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September 7, 2018 (American Thinker) – Over the last ten years, the LGBT movement created a brotherhood out of its victims. I have gotten to know countless people who lost their jobs, families, public reputation, homes, or incomes because they chose to defend God's design for sexuality rather than submit to the LGBT movement's demands.

Our travails pale beside the martyrs in the Middle East and Africa who have lost their lives to stand up for Christ. We have nonetheless paid a painful price. The words of Revelation 6:10 felt, for many of us, like words out of our own hearts:

They cried out with a loud voice: “Lord, the One who is holy and true, how long until You judge and avenge our blood from those who love on the earth?” So a white robe was given to each of them, and they were told to rest a little while longer until the number would be completed of their fellow slaves and their brothers who were going to be killed just as they had been.

Each victim of the LGBT lobby has a unique story. In a current project, I have had extensive interviews with some. One, a doctor, faced the ultimate choice when gays in his hospital filed charges against him for warning patients about the dangers of anal sodomy. He lost all his medical appointments rather than betray the calling God gave him as a physician.

A nurse found herself hauled before a disciplinary board for distributing pamphlets from the American College of Pediatricians. As a pediatric nurse in urology, she knew firsthand the cost to young girls of “holding it” all day for fear of going to the bathroom. She knew some little girls would fear the lavatory and would end up with bladder infections. She had to leave her position.

An English professor in Ohio received notification one day that a professor, an adviser to the gay students' group, would visit her class to investigate reports against her from off campus. She had filed a court brief about the abuses she encountered in a lesbian-headed household. Certainly not by coincidence, suddenly, she faced an onslaught of bizarre complaints and calls for surveillance until the university released her from teaching. The academy has essentially expelled her.

One woman who ran a daycare center in a mostly black neighborhood saw block grants requiring that she teach toddlers about homosexuality and transgenderism. A Latina with a long career in teaching blew the whistle on her district's adoption of a pro-trans and pro-gay “Welcoming Schools” curriculum for pre-K students. These women represented the diversity the left claimed to celebrate. But they walked away from their livelihoods and careers because they could not violate God's word.

One man, “Jacob,” honored the memory of a famous Christian artist, his personal friend. The famed artist had died and left behind a property full of his works. Gays in the local arts commission took over the property. The gays immediately sought to erase the artist's Christian faith, choosing to overwhelm the property with exhibits by radical homosexual artists. Jacob fought valiantly until the bitter end, running afoul of various Republican politicians who feigned conservative values to the public while privately cutting deals with rich homosexuals. The pro-gay “conservatives” could tolerate nothing less than a shrine to sodomy.

One man, a counselor, had to leave California and move hundreds of miles away. He had a journey somewhat like mine. After years of fighting a lesbian dean, I vacated a tenured position and moved to Texas. When I finally stopped trying to compromise my way out of persecution, I lost decades of academic research, all the friends I once had, and about 85% of my relatives to the recriminations and calumny of the gay lobby.

So many stories, each day, grow in number and tragic intensity. The Lord is faithful, we know. We have sought to remain, at all times, forgiving and hopeful. But the years crawled by. So many in their own denominations abandoned them as even their own churches, at times, deemed them an embarrassment and shunned or silenced them. We watched as the conservative movement fell in love with free-market libertarianism and vaunted one right-wing gay after another.

But the Lord is faithful. What seemed a hopeless situation may show signs of turning around. At least these developments give us occasion to feel less depressed.

California Still Not Ready to Imprison People in Sodomy

California's “Stay Gay” Bill, A.B. 2943, would have banned conversion therapy so broadly that virtually any ex-gay such as myself would have been purposefully isolated and cut off from social support. The bill looked unstoppable because it won approval in the various committees, got passed in the Assembly and Senate, and was due to be signed by the governor. It spelled disaster for church ministries.

At the last minute, the bill's author, Evan Low, withdrew the bill. As is often the case, the press will spin this event to make it seem positive for the LGBT movement. The papers try to say that Low went on a “listening tour” with various faith leaders and chose to pull the bill back so it could be reintroduced to protect religious liberty.

Some useless conservative groups, who abandoned lots of us when the LGBT lobby crushed us, now rush in on cue to claim credit for stopping A.B. 2943. Everyone wants to raise money off what happened.

Even if Low is certain to bring this bill back, and even if people will try many tricks to misrepresent how it was defeated, I know enough about the failed bill's history to take certain comfort from what transpired.

Christians across America in the grassroots – not the well funded leaders or famous spokespeople – prayed and mobilized. Unsung heroes like my colleagues in Voices of the Voiceless and Mass Resistance California, and others, fought relentlessly even when it seemed impossible to stop this from becoming law. God stopped the bill through his humblest servants. Four or five years ago, there is no way a bill with this much bipartisan support could have been halted. But the Lord is faithful. We may be turning things around.

