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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — As written from Oakland County Jail in Pontiac, Michigan, April 2023, where I was serving a 60-day jail sentence for offering roses and help to mothers scheduled for abortions at a Southfield, Michigan, abortion facility in April 2022. 

Are there chapters of human history where harm to other humans was legal? I can think of an obvious one: slavery. In more recent history, we alive in 2023 know of the Nazi times in Germany from the 1930s to 1945, in which it was “legal” to harm Jews and any others deemed “unfit” or who opposed this totalitarian regime. 

So, what are some other chapters of “legal harm?” 

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India (and China) had a caste system – supposedly outlawed now – that allowed discrimination. This is a legal harm. South Africa had a horrendous system of legal harm in apartheid. Our country, the United States, upheld “Jim Crow laws” in certain states after slavery (our nation’s birth defect!) was overcome, and these laws were certainly upholding legal harm.  

The Soviets, first in Russia, and then across the Eastern European nations they took over, used many layers and shades of legal harm to punish or kill those who resisted or did not appear to conform to their ever-changing rules for their Communist society.

It seems that we, the born, have triaged the unborn into a category of people who are allowed to be legally harmed so that we can live as we wish. Does that not seem to be the entire purpose, the usual purpose of all these other chapters of legal harms? To push aside those in the way? 

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What is “harm?” 

Harm is something that hurts. Is it less than something that kills? The word harm makes me think of a skinned knee. But of course, it means so much else. There are many harms which the law in a civilized society of laws seeks to outlaw, to prevent – by having punishments, repercussions for doing such-and-such harm to another human being. i.e.: if a human being knows that punching a person and causing them bodily harm will get them punished with jail, this is meant to be a deterrent to prevent such harm. 

Defining “harm” in a society of laws, meant to protect human dignity, to protect human life from harm, is necessary. But making any harm a “legal harm” puts this ideal in reverse! How can harm to humans ever be “legal?” 

For instance: When did we descend to a place where dismemberment of human life in the womb is allowed as a “legal harm?” 

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Judge Cynthia Arvant, of the 46th District Court of Southfield, Michigan, mentioned abortion being “allowed” in the state of Michigan, as a “legal harm.” This was in the context of a pre-trial hearing where we were discussing (with defense and prosecution lawyers and the six of us defendants listening, on December 1, 2022) whether we could use the “defense of others,” because that defense entails “seeking to prevent harm to others,” and since abortion is a harm, the very exact harm we were seeking to prevent with our Red Rose Rescue. But since it (abortion) is a “legal harm,” said Judge Arvant, we can’t be allowed to claim the “Defense of Others” defense when “the other” is allowed by Michigan law to be “legally harmed.” 

All I could think when Judge Arvant was saying these things was: “Woman! Do you HEAR yourself?” and “Woman! You are speaking in oxymorons!” and “You, madam, are not only letting THE LIE run through you, but you are also allowing your position as a judge to give shelter to THE LIE!” How horrible to hear this woman scramble and flip-flop her conscience into obedience to THE LIE. 

This legal positivism is insane and is costing the lives of millions. 

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Calling the dismembering of small children in abortions a “legal harm” – which disallows defenders any right to defend – is like saying the PARTICULAR fire, in this PARTICULAR building, burning the PARTICULAR children is not allowed to be trespassed upon to save ANY LIVES due to the law which allows LEGAL HARM to these particular children and their mothers. Further, these PARTICULAR children are mercilessly segregated into these buildings by arbitrary terms of “inconvenience.”  

There is an eerie similarity between the protective actions and words of Judge Arvant of this “legal harm” and the actions of the Fugitive Slave Hunters acting on the words of the Fugitive Slave Acts of both 1783 and 1850. Both this judge (and so many other modern-day judges) and the Fugitive Slave Hunters claim under the guise of “legal harm” that the “prey being sought” – either freed slaves or unborn children deemed “legally harm-able” by their so-called inconvenient existence – are allowed by law to be legally harmed. These are massive mistakes! 

How else can we as a people of life firmly witness against these heresies to truth if we don’t put our voices and our own presence in the path of these malicious lies which have numbed the consciences of the world? Just as Harriet Tubman of the Underground Railroad movement helped slaves escape and is rightly lauded as a courageous life-saving heroine, I believe that the peaceful work of sidewalk counselors and peaceful rescuers is being shown to be on the right side of human history by seeking to save those sentenced to an unjust and cruel death in the womb. 

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There are born, grown, adult human beings witnessing with their presence in the places of pre-born bloodshed through dismemberment – and in courtrooms and jails – that this holocaust has been a massive mistake and must end. 

For the sake of truth, and to amplify the cries of the innocent children, so as to be heard, seen, and ultimately SAVED FROM this so-called “legal harm” — this is a necessary witness that must continue in order to show the world what abortion as “legal harm” has done to us. 

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