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February 15, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — In these end times, in which the apocalyptic battle between light and darkness is approaching its climax and decision, the unique position of the Blessed Virgin Mary must be recognized throughout the world. The Immaculata is the Victress in all God’s battles. She has appeared on the horizon of our epoch as the great sign of salvation and redemption (cf. Apoc 12:1), because the Lord has so ordained it in His merciful providence.

For the Most High “made Mary Mistress of Heaven and Earth, and raised her to be the Leader of His hosts, the Treasurer of His riches, the Dispenser of His graces, the Instrument of His great miracles, the Redeemer of the human race, the Mediatrix of the elect, the Destroyer of God’s enemies, and the faithful Associate of His glory and His triumphs” [1].

In this regard, St. Louis de Montfort states: “God, then, wants to reveal and glorify Mary, the masterpiece of his hands, in the latter times” [2]. She, the dawn of our redemption, precedes the glorious rising of the Sun of Salvation. Thus, the true devotion to Mary is governed by the famous phrase: Ut adveniat regnum tuum, adveniat regnum Mariæ!

The Immaculata “has brought forth, in union with the Holy Spirit, the greatest that has ever existed and will ever exist, namely, the God-Man. Therefore, she will also bring forth the greatest things when the latter times shall come” [3].

In our days, then, when satan is trying to set himself up as the perceived winner, as he controls the key positions of the anti-church and the world, looking to the Blessed Virgin Mary gives us the true understanding: She will inflict the complete and final defeat on the serpent and all his followers!

“Mary, therefore, more than ever, in her mercy, power and fullness of grace, should be recognized and loved precisely in these latter times […] Finally, Mary should become the terror of the demons and their followers, like an army drawn up in battle array, and precisely in these latter times, because satan knows that he will then have only a little time left to destroy souls, and therefore he will redouble his hostile efforts and attacks day after day” [4].

From this perspective, one understands even better how unique the mission of our Heavenly Queen is in God’s plan of salvation for us human beings, as it is clearly described in the Protoevangelium (cf. Gen 3:15): “Chiefly to be understood from those final cruel attacks of the devil, which multiply from day to day until the reign of the antichrist, is that first and famous prophecy and curse of God, which was already hurled against the serpent in the earthly paradise […] The most terrible and strongest opponent whom God could place against satan is Mary, the Blessed Virgin and Mother of the Redeemer. God gave her already from paradise […] such great power to defeat, overthrow and crush this proud and nefarious spirit that he fears Mary more than all angels and men, yes, in a certain sense even more than God Himself […] That is to say […] that satan, in his pride, suffers infinitely more to be defeated and punished by a lowly and humble handmaid of the Lord than by the Lord Himself, and that her humility is more destructive to him than the omnipotence of God” [5].

St. Louis de Montfort illustrates the exalted position of the victorious Virgin with the following statement: “The power which God has freely willed to grant to Mary is so great that she seems to have the same power as God, and her petitions and prayers are so powerful with God that they are considered commands to Him in spite of His Majesty, who can never resist the supplications of the beloved Mother” [6].

That is why all hell trembles before the Immaculata! She is the invincible Guide of the Heavenly Hosts. St. Alphonsus Liguori says in this regard: “Mary is not merely the Queen of Heaven and the Saints, but also the Mistress of hell and the devils, because she heroically overcame them by her virtues” [7].

The same Doctor of the Church leads us to a firm trust in the true victress: “My children, with these words Mary wants to tell us, when the enemy attacks you, flee to me, look to me and take courage; for in me, your Protectress, you see at the same time your victory […] That is why Mary is called: Fearful to the powers of hell, like a well-ordered army: Terribilis ut castrorum acies ordinata (Cant. 6:3)” [8]. Church Father St. John of Damascus affirms: “If I place in you, O God-bearer, an unconquerable hope, I shall be blessed; I shall overcome my enemies, if only I have your protection and your almighty help alone as my armor” [9].

Against this background, the historical message of Fatima shines even more, where the Blessed Virgin and Mother of God appeared with the announcement of triumph in this apocalyptic decisive struggle. She, the Ark of the New Covenant, offers her children the safe haven: “Jesus wants to establish the devotion to my Immaculate Heart in the world. To those who practice it, I promise salvation” [10].

In this epochal announcement the great plan of Divine Mercy for our time is expressed. The Most High Himself wants people to consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary! And here lies the golden key of salvation history!
For “Mary is the Sanctuary […] of the Most Holy Trinity, where God is more exaltedly present than in any other place in the universe, and more gloriously enthroned than above the cherubim and seraphim. Without a very special privilege, therefore, no creature, however pure, is permitted to enter this Sanctuary” [11].

The Lord responds to the immense need of the apocalyptic end times with the highest measure of His mercy, which wants to come to us in a motherly way, namely through the Mediatrix of all graces. She is the way by which Christ comes — today just like 2000 years ago.

“For all these reasons, God wants Mary to be known, loved and honored, now more than ever, which will undoubtedly happen when the elect, under the grace and illumination of the Holy Spirit, will enter into the practice of perfect and interior devotion to Mary […] The whole fullness of her mercy and the power of her help will be experienced by them in every need, and they will always find refuge in her as a faithful Administrator and Mediatrix” [12].

