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(LifeSiteNews)—When the de-banking of the Canadian truck drivers began, citizens of many nations observed with horror as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presided over the freezing, even seizing, of private bank accounts. Ostensibly private companies even joined in, with the reigning silicon oligarchs joining the conspiracy to de-platform, de-bank, de-monetize, and de-moralize the so-called “terrorists” whose honking for human rights caused January 6th-style PTSD amongst Trudeau loyalists.

Even the truck drivers who were open about having been injected with the unholy sacrament of the jab were subjected to the state-sponsored financial terrorism and a deliberate hacking and doxxing campaign by the regime and its corporate allies.

Within a paltry week or so, the shock of weaponized banking was supplanted by cheers when these same monetary measures were brought to bear on The Bear. It wasn’t merely the G7’s seizure of Russian citizens’ private property – a.k.a. Government oligarchs stealing from Industrial oligarchs, to the delight of anyone believing the new narrative – many in the West cheered to see long lines in Moscow train stations as common citizens were forced to use physical currency to embark on their daily commutes – no electronic payments allowed.

The only difference between these two scenarios – indignation about the leaked names of the Canadian GiveSendGo donors on the one hand, and smug satisfaction about the potential ACH (automated clearing house, how banks quickly transfer money between them) freeze and departure of Visa and Mastercard from all of Russia, on the other – is the perceived “enemy” status of those financially targeted. The common thread, of course, is the power of government in relation to so-called “acceptable views.” What we’re witnessing is the normalization of financial attacks on ordinary citizens, and it seems like it’s happening more and more.

In China, for example, a social credit score determines one’s ability to fly, travel, or even stream internet. In the ever-increasingly digital financial world, isn’t the true goal of social credit programs to exert total control over the individual? And what better way to do that than by pursuing the digitalization of ALL transactions? Cashlessness is already the norm. As central banks around the world mull the issue, the idea that government will soon issue crypto currency (it’s anonymous, we promise!) should be viewed with the highest degree of skepticism we can muster. Many have worried – myself included – that vaccine passports would usher in social credit systems, but perhaps the cabal doesn’t even need them as a pretext.

How long until most or all transactions are digitally coded, tracked, and searchable on a master government ledger (call it a blockchain if you’d like)? Will we soon see the day that your pro-life contribution (in surveilled, government-issued crypto currency) is flagged, and suddenly you can’t pump gas?

During the almost-generation spent fighting in Afghanistan, American “Civil Affairs Officers” were trained, in part, to view money as a weapon system. In typical military jargon, there was even a well-known acronym for the concept – MAAWS or Money-As-A-Weapon-System. We already live in a monetary system of arbitrary, if not just plain imagined concepts; our currency is printed by government fiat, our banks create money in fractional reserve lending schemes, usury is ubiquitous, and deficit spending, we’re told, is good for the economy. We must transact in monopoly money, or else. Now imagine a new level of control; we musttransact in digital monopoly money – for approved causes only – or else. The threat magnifies, encompassing not just the secret man-made tax we all pay (politely called inflation), but also the object of our earnings – the appropriateness of which products or services we buy.

Joseph Stalin would likely blush at the level of complete control liberal governments are unveiling upon unwitting citizens, even as we speak. But to do so, they must first normalize the idea, both to the left and to the right. This is why I think we’ve seen waves of financial crackdowns on honkers for freedom and supposedly former agents of the KGB alike. It may not yet be the true mark of the beast, but “representative democracies” in both the old world and the new are poised to fulfil the precise prophecy “that no man might buy or sell” without their “mark” of approval.

Mike Parrott, father of six, is a lecturer in corporate finance, host of the Restoring the Faith Media podcast, and former Wall St. investment banker.