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Pray for an end to IVF and the protection of human embryos: Join our prayer pledge

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — The following is a letter by Joan Andrews Bell, a peaceful pro-life advocate prosecuted by the Biden administration, to U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Katie Britt, urging them to reverse their support for in vitro fertilization, which is responsible for the destruction of millions of unborn children.

Dear Senators Cruz & Britt,

How devastatingly heartbreaking it is to hear that you are promoting the protection of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and declaring that this protects life. IVF in fact does the opposite. It promotes the worst death of all for children.

You must know that IVF also abuses women, especially poor women. I know: I’m in jail with some of them.

Medical doctors have taken the forbidden fruit of human conception out of the marriage bond and brought horrible consequences upon us.

IVF is anything but a life-giving alternative for couples experiencing infertility. Those doctors who reap incredible sums of money from desperate couples help conceive many more children in petri dishes than they know will ever be implanted in the womb. Most of those children will knowingly be discarded – killed – or frozen indefinitely or experimented upon like animals.

Most of those children will knowingly be discarded – killed – or frozen indefinitely or experimented upon like animals.

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Women I am with now in prison have often talked about becoming surrogates for the money. My pro-life friends and I explained that IVF is not only unhealthy, but immoral, as any Christian should know. God ordained from the beginning that a man and a woman should come together as one to bear children. Nothing can separate this truth. They readily came to understand this is not good.

Another evil of IVF is that sometimes multiple children are implanted into the womb, and because two or more of the children are growing, the doctor will recommend “selective abortion” with the idea that fewer babies in the womb will allow those remaining a better chance to survive.

I know, as we all should, that every child conceived, even by in vitro fertilization, is fully human and truly a child of God.

Please God, I pray, that those many parents who have participated in IVF come to the full knowledge of God’s forgiveness for what they have done.

I know women who now worry about “my children who are in a frozen state.” “What will happen to them?” they ask.

The children born through IVF will come to learn one day that they have full-blooded siblings – yes, brothers and sisters – who may either be born by some other mother or be born years hence, even though conceived at the same time, are forever frozen, or were destroyed.

Think of the many siblings who are born through IVF, likely living near each other, unknowingly related. They might even begin a relationship and want to marry. This creates an invisible, unknowing incest. These are not isolated cases in this unregulated and depraved practice.

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How correct was the decision by Alabama’s Supreme Court that frozen embryos are in fact children and their accidental death warrants a wrongful death lawsuit. Now, let’s right the wrong of years of this unhealthy behavior by eliminating further generations of this genetic abuse.

Millions of children have since been conceived and killed. Perhaps as many babies as have been surgically aborted.

Is this the country we want? To have many more live babies at the expense of many more fertilized, extinguished, and experimented upon infants?

IVF is not a pathway to parenthood. It is a pathway to create a cemetery of unburied bodies.

IVF is not a pathway to parenthood. It is a pathway to create a cemetery of unburied bodies.

Truly, there are healthy and natural ways toward becoming a parent. This is what you and our national leaders must promote.

Yes, there are scientifically sound and proven methods of overcoming infertility. Because such ways are natural and less costly, they are denounced by the more profitable baby-making businesses.

NaPro Technology (Natural Procreative Technology) successfully treats the symptoms of infertility for both men and women. NaPro uses medicines and surgical techniques overcoming many inabilities to conceive a child. There’s more than a 30-year success rate. Additionally, there are scientifically proven ways to understand the fertility cycle that have a higher success rate at conceiving children than does any IVF facility.

The Gianna Center for Women’s Health & Fertility offers “successfully-proven natural approaches to help women and couples who are struggling with infertility.”

Herbal medicines and even chiropractic methods also have been proven to help conceive a pregnancy.

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Of course, we should not leave adoption out of this option. There are many children abandoned by parents or brought into the world by a mom who would love to place a child into the arms of caring, compassionate parents. Make adoption easier for both mothers and families.

Please, dear senators, don’t put politics above your otherwise strong pro-life stands. You can defend life and not have to sell out to an industry capitalizing upon people’s strong desires for something good but using something bad. In most cases, IVF will not work. In all cases, IVF is destroying more lives. In all cases, IVF makes a horrible mess out of what should be a beautiful family that nature ordains.

Joan Andrews Bell is a wife and mother of seven children who was incarcerated for peacefully and prayerfully trying to stop a late-term abortionist in Washington, D.C., in a traditional pro-life rescue.

Pray for an end to IVF and the protection of human embryos: Join our prayer pledge