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(LifeSiteNews) — These are indeed scary times. For most Americans living today, these are without debate the scariest times of our lifetime. As we look at the current events today, the news media, the common culture, the political landscape, the corruption and felonious behavior of leadership in Washington D.C., public education, the environmental extreme cult, and the breakdown of the nuclear family; we seriously wonder if America as a one-country America, is living on borrowed time.

We doubt that if the current volatile trends continue that we will exist as a stable singular democratic republic. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer would attest in his day, evil seems to be winning and righteousness is on the run.

We watch five black police officers kill a black suspect in Memphis, as the police chief is also black; and this killing is called “white supremacy” and a racist killing. What?

We watch as Antifa has become the most dominant and aggressive political militia of the day; and the FBI does nothing. The FBI has turned a blind-eye to this political militia’s insurgency. Today’s Antifa is resembling more the KKK of the Democratic Party created just after the Civil War or the Brown Shirts of Hitler’s Germany. Yet the alphabet soup of the FBI/CIA/NSA does nothing; because there are soccer moms at school board meetings they need to intimidate.

What is Antifa’s funding mechanism? Is George Soros funding Antifa? Is Chinese money being filtered through non-profits to Antifa? The FBI could find out these answers if they wanted to find out. The J6 freedom fighters are still in jail for misdemeanors without bond, while Antifa gets out of jail with cashless bonds after committing felonies! Huh?

The ultimate goal of those who are trying to destroy America is not to create a race war, but it is to use this as a means to destroy America as the most powerful sovereign nation on earth. The globalists do not want a strong united sovereign independent America; President Donald Trump found this out.

We watch as Mr. Joe Biden, Hunter, and apparently the entire family has sold out America to both China and Ukraine. It seems obvious that either the Biden family has been bought and paid for by the globalist elite, China, and Ukraine, or, they are being blackmailed by the same. Yet once again, the Deep State of the FBI/CIA/NSA do nothing. Why?

Mr. Biden gives one of the most dangerous speeches in American history in Philadelphia last fall, declaring half of the American people (MAGA/America First) dangerous, unwelcome, and un-American; and then most of the media thinks the speech showed great courage and character. That night in Philadelphia, Biden declared belligerence to half of the American people.

It appears the pharmaceutical industry along with our own health care experts and leaders have lied to us. From COVID, China, and the vaccine, to a freedom of association and the HIPPA laws ; those in charge of the nation’s health have deceived us, let us down, even and threatened us. In this true present day Animal Farm, they have rewritten the paint on the side of the barn without our consent.

They even changed the definition of the word “vaccine” hoping we would not notice.

Mr. Biden opens up our southern border, clearly ignoring federal law and the Constitution with regards to illegal immigration; and the political leadership in DC (including most Republicans) are strangely silent and impotent. Biden allows for our cities to be swamped with fentanyl, the drug cartels to take over parts of cities in the southwest, human trafficking of minors to become a common occurrence; and yet half of the public says nothing.

Biden, NATO, and the military-industrial complex gets us closer and closer to a nuclear exchange with Russia because of a corrupt land called Ukraine; and most of the political class and Deep State in D.C. seem nonchalant about the peril. There is money to be made for the military-industrial complex in Ukraine.

The environmental cult of “Global Warming” continuously takes away our private property rights, our liberties with regards to our own property, and gives these rights to nameless bureaucracies in D.C. and in Europe, violating the Constitution, and still no push back occurs.

President Barack Obama who declared Global Warming “settled science,” for some reason has purchased two homes on the coastline. Why would the former president who believes in global warming and thus the seas rising, buy mansions on Martha’s Vineyard and also Hawaii. Apparently, Obama is a hypocrite when it comes to the sea rising and his mansions. Rules for thee but not for me?

Why would anyone think it is acceptable for “transgender” men to put on drag shows in front of children at public schools and libraries? Only a few short years ago, if a man dressed as a women and gyrated in front of and towards minor children that would be considered a felony and thus he would be taken to jail. But today that is called education by some? It’s called “grooming” by most.

How is it that many state legislatures in “Blue States” are passing laws which allow the abortion of healthy babies up to the point of natural birth? Again “Blue State” legislatures are allowing the termination of a healthy baby at any point up to the natural birth. Even the day before the birth. Some even after birth. Just a few short years ago this was called infanticide. All of this, combined with the sexualizing of minors; especially by the global elites, is so bad that it would make the Old Testament culture of Baal blush.

It is clear that the Deep State, especially those with guns and arresting powers, no longer believe in the First and Second amendments. And the major Big Tech monopolies are more than happy to go along.

It is clear that the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and the others helped to censor free speech and important news to effect the outcome of the 2020 election.

It is also clear, that the Patriot Act has unlawfully been turned inward against American citizens who have their 2A and who also express negative political speech against Biden and the Deep State.

The reason the Founding Fathers put the First and Second amendments first and second, was because these were the two most important safeguards against a tyrannical despotic government.

If it becomes illegal to quote from the Bible in public because courts and legislatures have determined God’s word to be “hate speech”; we are done in America. If God is kicked out of the public square, it’s over. The democratic republic will be lost.

Biden has callously told MAGA/America First that you can have your AR-15s, but I have my F-15s. So much for the man occupying the White House bringing everyone closer together. Can you imagine the uproar if Trump would have said something like that to BLM or Antifa?

It seems that the American culture is being torn in two. Whether it is Red vs. Blue, Conservative vs. Communist, Christian vs. Secular, 1776 vs. 1619, Constitutional vs. Antifa…we are no longer one monolithic culture. That is clear and ominous.

It is very difficult for a multicultural country to remain one country for long. The breath of history shows that this eventually fragments and disjoins. The only other times that America has looked similar to this is in 1860 and 1968.

Unless there are a common set of standards, norms, culture and laws that the majority can agree to; the future is wrought with peril in America. Indeed, if the present trends continue and the animus is not resolved; history is not on America’s side.

Meanwhile China, global elites, and the New World Order are smiling.