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Stefanie Nicholas


I’m not really pro-life

Stefanie Nicholas

July 4, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – I have a confession to make.

I write for a pro-life website, I pray for the unborn, I act as an apologist defending the rights of the unborn whenever called upon on social media or out in the world. I vote for pro-life political candidates. I can’t stand Planned Parenthood, I lament Roe. V. Wade, and I push back against abortifacient contraceptives. I give to pro-life charities when I can.

Yet in spite of all of these things, I must ask for forgiveness.

I’m not really pro-life. I’m a hypocrite. I don’t practice what I preach.

If I really believed that the unborn were human beings, being murdered each day by the thousands, would I be afraid to talk about my beliefs in front of pro-choice family members and friends? Would I entertain the idea that a handful of (revolting and inexcusable) acts of violence against abortionists somehow invalidates real, intense pro-life activism? Would I fear even discussing how contraception plays a crucial role in the rise of abortion? (http://humandefenseinitiative.com/birthcontrol-sexualmorality/)

Would I spend so little of my money to help the victims of abortion, instead choosing to buy Starbucks drinks and new shoes and other things that don’t really matter? Would I care more about the tone taken by other pro-life activists than whether or not they’re speaking the truth? Would I turn my face away in distaste at photographs of tiny, dismembered children? Would I balk at those comparing abortion to the Nazi Holocaust?

Would I in any way condone the sexual revolution, even knowing the havoc it has unleashed? (https://www.halseynews.com/2017/02/23/right-sex-not-childs-right-life/) Would I ignore God, as though he wouldn’t care what my opinion was on the killing of his most innocent “little ones”? Would I seek to compromise with pro-choice activists? Would I present middle-of-the-road legislation not as a stepping stone to abolition, but as a solution?

Would I take the logically inconsistent and popular “pro-life with exceptions” stance? (http://futurefemaleleader.com/speaking-foundation-first-principles/) Would I make exceptions for the killing of the sick babies, who may die mere minutes after birth? Would I excuse the murder of babies who will grow up in poverty? What about the babies who were concieved in rape, or the babies who will have their grandfather as their biological father due to incest?

Would I ignore “radical” pro-life activists who are being arrested at abortion clinics due to their non-violent acts of civil disobedience? Would I be too nervous to share that “offensive” Facebook post, fearing what people would say?

I have done every single one of these things at various points in my pro-life journey. Every one.

It’s high time I realized that my cowardice and capitulation to evil has not brought people to truth. It has not improved the lot of my tiniest brothers and sisters. The pro-choice lobby has never given an inch to the good. The compromises we make on abortion, like every other issue with the far left tyrants, only go one way.

Sorry, pro-choicers. I’m through being a coward. Enough is enough.

I’ve heard it said time and time again that only one question matters in the abortion debate: “What are the unborn?”

The answer echoes in my head with the same familiarity. “If they’re human, we can never permit abortion. If they’re not, we have no reason to ever restrict it.”

I could hear the words, but my soul was blind to understanding them. And as frightening as it may be to go all in, to be a “radical” pro-lifer, to take the unpopular position, to fight a Goliath that seems impossible… perhaps that’s what I must be. Really pro-life. Pro-life, all in.

No one said truth was comfortable.

The unborn really are human beings.  

The unborn really are being sacrificed to the pagan idol of self-interest and hedonism.

They really are being burned alive, chemically dismantled, crushed, scraped, torn. Slaughtered. Murdered. Unborn babies really are being murdered.

It’s time we start fighting.

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