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Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky speaks to the media on the second day of the 2023 NATO Summit on July 12, 2023, in Vilnius, LithuaniaPhoto by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) — Following on from a discussion of Scott Ritter’s “Agent Zelensky – Part One,” this second part shows how the Ukraine we see in the media, and the man who leads it, are products of a careful process of propaganda and subversion carried out by the U.S. secret state.

Ritter’s second installment reveals the tasks he claims were given to Agent Zelensky to create an extreme nationalist state in Ukraine – one that was willing to fight its former ally, Russia.

On the orders of the U.S. government, he argues, religious and press freedoms were destroyed, ethnic hatred stoked, and covert biological warfare labs developed, as well as a plan to buy the very land from underneath the Ukrainian people.

His startling claims include proof of the Ukrainian biolabs and documents which show Ukrainian plans to invade the Donbass before the Russians invaded in 2022.


The marginalization of Russian culture is extraordinary in Ukraine, which shares a common ancestry as a nation with both Russia and Belarus. All three nations trace their origins to the establishment of Kievan Rus in the 9th century, whose capital was Kiev.

Agent Zelensky himself spoke Russian, and frequently defended its use – which was common especially in the east and south of the country.

This phenomenon has violent effects at home as well as abroad, with the measures to halt the speaking of Russian in majority Russian areas described as “ethnic cleansing.”

This seems an extreme definition for an admittedly harsh policy, which now forbids the use of Russian in schools and government communications. Yet it is one which is pressed by “Western Ukrainians” – whose nationalist stronghold has always been in the western region of Galicia.

It is one which “violates the rights of 12.5 million” Ukrainians, says Ritter.

War on the Church

Yet the systematic removal of any Russian culture was not limited to schools and civil governance. With the backing of the U.S., Christian worship was separated from the Moscow Patriarch, in a move which nationalized worship in the new Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

Its head would receive several visits from high ranking U.S. intelligence operatives, including former CIA director Mike Pompeo in January 2020, and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

The moves resulted in faithful priests being forcibly removed from their churches, with the monks at their ancient Kiev church besieged by nationalist protesters. The Zelensky regime canceled their lease to their own monastery, framing their dedication to their faith an example of “cynical Moscow manipulations of religion.”

It is disturbing to see the fomenting of anti-Russian sentiment result in the seizure of priests by an angry mob – images I have never seen on any Western media outlet.

“Americans used Zelensky to complete the division of Ukrainian Orthodox believers into the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ factions,” said Ritter, detailing a process which increasingly stigmatized Russia, and everything Russian, in a nation which saw half its population traditionally support its former Soviet ally.

‘I will never shut down any channels’

Zelensky, who was elected on promises of bringing peace, broke another he made in September 2019: “I personally stand for freedom of speech… I will never in my life shut down any channels.”

Sixteen months later, on February 3, 2021, he shut down three television channels. The reason? They were spreading “disinformation” and “brainwashing.”

On the same day, Zelensky announced “there is no threat to freedom of speech in Ukraine.”

Ritter cites a London meeting with the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, during which he alleges Zelensky was tasked with the abolition of the freedom of the media in Ukraine. To further the aim of total control, he went on to ban the political opposition – numbering 11 political parties.

Ritter claims that political opponents were either killed, imprisoned, or fled the country in the aftermath.

Human shields: ‘Russian propaganda’?

Ritter cites a secret document which he claims proves that Ukraine was planning to invade the Donbass region in March 2022.

Long dismissed as “pro-Putin propaganda,” the document supports the Russian claim that their invasion was timed as a means to ward off this offensive – into a majority Russian area. 

Documents shown by Ritter strongly suggest Western influence in the shaping of Ukrainian military strategy – which includes the use of local populations as “human shields.”

Photographs of Ukrainian armor parked in playgrounds, schools, and beside apartment blocks and shopping centers circulated in the days after the Russian invasion. Yet these too were dismissed as “Russian propaganda.” The practice of stationing military units in these civilian areas was a cynical means of maximizing shocking press coverage.

Zelensky adopted military clothing, growing a beard and looking careworn. Ritter says all the signs of cocaine abuse are present in his behavior.

Biolabs confirmed by the US

In a project established in 2005 in Ukraine, the U.S. has been involved in biological warfare research in Ukraine. Building on Soviet stockpiles of pathogens, Ritter says mass experiments began under “UP” – “Ukrainian Project.”

Soldiers from the army were experimented upon, leading to deaths in 2016 from research linked to novel flu-like pathogens.

Cholera, hepatitis, and botulism outbreaks were recorded, as U.S.-backed agencies increased funding for the program through 2020.

The Russian invasion threatened to discover these biolabs, leading to “panic” in the U.S. government. Ritter said that in March 2022, U.S under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland “let the secret out in the Senate.”

She said, “Ukraine has biological research facilities [of] which we are concerned Russian forces may be seeking to gain control.”

The presence of “biolabs” in Ukraine is routinely derided as yet another Russian-backed “conspiracy theory” – as with every other point of inconvenient information carefully presented in Ritter’s exposé.

Controlling the food supply

Ritter claims that the West knows most of its Ukrainian aid vanishes into the coffers of the corrupt. The reason they do not care, he says, is that the long-term goal is the control of regional food security. Major Western corporations are lining up to buy the land itself, its soil some of the richest in the world.

The control of this land will allow the control of European food security, giving immense power over European populations to whoever owns it.

“The U.S. doesn’t need the grain – but they need control,” says Waldemar Herdt, former German Member of Parliament.

BlackRock, together with major banks such as JP Morgan, have collaborated in a process they describe as the “reconstruction” of Ukraine. This, if successful, will also restructure the food security of a region the U.S. is determined to remain in control of.

As Herdt observes, “BlackRock does not invest in recovery. Instead, it builds dependencies and spheres of influence through ‘reconstruction.’”

This influence is being bought at an enormous cost – not only in lives, nor to the integrity of our media and politics – but also in raw cash terms.

Infographic: Ukraine: U.S. Military Aid Exceeds Costs of Afghanistan | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

A grim future

Ukraine has no hope of ever repaying these debts, says Ritter. With the likelihood of its best land being bought from underneath its vanishing population, what kind of future does this hapless nation face? Former U.S. diplomat James Jatras frames the situation starkly:

Just in Bakhmut the Ukrainians lost more men than the U.S. lost in the entire Vietnam War.

It’s astonishing how Zelensky still manages to get these young men to fight and die in a war they cannot win.

With the help of Ritter’s eye-opening documentary series, much of the mystery surrounding this war has been cleared. What it leaves is truly disturbing – a ruthless campaign resulting in a needless atrocity, which apportions enormous profit and loss to the elites and the ordinary people accordingly.

Ritter closes with an ominous question: With his mission accomplished, how long can Zelensky survive his own success?

Watch Part 2 of Scott Ritter’s “Agent Zelensky” here.