm of the systematic dehumanization of the nation’s children that has been in process for decades, through the country’s ruthless “one child policy.”

The video depicts a toddler who wanders into a street, and is struck by a van, which drives on after stopping briefly, leaving her for dead.

But the van driver is not the only villain of the scene. The camera captures ten more minutes of bone chilling indifference as one pedestrian after another passes by the toddler, who lies bleeding to death before their eyes.  The child is struck by a second van, which also drives on.

Eventually, a poor woman who collects recyclables is moved by empathy to stop and help the girl.  She runs for her parents, who rush her to a hospital, where she remains in a coma.

The video is circulating throughout China, shown and re-shown on television and the Internet, sparking outrage and soul searching. Suffice it to quote CNN’s China correspondent Eunice Yoon, who notes that “Many people are discussing what they perceive as a loss of morality in Chinese society.”

“A lot of people say China has had years of economic boom but some observers have been pointing out that the Chinese education system really has failed here, that it’s failed to emphasize and reinforce the need to respect human life, at a time when 1.3 billion people are all clamoring and rushing to climb up the social and economic ladder,” adds Yoon.

If the Chinese wish to discover the poisoned well from which the country is drinking, they won’t need to look very far.  Such scenes of horror are common throughout the country and are repeated on a daily basis, in government “clinics” where children are aborted by force or by the coerced decision of parents, who must submit to the nation’s “one child policy.”

As LifeSiteNews has reported recently, there is a mind-boggling absence of four hundred million fewer, than would otherwise have been born, children in China since the initiation of the Communists’ ruthless one-child and forced abortions policy. That policy permits families to have only one child if they live in a city, and two if they live in the country.  Those who defy the law and conceive and fail to abort second or third children are fined, beaten, and even murdered by police, as human rights activists have repeatedly documented. Their children are then aborted by force.

The fact that the child in the video was a girl should not surprise anyone.  The one child policy has led to a devaluation of women, as families typically prefer a boy to a girl, and practice sex-selective abortion on a massive scale. According to C-FAM, the ratio of boys to girls in China has reached 120/100, and in rural areas, up to 130/100.

In some cases, when “surplus” babies are born to parents, they are kidnapped by government officials, who then sell them on the black market. Women in rural areas are being deceived into arranged marriages using phony offers of urban area jobs. Sex trafficking is increasing, and homosexuality is on the rise.

Although China’s economy is currently booming, in the long run it faces the same fate as Japan, western Europe, and other societies that have sacrificed their progeny to economic convenience: mounting debts, economic stagnation, and social crisis. But the far more troubling result is already passing before the eyes of millions of Chinese: a society that is losing its soul to the gilded idols of the modern world.