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Retired US Colonel Douglas MacgregorAmerican Veterans Center / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — As President Donald Trump warns we are being drawn into World War Three, Colonel Douglas Macgregor, former senior adviser to the U.S. Defense Secretary, returns with an explosive verdict on Ukraine. The war can only be ended by the Russians, and Ukraine as a nation is finished.

MacGregor made his remarks in an interview which began with a response to the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who claimed, “Ukraine will become a member of our alliance but at the same time this is a long-term goal.”

Stoltenberg went further, making the ritual observance of the need to pay for Ukraine indefinitely. 

What is important now is to ensure that Ukraine prevail as a sovereign independent nation and therefore we need to support Ukraine.

How can Ukraine prevail as a sovereign independent nation if it no longer is one now? Macgregor maintains that Ukraine is dead. It has lost 40 percent of its infrastructure and industry, besides that which the Russians now occupy. 

Its population is shrinking, with Macgregor claiming that eight or nine million Ukrainians have left the country for Europe, with a further two million inside Russia. They have vowed never to return, leaving Ukraine with an accelerating population crisis. 

The economic situation is dire as it is clear. Ukraine is on financial life support. How long can the West maintain the massive injections of cash required to prop up the war and the failed state of Ukraine in which it is taking place? 

Macgregor points out that the real purpose of this is to prevent any negotiations from being held. Snubbing the Chinese, conducting pinprick drone attacks into Russia and into Belarus, and making announcements about NATO membership are all means of sabotaging any negotiated settlement. The Russian government nevertheless maintains it is open to negotiations. 

I have mentioned before that the West does not have an industrial base to match that of its potential enemies. The Russians alone have managed a fire rate of 20 000 artillery rounds a day, whilst the Ukrainians, backed by the might of NATO, can manage only a fraction of this.  

We have been told the Russians are running out of troops, fuel, ammunition and morale, with the Russian President himself suffering some psychological disorder. To find out the truth, simply substitute “Ukraine” for “Russia” when you read the news. Or compare the statements of the two leaders. Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed the war will end with Ukrainian tanks in Moscow.  

Macgregor notes this is “simply absurd.” On the other hand, Vladimir Putin has noted the leaders of the West appear to have gone insane, in their promotion of moral and sexual vice whose reach sees it celebrated as “marriage” in church.  

The Russians, say Macgregor, will do whatever it takes to win – “we won’t.” He notes that the West has made this a matter of national survival for Russia, signaling clearly to other states what lies in wait for them should Russia actually fall.  

The rejection of the recent Chinese peace pledge for Ukraine is a clear signal to the Chinese that the United States is concerned only with breaking Russia at any cost. MacGregor rightly points out that this makes clear to the Chinese that they will be next. Why then would they not support Russia? 

To do so would be to place at Russia’s disposal an industrial base twice the size of that of the US in World War Two, Macgregor claims. 

Where did this industrial might come from? The perceptive retired colonel has the unfashionable habit of historical memory, remarking that the U.S. sold its industry to China in the 1990s “to make a buck.”

This offshoring of heavy manufacturing to generate profits is another major strategic blunder. The U.S. has helped to make a giant of China. Now it wishes to make an enemy. 

What could drive such a series of suicidal actions? The management who direct these disasters upon us are extremely unlikely to die in these wars, or to suffer much under the resulting global surveillance system with which they plan to replace our nations. 

On the other hand, it is highly likely their careers will suffer should they have to answer for another debacle on a scale larger even than that in Afghanistan. 

On the same day that Lockheed Martin announced an increase in missile production to supply to Ukraine, it was openly admitted now that the U.S. has no means of knowing where the weapons have gone. Many have vanished into the underworld, likely to reemerge in further destabilizing chaos. 

Some of them have ended up in Russian hands, as many advisers repeatedly warned they would. French Caesar artillery was sold to the Russians, and now The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko warns that lessons have not been learned from the handing of billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment to the Taliban, with the same mistakes being made in regard to aid and weapons in Ukraine.  

The response, of course, is to send more weapons. As Macgregor points out, this means the majority of US aid to Ukraine stays within the U.S., and is effectively a donation to the military industrial complex. We know from following The Science that we will always discover the money at the official story’s end. 

