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Klaus Schwab speaks as part of SWITCH GREEN during day 1 of the Greentech Festival at Kraftwerk Mitte aired on September 16, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Greentech Festival

(LifeSiteNews) — I have investigated many themes to do with government and the international bureaucracy which wishes to supplant its sovereignty. The result for me has been one perspective on the fact that when man ceases to believe in God, he proceeds to believe in anything but.

There is a common thread to the World Economic Forum, the neoconservatives, the techno-futurists, and their transgender post-human bedfellows. That thread is the projection of personal fantasy into the world, assuming political and legal power – including coercion, humiliation, and force. 

It was my good fortune to be contacted by Prof. Mikko Paunio, who indicated with precision the degree to which leading environmental and global governance figures were animated by bizarre fantasies. 

Illustration from Mikko Paunio’s book “Climate Revolution by the Nuthouse Folks” (Cartoon Credit: Mika Rantanen)

The founder of the Club of Rome, Maurice Strong, shares with John Kerry a messianic self-belief. These beliefs, as in Strong’s case, are infused with New Age fantasies. Klaus Schwab has his “Magic Mountain” at Davos, and his homosexual acolyte Yuval Noah Harari peddles some of the most fantastical science fiction in the public domain.

These people believe in themselves and nothing much else. A fervent conviction that their fantasies are a manifesto for human emancipation, they look to technology for the means of realizing their make-believe. These people are grandiose. Their manifesto is a delusion combined with the power to destroy. Ultimately, they have contempt for anything that is not themselves.

Fashionable nonsense

This equally applies to the transgender cult, as it does to those “liberal interventionists” whose unshakable dogma justifies the destruction of disagreement. Both factions combine especial violence with self-belief, and both advance their agendas of destruction in the name of rights. These people consider themselves the authors of reality, and therefore exempt from the rules they prescribe for others.

Bloated obscenity Robert Kagan, death cult leader

Attachment to and defense of fantasy explains the complete detachment from reality we see in the packaging of the war against Russia. The economic sanctions have devastated European economies. No one talks about the fact that forever war drives mass migration. It is obvious that Ukraine cannot “win,” as this would mean the defeat of the world’s greatest nuclear power. 

In every regard, the ruling ideology is a contradiction of the real. These lies they tell about diversity, about equality, about the planet, and the people on it are fact-like products for the fashion-conscious.

Factions of fantasy 

What unites the factions of today is the fusion of personal desire and political power. This factor, always present, shows how far the time is out of joint. It is the fact it is so extreme that it requires the total exclusion of contradiction. 

Contradiction is prohibited by law and custom. Hate speech is simply disagreement based on experience, for example. Under lockdown, contradiction was conspiracy. With the West at war in Ukraine, contradiction is now Russian propaganda. The slur of Russian propaganda is marshaled against any emergent reality which threatens to embarrass the management. A specter is raised to spook the population when their attention is menaced by the facts. 

Russian propaganda has been cited as an influence on Brexit, on the 2016 U.S. presidential election, on Hunter Biden’s laptop, on the person and policies of Donald Trump. The Russians have reportedly blown up their own pipeline and sent a spy whale to Norway. According to Fairyland News, Vladimir Putin is the most powerful man in the world. This despite him being reported as dying of leprosy, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, as well as being already dead. 

Information which closely corresponds to reality is filtered out of the fairy tale. This is the reason you can lose your job because of spicy memes, and it also explains why our political class is committed to the war policy of escalation.

Refugees from reality 

Reality is offensive to these people. It is you who will face consequences for trifling actions, whilst their large-scale devastation and plunder goes unpunished. 

To the managerial class in the Empire of Lies, politics is a belief system. These beliefs are replacements for reality. The beliefs have no connection to one another, but are presented as a vision of harmony. If you seek their monument, look around your local city. 

These immoral fables can only survive if protected from reality. The function of hate speech laws and the knowledge that speaking truth to power will end your career are two means by which the bubble is preserved. An extreme, remote and comfortable parallel world is entertained by people who have no contact with the world outside their narrow Overton window.

“Blank lives matter”

Every captured institution is a sanatorium – a place of safety for the differently-sane. Your schools, colleges, workplaces, social media platforms, and public services are political asylums, staffed with refugees from reality. 

Safe space! Safe space! 

“Asylum” means “place of safety.” Our institutions have been turned into safe spaces for the unstable. Upset by reality, they require refuge and recuperation from the shock of contact with the real. 

Under lockdown, our lives were suspended in safety’s name. The damage was enormous, and included plunder, propaganda, and bitter division. Its toxic legacy is still unfolding.  

Profits indemnified from loss saw novel injections promoted with impossible guarantees, for which no one was held to account. A jamboree without risk of prosecution, a bonanza for a powerful political lobby of vast corporations fueled by propaganda. Big Pharma had a very good war.   

The miraculous claims of “100% safe and effective” were pushed by a governing class of technocrats – whose only unifying principle is their fantastical belief in technology. It is to the machine that the godless man turns his admiration. The dogma of Techianity – the cult of human emancipation by means of science and technology – has made them captives to fantasy. This is the fantasy which made captives of us all under lockdown.

The virtues of vice 

The post-human fantasy is to make the condition of capture permanent and not temporary, by means of the melding of man with machine. It is a fairy tale so vile and far-fetched that it beggars belief. Yet this is the vision of the tech giants who own your social media.

It is inspired by the techno-futurist Ray Kurzweil, and it drives the promotion of transgender transhumanism in the bizarre religion of Martin (“Martine”) Rothblatt.

Martin Rothblatt: “God is technology.” In his case, the technology of mutilation.

Every narrative of fantasy, from climate doom to the COVID fiasco, is identified with the good and the great.  

To ally with these symbols, to internalize and project them as identical with your identity, is to participate in a spectacle of heroic struggle – against the people who do not.  

This technique divides societies into antagonistic factions. Making hysterical compliance the highest good, it dehumanizes those best fit to resist the process of mental colonization. 

Article from Nature on the global pandemic of hatred for the unvaccinated. Lessons have been learned.

Mental discipline produces an immune response to this contagion. This was punished with licensed hatred in the case of vaccine resistance, leading to worldwide prejudice against the prudent.

It designates dissent as enemy propaganda. It is righteous to demonize people who disagree with these bizarre fables. 

The political role of fantasy is to stigmatize the sane.

Part two will consider how reality, being a theocracy, has the best arguments – and when and how it can be restored to public life. Stay tuned.