The Immaculata is the Woman clothed with the sun who confronts the antichristian world power of the dragon [13] and saves all who entrust themselves to her. She, who gave birth to the Author of life, will overcome the culture of death. She can use this mission of hers from God all the better and faster, the more her unique power is recognized and accepted. “Happy, indeed a thousand times happy, are the Christians who even now faithfully and perfectly attach themselves to Mary, regarding her as their sure anchor. In the raging storms of this world they will not perish, nor will they ever lose their heavenly treasures. Happy are those who enter into Mary as into Noah’s Ark! The waters of the Flood, which bury so many people, will not harm them, because: Qui operantur in me non peccabunt (Eccli. 24,30)” [14].

About the lived consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, man will rejoice throughout eternity, because the Heavenly Mother will do everything for him. A child of Mary is never lost! “In this way she also gives herself completely to the one who gives her everything. She drowns him in the abyss of her graces, adorns him with her merits, sustains him with her power, enlightens him with her light, and embraces him with her love; she communicates to him her virtues, her humility, her faith, her purity, etc.; she makes herself his pledge, replaces all his defects and faults, and becomes his one and all with Jesus. In short, whoever has given himself completely to Mary, to him Mary also belongs completely” [15].

She is an exceedingly loving and attentive mother, rich in goodness and powerful to help always and everywhere. She constantly exercises the position entrusted to her by God as Mediatrix of all graces: “This good mother and powerful Princess of Heaven would rather send thousands of angels in haste to the rescue of one of her children that was relying on her than let him succumb to the malice, number and violence of his enemies” [16].

The consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the solution to all problems. She deserves all our confidence. St. Maximilian Kolbe testifies: “Dearly beloved! We must often remember that all it takes is a word, a glance, or merely a thought, a turning to the Immaculata. She will then put in order again all that we have destroyed in ourselves, around us and in others. And then she will guide us: the present and also the past” [17]. Therefore, the great Apostle of Mary exclaims: “Love the Mother of God, love the Immaculata, love her! She will make you happy. Trust her, give yourselves totally to her, completely and without limits” [18]. And furthermore, he affirms: “Whoever is truly consecrated to Our Lady reaches out without further ado, wherever he may be, into the hearts of men, even the worst, and saves countless souls” [19].

Sister Lucia emphasized in this sense that God has given the world two ultimate remedies: devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Holy Rosary.[20] The latter is the true chain of victory. This is why the Heavenly Mother appeared at Fatima, where she announced her great triumph as the Queen of the Holy Rosary. Sister Lucia said about this: “The Most Holy Virgin in these last times in which we live has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Holy Rosary […] There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary. With the Holy Rosary, we will save ourselves. We will sanctify ourselves. We will console Our Lord and obtain the salvation of many souls” [21].

The Immaculata is the Intercessory Omnipotence with God, since she is able to do everything with Him. She gives us the Rosary as the decisive weapon of victory. The saints and truly enlightened shepherds have clearly seen and testified to this: “Mary, the Queen of the Rosary, is the Queen of the Universe […] Every good prayer of the Rosary is a piece of spiritual world conquest. A kind of exorcism […] The Rosary, without being something machine-like, is our machine gun! With it we do urgent practical work for the present and the future. Praying the Rosary is war service […] Therefore, together with the rest of Christianity, we will take up the Rosary and trustingly lay our combat program […] at the feet of her who will crush the serpent’s head […] It is today as at the beginning of days. God calls forth the new time we are waiting for from the nothingness of our impotence. Let us pray! Mary be our battle cry! St. Michael our field marshal!” [22]. The Rosary leads us to victory with absolute certainty!

While the evil enemy has gathered for his camp the first, the great and the powerful, our Heavenly Mother does the exact opposite. Pope St. John Paul II, at the beatification of the shepherd children Francisco and Jacinta in Fatima on May 13, 2000, affirmed that according to a Divine plan, the Woman clothed with the sun came from Heaven to seek out the little ones favored by the Father [23].

“The Heavenly Mother, in her Immaculate Heart, immeasurably increases the value of the Rosary prayed by her weak children. She implores for them very effectively from the Lord of Hosts the victorious Divine grace and strength. […] The Rosary prayer of the weak children, imbued with the humility and light of the Woman clothed with the sun, strikes like lightning the arrogance of the infernal powers” [24].

One understands, then, why St. Padre Pio, pointing to the Rosary, said: “Bring me the weapon! Give me the weapon!” [25]. Those who have recognized the surpassing effects of the Rosary understand why we should pray it daily and spread it everywhere. St. Louis de Montfort makes this vividly clear: “The Ave Maria is the most powerful weapon which puts evil spirits to flight, strikes down the enemies of God’s people, destroys error. The Ave Maria fills us with all kinds of graces, gladdens Heaven, renews Mary’s joy, and promotes the glory of the Most Holy Trinity” [26].

St. Bonaventure, a Doctor of the Church, emphasizes how demons tremble at the sublime name of Mary [27], and St. Bernard of Clairvaux, another Doctor of the Church, points out that satan even fears to hear this name pronounced [28]. “Satan escapes, hell quakes when I pray: Ave Maria” [29]. In this light, the faithful and trusting prayer of the Rosary is the most urgent imperative of this historical hour. “And Thomas a Kempis remarks, just as men fall to the earth in terror when lightning strikes near them, so the devils are struck down when they hear the name of Mary mentioned [30]. O what glorious victories the devotees of Mary have won over these enemies by invoking her most holy name” [31].

In this apocalyptic decisive battle, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary and Victress in all God’s battles, will bring about the greatest triumph of her Immaculate Heart! St. Maximilian Kolbe, the Apostle of the Immaculata, prophetically foretold: “You will one day see the statue of the Immaculata placed on the highest pinnacle of the Kremlin […] Before this will be the case, we must pass a bloody trial” [32].

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