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Dan Goodwin


How can Christians influence Hollywood? Just look to the Bible

Dan Goodwin

July 14, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- Engaging the culture today is no easy task, with corporations standing behind the movement to redefine marriage, and more governments than ever choosing to restrict religious liberty. But while persecution of Christianity increases, the world is continuing to go full speed ahead with Hollywood productions aimed at influencing this nation with filth and perversion.

It is time for Christians to use the most powerful weapon in our armory to influence pop culture: The Bible.

The Bible has everything that Hollywood wants: sex scandals, miracles, magic (called "miracles" by Christians), violence, war, and betrayal. There is a way to use the truth of these Biblical stories and characters in a way that not only entertains, but teaches wholesome lessons about life.

  1. The Bible has superheroes.  We have the strongest man in the history of the world, Samson. Like Thor, he has long hair, and like Thor, he's quite imperfect. He is someone who our young people can relate to, especially given the adventures and romance that follow Samson.
  2. The story of Moses is more compelling than Harry Potter.  Moses parted the Red Sea by holding up a staff and calling upon the God of Heaven. Like Harry, he saved a million people from death -- but unlike Harry, he is real, and this is an event that actually happened.
  3. The Bible has women of beauty and courage to match any feminist.  We have Esther, who won the heart of a king and saved an entire race of people.  Hannah was a woman of great faith who prayed for God to give her a son. God answered, and she reared Samuel, one of the greatest prophets of all time. And who can forget Mary, who bore and reared our Savior?
  4. Love stories: There are many beautiful love stories within the Scriptures. The story of Rebekah is a story of love at first sight.  Isaac, after seeing her for the first time at the marriage altar, loved her. Ruth is a woman from the wrong part of town who finds romance and love and marries into one of the greatest families in Israel. She bears a child that is in the direct lineage of Israel's greatest King -- King David!  
  5. The Bible has adventure.  We have the story of the twelve spies, the battle of Jericho, the flood, the parting of a sea, calling down fire from heaven, a boy killing a giant with a sling shot, and countless others.
  6. The Bible has something more exciting than science fiction.   The Bible has a glimpse at the coming future of mankind and the world. There is the rapture, the Tribulation, Armageddon, earthquakes, asteroids, fear and panic. A one-world dictator who is coming to rule the world. Stars fall from heaven, and demons are released to torment men on the earth. There are stories of the sun standing still in the sky, of a world-wide flood, of fire destroying a city, of a huge wall around a city falling down at the sound of a trumpet, and many more. The Bible is filled with supernatural happenings that would make great movies.

While television shows and movies like A.D., The Dove Keepers, and Exodus are making progress towards creating a culture in which Christians can engage, there is still a long way to go. Let’s face it, most of TV and media are being used to feed the carnal nature of man. Let’s follow Paul and “overcome evil with good,” and use each of our fingers, toes, eyes, and ears to make a greater Body of Christ.  

Hollywood is not the only way to engage the modern culture, but it is one path forward. Those who are gifted in media, please consider putting together the stories of the Scriptures in a way that will bring interest and excitement to our society. 

The old adage that “truth is stranger than fiction” certainly holds true for the Bible. We have the true stories of the Bible at our finger tips. Let’s use the technology of the world and produce some media that will enchant this generation! There are many of you that are gifted in a way that you could do something with this. We need Christians to produce films, YouTube videos, blogs, and DVDs that portray the true events of Scripture to both inspire and entertain this generation.

Instead of complaining as Hollywood makes billions off of filth and degradation, let's work with Hollywood to produce something better! Meet Hollywood and the viewing public where they are, and gently walk with them down the path to Christ.

Some say, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." I say, "if you can't beat 'em, infiltrate 'em."

Dan Goodwin is the author of "God’s Final Jubilee", which has been called “the most up-to-date study of prophetical events of our day.” He has been in the ministry since 1983. Goodwin has pastored several churches, authored several books, and has been a full-time Evangelist since 2003. He preaches Bible conferences, revivals, and prophecy meetings across America. For more information, please visit www.heavenboundone.net.

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