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July 16, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The largest union in the country, the National Education Association, hates America, hates God and hates children.

And they are making it official.

Remember, these are the folks running the nation’s public schools. If we wonder why the left seems nuts, here’s one big reason. The mighty, misguided teachers’ union is prepping clueless young extremists and churning them out in your neighborhood schools every day.

At the latest NEA national convention, this year in Houston, the 6,000-plus delegates passed policies to spend hard-earned teacher and school staff dues to advocate lawlessness, open borders, extremely divisive special interest groups, abortion, youth sexual “rights,” sodomy, and gender distortion. 

And this all happened as the union celebrated “Stonewall” and hundreds of “LGBTQ” delegates partied to the obscene entertainment of near-naked “drag queens” while children who had been brought to this event watched.

NEA supports the care and feeding of false “gay” narratives and inaccurate pronouns, but not infants. Grammar denial is critical, but so is life denial.

The NEA apparently wants America to go down and they are doing their best to help that process along.

Among the actions taken at the NEA 2019 Representative Assembly are these new business items: 

  • Explicit defense of the “fundamental right to abortion under Roe v. Wade” as well as for “youth” to “control their own body” (NBI 56). So either killing or sexualizing children is now official NEA policy.

  • NEA opposes the “criminalization of border crossings,” no wall, and the immediate shutdown of detention centers, which NEA agrees are “concentration camps.” (NBI 37)

  • The union calls for “ … the immediate end to the detention and criminalization of immigrant children and their families, including an end to ICE raids” and accuses the Trump administration of human rights abuses at the border.

  • Racial politics on parade. “Using existing resources, NEA will incorporate the concept of ‘White Fragility’ into NEA trainings/staff development, literature, and other existing communications on social, gender, LGBTQIA, and racial justice … ” What?

  • Passing the “Equality Act” is a top priority and union will work with the radical Human Rights Campaign on this.

  • Will support Black Lives Matter’s “Week of Action” in schools during Black History Month. BLM promotes unjustified, inaccurate opposition to police and law enforcement. 

  • Plans to collaborate and partner with those pushing for reparations for African-Americans. 

  • Will conduct “professional development” training for homosexual club advisers in conjunction with “current partner GLSEN” and others, including how to “handle possible backlash from different stakeholders.” Like parents who don’t want their child to join a school club promoting sexual immorality?

  • NEA will develop model state legislation to mandate an “LGBTQ”-inclusive K through 12 curriculum — i.e., forcing schools to subject students to homosexuality and gender rebellion throughout the school day in many classes. (Disregarding the many families who don’t agree.)

  • In a stand against “linguistic oppression,” NEA will “call on educators to refrain from discouraging or explicitly telling students to not speak a language other than English at school.”

  • At future national conventions, NEA will create space on nametags for designating pronouns and ensure there are more gender neutral restrooms.

  • NEA wants a 100 percent student loan forgiveness plan and wants congressional hearings on this.

  • Will create a “Stonewall LGBTQ” grad school scholarship for a student who identifies with any of these immoral behaviors and studies this propaganda.

Many other proposed new business items were defeated, some of them even more revolutionary. Several called for the impeachment of President Trump. One called for supporting the Palestinian Authority against the alleged actions of “apartheid” by the nation of Israel. 

And another proposal to investigate the incorporation of “mindfulness” in classrooms was “referred to the appropriate committee,” which means it is being considered. Mindfulness is an occult spiritual practice, the newer term for transcendental meditation.

So how to describe this group? Not just pathologically immoral, unconscionable supporters of baby murder and other human rights abuses (while claiming the opposite). The NEA is radically anti-American and in fact, a danger to American security. 

Will they enable or encourage teachers to shield sex traffickers – or hide their underage victims, who are illegal aliens? 

Or terrorists? If anyone can walk across our border with the blessing of the NEA, that’s exactly who will take advantage of this “educational” group’s deeply ignorant and reckless policies.

Praise God these people are not running Congress. Or are they?

The NEA donates millions to Democrat candidates (almost exclusively) and liberal causes. So they put muscle behind this evil, and it’s not a pretty picture.

It’s time to do something about the NEA other than just pull kids out in preference for Christian or charter schools, or home schooling. 

It’s time to take action before this group destroys our country. When people like Rush Limbaugh speculate about why the left seems to be insane, one major influence is this extremist group. The NEA pulls major strings in the Democratic Party and like organized crime mobs run an intimidation game in “local” education. 

They seek out the most unhinged, robotically immoral people in the teaching profession and encourage them to become local representatives and delegates, who willingly pass unconscionable policies — and spread poison about any teachers who won’t toe the line. 

Then these people are empowered by the national union’s money and influence to run an intimidation game at the local level to prevent conservative voices from having a say in the union — or even most of the time, in their schools.

Just ask Rebecca Friedrichs, who wrote the book Standing Up to Goliath: Battling State and National Teachers’ Unions for the Heart and Soul of Our Kids and Country. She was the lead plaintiff in the Friedrichs v. CTA Supreme Court case, and a subsequent case freed all public sector employees from forced unionism. 

Friedrichs started an organization, For Kids & Country, to help educators exit the unions and deal with their intimidation tactics.

Any educator with ethics needs to drop this union — now. If you are reading this, you still have a brain and you still listen to some degree of common sense. So I implore you, stop enabling and cooperating with evil.

Our country is endangered by these idiots.

Linda Harvey is president of Mission America.