How to defeat proponents of ‘transgender’ bathrooms

Most pro-family people are reluctant to confront the transgender issue directly. But we're not.
Mon Nov 5, 2018 - 12:05 pm EST
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November 5, 2018 (Mass Resistance) – Across the country the LGBT political movement is pushing so-called gender-identity non-discrimination "transgender bathroom bills" with frightening success. Much of that is because most pro-family people are reluctant to confront the issue directly. But we're not – as you will see in this video!

VIDEO: Debating the "transgender bathroom" law

On Oct. 7, MassResistance executive director Brian Camenker debated a transgender activist (a man dressed as a woman) on Question 3 – a statewide referendum on the Nov. 6 ballot.

In 2016 the Legislature passed (and GOP Governor Charlie Baker signed) a horrible transgender public-accommodations non-discrimination "bathroom" bill. Question 3 is a referendum to decide whether to keep it (a "yes" vote) or repeal it ("no").

The venue was a forum in Canton, Mass, a suburb south of Boston. It was before a pretty hostile crowd of mostly local liberals. But, of course, that didn't intimidate us. (Note: The sound quality of the video is spotty, so we've added subtitles for convenience.)

Lining up to ask questions or make comments.

Confronting the issue

Let's be honest: This isn't really about bathrooms, per se. This is about forcing the lunatic ideology of "transgenderism" on everyone. But in Massachusetts (and just about everywhere else) the "establishment" pro-family groups simply refuse to say that, or even criticize the concept of "transgenderism." So they come up with "less inflammatory" arguments. But that rarely works.

For example, during the debate in the Massachusetts Legislature over this law, the pro-family legislators would not say that transgenderism is a mental illness (which it is) or that it's destructive and harmful to these confused people – and society. Instead, they said that (1) transgenders already have legal protections, so we don't need these extra protections; and (2) this would allow predatory men to use the law to gain access to women's bathrooms and showers. Both of those arguments were technically true, but they weren't very compelling to the other politicians being pressured by the LGBT lobby's very emotional "civil rights" arguments.

We believe – as you'll see in the video – that the only way to deal with this issue is be truthful, unafraid, and hit it head-on. The NoTo3 Ballot Committee was formed to promote this approach so that people in the state will hear this in the blizzard of LGBT propaganda on this issue.

A few of the points that we make:

  • The current law makes it a crime for anyone to even comment (much less "discriminate") when so-called "transgenders" use opposite-sex facilities in any public accommodation – including bathrooms, locker rooms, restaurants, etc.
  • If cross-dressing men use women's restrooms or shower facilities, or parade in restaurants or other public facilities, the state requires that you treat them like actual women. You must even call a man "she". If you don't you face arrest, fines, and possibly face jail time!
  • These "transgenders" really do need help. All legitimate research shows that pandering to their condition only makes things worse for them. Instead, they take massive hormones and amputate healthy body parts!
  • What is done to "transgender" children is particularly gruesome. Besides large amounts of opposite-sex hormones, they are given puberty blockers that stunt their growth and make them permanently sterile.
  • But there's another dark side. This Orwellian law is the State forcing people to believe a lie. Men can never become women. Women can never become men. Anything else is a fantasy. People should be able to say these things and act accordingly without being charged with a crime!

Sadly, we've found that our most annoying antagonists have been the pro-family establishment people in Massachusetts, who have tried to keep this more complete message out of the conservative media, the mainstream media, and general public forum.

We'll report more in the coming days!


Published with permission from Mass Resistance.

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