The Catholic Church Changes the Game

Because of the Catholic sex abuse crisis, gays must finally acknowledge that their community engages in monstrous forms of abuse. After MeToo, the scandals about shadowbanning, anti-bullying hysteria, and furor over “fake news,” the public has come to understand “abuse” as a far broader issue than literal rape. Many tools the gay community used to smear whistleblowers and misrepresent themselves to the public have now come under severe judgment by the public.

The gay community's obsession with exposing children to images of homosexuality looks less educational and more perverted by the day, even to people who generally sympathized with the movement for the redefinition of marriage. Moreover, in a world vomiting up anything that looks like sexual harassment, it gets harder for gay activists to glorify their takeover of children's libraries, hyper-sexualized media culture, and public discussion of their sex lives complete with all the gory details. “Gaslighting,” blackmail, whisper campaigns, fake blacklists, intimidation, suppression of research, bribery, demagoguery, threats of suicide, and perverted exhibitionism – these went from the approved weapons of a sympathetic minority ten years ago to now looking rightfully like the hallmarks of massive abuse and cover-up.

With all these seismic reversals in popular culture, revelations of epidemic homosexual abuse in the Catholic Church and a network of criminal cover-ups would seem the last thing the gay movement needs. But the Lord is faithful. This is, perhaps, what we need to get the public to see how evil the gay movement has always been.

I have noted in past posts that during midterm election years, there is almost always some kind of emotional gay scandal. The cases of Matt Shepard, Mark Foley, Tyler Clementi, and others all played out just before people went to vote in midterms. In 2002, the midterm election scandal of the day was the Catholic sex abuse scandal. But earlier activists succeeded in spinning the abuse as a critique of the supposedly anti-gay Catholic Church. Now, sixteen years later, their spin machine has lost control of the narrative.

Now people do not fear naming the scandal rocking Catholicism as a homosexual problem and a problem of homosexual networks engaging in wide-ranging abuses to cover up their crimes: blackmail, bribery, silencing of victims, appeals to guilt, and calls to protect the reputation of the group. After five years of Pope Francis and his overtures to befriend gays – along with the rise of pro-gay provocateurs like Fr. James Martin – the gays find it impossible to cast the Catholic Church's abuses as apart from, or anathema to, the entrenched gay lobby.

LGBT activists paid handsomely to infiltrate the Catholic Church's highest echelons. Now they have to pay for the influence they purchased. The Church leadership and gay political leadership have bound themselves to one another; they will rise and fall on the same tides now. It is no small detail that Patrick Buchanan names the Church scandal as a homosexual problem. The Lord is faithful; he reveals all things that must be revealed at the proper time. We have reason to hope that the Church's scandal will lead the public to ask similar tough questions about the tactics that the gay lobby has used in the past to silence those victimized by homosexuals and homosexual culture. Perhaps this will bring justice to those of us who paid such a painful price for years and suffered in quiet desperation for too long.

The Evangelicals Get Gay Evil All of a Sudden

The evangelicals have awoken.

A few years ago, the “ReVoice” conference would have gone forward without anybody batting an eye. The conference, which took place amid massive controversy in July 2018, reveled shamelessly in evil. It gathered a rogue's gallery of faux theologians claiming to uphold biblical sexual ethics while really plotting ways to infiltrate the most conservative churches in America with a stealth pro-gay identity politics.

The organizers seem to have thought they would be able to proceed with this confab of wickedness in a Presbyterian church with no pushback. Certainly, the gay lobby had spent years taking over academic bodies like the American Academy of Religion and installing collaborators across all the major denominations. Gays had reason to believe they could flip thousands of churches to pro-gay heresy without seeing any backlash.

Yet the Lord is faithful. As in the case with California's “stay gay” bill, the humble Christians in the grassroots finally informed themselves about the massive corruption of Christian churches. ReVoice provoked such hot retaliation across the evangelical world that even major denominational leaders who had sought an accommodating “third way” with LGBT changed course and condemned what the infiltrators were doing. The spotlight is on the dark money and backchannels that led to ReVoice. I suspect that the LGBT movement will never return to the carefree ease its members enjoyed in earlier years as they took over seminaries, congregations, and Christian media outlets without anyone noticing.

The Lord's Schedule Is Not Ours

I pray that justice will come for the many unsung heroes who paid awesome costs in order to stand firm on biblical sexuality. I pray that we will not all die with our names still sullied on slanderous blacklists, our careers and reputations wrecked by the LGBT lobby's Obama-era viciousness. But most of all, I pray that the Lord's will be done. “Justice is mine,” says the Lord. He will even the score when he is ready. Until then, I will follow the advice of Paul the Apostle and be anxious for nothing.

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Published with permission from the American Thinker.