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Monica Showalter


How a huge pro-life victory just went down in Argentina

Monica Showalter

August 16, 2018 (American Thinker) – It was utterly radical news from the other end of the hemisphere that the press didn't seem to want to talk about much.

As Ireland and Chile were falling to the abortion forces and getting great media coverage about how they'd finally foisted 'progress' upon their once-Catholic nations, Argentina of all places pushed back resoundingly in the opposite direction, with its Senate taking a stunning stance in favor of life, despite a big global pro-abortion campaign in the name of 'women's rights.' And that came despite a big press buildup cheering the other side on as the only side worth reporting on.

Wow. Even many pro-lifers have up until now viewed the defense of life as almost a rearguard battle, triage in the name of keeping life alive as an issue in the hopes of a better day, given the size and power of foes such as Planned Parenthood and its mainstream media allies. All 'respectable' Democrats support the killing of the unborn. Pretty much all Hollywood actresses support Planned Parenthood. And certainly the press covers just one side of the issue - the pro-abortion side, because supporting life is just ... unthinkable. It's a juggernaut, and not only is it deep, it's worldwide. The Irish abortion vote earlier this year, which forces even Catholic hospitals to perform abortion even if it goes against conscience, was horrible.

Now, we are staring in amazement at a nation that simply said no, and in so doing, achieved a stunning victory for life. Here's what it looks like in Argentina now:

Here's a video. And the pictures on Twitter are absolutely ecstatic. This is the real Argentina, the nation that loves life - in every sense.

What happened? How or why could it be that things could turn out so differently in this country? A certain kind of leftist prig could argue that it was just the vote in the Senate, not the will of the people, which is true in many countries. But it wasn't. It was preceded by an avalanche of whole states that came out as pro-life in the run-up to the vote. You can bet that was because voters were pushing for it. You can see the popular support on this Twitter sequence here. Because that's an Argentina thang. It's populist to a fault. That's to say there's no politician out there who will do anything without the will of the people squarely behind him. Argentines hate their politicians, but not for lack of their doing the populist thing. The politicians if anything go overboard in their populism, and are far more likely to sacrifice fiscal discipline or double-entry bookkeeping in order to enact the will of the people, which is why they often get bad results such as bankrupt public coffers. They are populists and Argentina is the nation, unlike any other, that gave us descamisados, and Juan Peron.

Which only serves to amplify this vote as the will of the people instead of that of an elite that has no regard for 'what women want' which is a longstanding claim of the globalist pro-abortion lobby.

It's not hard to think we in the rest of the world can learn something from this stunning victory for life in Argentina. There are a lot of clues about it out on Twitter.

We can start with tweets like this that have been going around:

Nationalism and a strong sense of sovereignty were obvious here in this 'retort' to the Washington Post's undoubtedly negative coverage, which hints strongly that the country was being pressured by international abortion lobbies and didn't like it:

Wow. Directed at the WaPo, which the locals are talking back to because of its unfair coverage. You get the sense of the little guy against the global juggeraut right there.

Next up we get into the argument against the killing itself. Note the use of dollar signs that unwittingly illustrates that the abortion lobby as a big bucks globalist operation. This is a pro-choice sign (in English, which signals the globalism of the push), making a specious and mendacious argument that legalizing abortion will save women's lives, which is baloney, because neighboring Chile, which has long had prohibitions on abortion, is famous for its low infant mortality:

Here is the retort on Twitter from the pro-lifers:

Note that the images show unborn babies cut up like cuts of beef, with dollar prices for brain, lungs, eyes, arms, the whole body parts business from aborted fetuses that has made the global abortion industry rich.

This analysis here signals that the pro-life forces skillfully succeeded in getting the message out that global abortion is big business and all about greed and money:

A lawyer, Martín Zeballos, coined a phrase in an article he wrote for the newspaper Clarín. “Argentina had a sleeping giant that has awoken,” Zeballos wrote, “and he has a sky-blue neckerchief.” Zeballos was referring to the sky-blue neckerchief that has become the symbol of those who defend the right to life. This is a symbol which recalls the sky-blue of Argentinian flag, and so the love of the unborn became synonymous with love of country.

On the other hand, pro-abortion activists wear green neckerchiefs. This color–the color of a dollar bill–quickly became identified with the international financial pressure on Argentina to legalize abortion. This “color blindness” turned out to be a major strategic blunder on the part of the pro-aborts.

Pro-lifers also won the messaging campaign, adopting a great slogan: “Let us save 2 lives.” This referred to saving both the child’s life and the mother’s, and helped to rally support to the pro-life cause.

They did succeed in showing, then, that the international abortion lobby is a soulless globalist outfit, that is inherently anti-Argentinian, and inherently all about greed and big bucks from soulless globalist organizations, whose agenda comes at a cost to human lives.

That worked well there, given Argentina's uniquely bad history with horrible organizations such as the International Monetary Fund. But there are probably takeaways that can well be used here, given what we know about the vileness of the abortion industry.

There's ample reason to savor this victory, not the least because of the lives that will never be lost. But here's a lagniappe that is worth considering: Argentina is not just Argentina to all of us, but a bellwether of coming trends. It was the first nation that swung left when Latin America went into its socialist spiral in the late 1990s, and it was the first nation that swung rightward with the "unexpected" election of Mauricio Macri, resoundingly rejecting the clown-socialism of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela,

Is it absurd to think this pro-life vote in Argentina may just be another bellwether of things to come? It was a big victory and it offered a blueprint of how to win the hearts and minds necessary for the defense of life.

One can only hope that the Argentina example will be studied and repeated here.

Published with permission from the American Thinker.

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