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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán arrives to meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the Chancellery on October 10, 2022, in Berlin, GermanyPhoto by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

(Conservative Treehouse) — Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is not willing to join the NATO alliance in pushing further escalation of war against Russia.

Now we begin to connect the dots, see the bigger picture, and understand exactly why Samantha Power is running an operation inside Hungary with the unspoken intent of destabilizing the Hungarian population against the government.

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From the Daily Mail:

Hungary’s far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orbán snubbed Wednesday’s meeting in Warsaw with President Joe Biden and the other Bucharest Nine leaders after insisting Donald Trump was the only person who could broker peace with Vladimir Putin.

Orbán has been an outlier on the war in Ukraine, chiding the European Union for prolonging the conflict and saying in October that only former U.S. President Donald Trump could negotiate a deal between the Ukrainians and Russians to end the conflict.

‘This is going to sound brutal, but hope for peace goes by the name of Donald Trump,’ Orbán said at the time, arguing Biden wasn’t the man for the job because he has ‘gone too far’ in calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a ‘war criminal.’

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Hungary has been in the crosshairs of the Biden/Obama administration ever since Orbán refused to align with the WEF Western democracies in their quest for regime change in Russia. As the NATO-led Western alliance assembled to use Ukraine as a proxy warriror against Russia, Orbán would not join.

In early April 2022, Orbán was overwhelmingly re-elected, despite the massive efforts against him by the European Union, Western, and Euro-centric multinational globalists. As a result of the victory, Brussels was furious at the Hungarian people:

Orbán – a fierce critic of immigration, LGBTQ rights and ‘EU bureaucrats’ – has garnered the admiration of right-wing nationalists across Europe and North America.

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Within the statements reported from his 2022 victory speech, Orbán warned citizens of the NATO and Western allied countries about the manipulation of Ukraine and how he views the Zelenskyy regime:

[W]hile speaking to supporters on Sunday, Orbán singled out Zelenskyy as part of the ‘overwhelming force’ that he said his party had struggled against in the election – ‘the left at home, the international left, the Brussels bureaucrats, the Soros empire with all its money, the international mainstream media, and in the end, even the Ukrainian president.’

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This put Orbán in the crosshairs of the Western alliance, specifically the EU and U.S. bureaucrats who use their power, position, and intelligence apparatus to manipulate foreign nations. A year later and now we see USAID Administrator Samantha Power in Hungary openly discussing her seeding of the NGO’s and political activist systems in order to generate yet another color revolution.

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Samantha Power, the wife of Cass Sunstein, is well known as the Obama/Biden administration’s advance operative who uses her position in U.S. government to influence activism in targeted nations. Hungary is now a target.

See the construct?

Reprinted with permission from the Conservative Treehouse.


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