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October 14, 2016 (Savethe1) — My name is Julia and I was raped at 14 years old by a friend of the family who we all thought was trustworthy.

I remember when I found out I was pregnant and that the baby was the product of the most horrible crime that a woman can undergo. I remember bursting in tears of despair, fear, because I was only 14. At that age I had had no boyfriend, knew nothing about babies or pregnancy, never got involved in anything about that.

But then the only social media I knew was Facebook and one day by chance I came across this Salvar El 1 page (Save The 1 Spanish Facebook page) and I read many testimonies that touched my heart in a very deep way. I had never thought of abortion but perhaps I had considered giving that baby up for adoption because I did not feel ready to face motherhood being so young. I remember a quote I read that made very clear that if I was a victim of a crime, I wouldn’t become guilty of another one and I decided to have my baby and be a mother forever.

Despise the fact of being just a child myself, I decided to have my baby because, like me, she was innocent and she didn’t have to carry the guilt of the aggressor who, eventually, is the one who deserves being punished.

My beautiful baby girl was born a few days after I turned 15. Her name is Mia Victoria and I love her more than anything else on earth. She is one month and a few days old, and being myself so young, I start learning how to be a mother.

Nobody forced me to have her, nobody tried to force me to abort her. Abortion was never among my plans, even though I am from Argentina, where abortion is free for rape victims.

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To anyone else considering abortion, please, say yes to life because when you get pregnant, it is not just your body anymore — there is someone else’s innocent body, which ardently claims to live. Think it over twice.


My baby daughter has really been a gift, a reason to keep on, a motivation to push myself forward. She has not taken my life, she has not stolen my goals since I do everything for her and she is my joy. Victoria became the best thing that could happen to me, my little girl has given me happiness on these 41 days of her life and I will continue.

I became a faithful follower of Salvar El 1 the very same day I learned I was pregnant. I came to this page when I saw a meme about another young mother who became pregnant by rape — “Paloma.” So I wrote a comment telling about my situation as well. It was important to me to see I am not the only one, and I wanted to be able to tell my story about how I chose life as well. Thanks to the page editors who put us in touch, “Paloma” and I are now good friends on Facebook! If you are pregnant by rape, or have a baby as a result, know that you are not alone. Reach out and connect with others.

Reprinted with permission from Save the 1.