Happier news for those who identify as sane comes with the observation of the state of the U.S. Army. Macgregor claims that perhaps only 50,000 combat troops, “the people that close with and destroy the enemy,” …could be mustered in the event of a force-to-force confrontation. The state of the second most bellicose nation’s army, that of the United Kingdom, is far worse. As I wrote last May, there are only around 22 000 combat troops in total, and the entire combat estimate of the British Army is roughly equivalent to that of a fifth of one Russian tank division. 

These figures were appraised before the depletion of U.K. stocks of ammunition and armor through their donation to Ukraine, which have now been destroyed, used up or captured by the Russians. 

Recently it was reported that the U.K. would run out of ammunition on the first day of a war. Combat readiness will take up to ten years, and would suffer disruption should anything threaten Chinese supply chains. British factories would take one year to supply a day’s worth of shells. 

It is within this context, itself a result of bungling, progressive policies, defense cuts and corruption, that the United States is pushing a paradigm in which there can be no negotiated end to the war. Macgregor concludes that this leaves the Russians, whose president claimed this week that the U.S. is seeking to “liquidate” his nation, with no alternative than to force an unconditional surrender from Ukraine. 

This is the attitude in Washington and London, Macgregor says, noting that it is no longer a position shared unanimously across Europe. As for a U.S. entry into the war, he claims this would “finish Biden.”

“I don’t see any evidence the American people would go along with this.” Macgregor concludes. Nevertheless, the wicked campaign to capture their hearts and minds to persuade them to do so continues. 

President Zelensky, who is still unable to afford a shaving razor and a shirt, sought to identify the safety of the children of U.S. citizens with the need to prolong  – and escalate – the war in Ukraine.

If it happens so that Ukraine, due to various opinions and weakening – depleting – of assistance, loses, Russia is going to enter Baltic states, NATO member states, and then the US will have to send their sons and daughters, exactly the same way as we are sending, their sons and daughters to war. And they will have to fight, because it’s NATO that we’re talking about. And they will be dying, God forbid, because it’s a horrible thing. I wish peace and Ukrainian support to the United States.

If we follow this logic, the escalation to a likely nuclear exchange is the only way to save your children. Danger comes from not giving him money and weapons. There is a name for these kind of threats. It is racketeering, coming from a man who has committed his men to die in battles they cannot hope to win. 

“In December, January, the Ukrainians were losing a thousand men a day,” says Macgregor, before remarking that the norm of a battalion  – 500-700 – of daily losses has returned. He maintains a casualty ratio of seven or eight Ukrainians to every Russian killed or wounded. 

 The only way he [Zelensky] can win is with NATO help – specifically the U.S.

In a damning assessment of the stability of Zelensky’s regime, he says:

The Ukrainian government is very weak and is held in power by neo-Nazi radicals who threaten to murder anyone who threatens them.

How long can this insanity last? That’s up to the Russians, says Macgregor, claiming they must inevitably sweep north from the south, and come down from Belarus to encircle Kiev.

As for the continuing and endless support, Macgregor holds that enthusiasm for maintaining Zelensky in power is “going to wane over the next few months.”

None of this has anything to do with us, and that’s why American soldiers are not going there to fight.

So why is this war being fought?  

Ukraine is about two things which are inextricably linked: the destruction of Russia and the implementation of a system of total global control enabled by technology. At the World Economic Forum, USAID’s Samantha Power praised Ukraine for its creation of a Ministry of Digital Transformation, and for its development of an app called DIIA that now delivers 120 government services.”

Of course, she wishes to help the U.S. export this governance app to other countries. Clearly, Ukraine is rife with corruption which no one with connections to business dealings there would like revealed. The Chinese have requested the inspection of U.S. biolabs in Ukraine, whose existence was confirmed by Victoria Nuland but which remains a conspiracy theory in the media. 

To this can be added the fact that Ukraine is a testing ground for a Great Reset model of government, which will result in the permanent abolition of freedom. Following this, there will be no problems with public opinion to hamper the actions of the masters of the future.

Macgregor relies on the aversion of the American people to involvement in this war as a safeguard against a NATO land campaign. The strategy in Ukraine will therefore continue, with the goal being the destruction of Russia by attrition. It is not merely a campaign to liquidate Putin’s nation, but one whose ultimate aim is to usher in an inescapable posthuman future.  

You can help today by contacting your representatives. For the time being public opinion still matters. Let them know you do not support the funding of this war, nor the hellish vision of the future for which it is being prolonged.