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Editor’s Note: Will Goodman is a member of the “D.C. Nine” peaceful pro-life rescuers who were convicted in the U.S. District Court of D.C. late last summer of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act and the unprecedented charge of participating in a “conspiracy against rights.” Goodman was sentenced to 27 months in prison on May 14 and has been incarcerated in the Alexandria Detention Center in Alexandria, Virginia for almost nine months.

(LifeSiteNews) — “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s” (Mark 12:17).

St. Augustine says that our Lord’s holy words consider marks or images: the Roman coin had the image of a man; but each man is created in the image and likeness of God.

Thus, every created person is the property of the Creator.

This also clearly means God’s children are not to be given to Caesar or Moloch or “Planned Parenthood,” or anyone in the prenatal homicide industry.

God’s children are not for sale to abortionists or satanists!

God’s children’s organs are not for sale either to evil scientists or government bureaucrats!

Gods command is final: Thou shall not kill!

Whenever we rescue, we are rendering unto God what is God’s: Defense of life and the necessary intervention for those taken to death.

We also render unto to Caesar—seeking true justice for all and equal protection for babies under law. No exceptions!

I remember Operation Rescue leaders saying just this in the 90s. It’s equally true today, and perhaps even more so at this time, given how depraved and wicked some in our Babylonian government have become.

Back in those days some detractors of rescue would query why anyone would “want to go to jail” assuming no good can be done for the helpless “while in jail.”

St. John Paul II and Archbishop Charles Chaput taught that the “witness for truth” is a “supreme act of love for the Church and society,” especially when affirming the dignity of the most abandoned.

We rescuers don’t “want to go to jail,” we want to be obedient to God Who commands we “rescue those being taken to slaughter” (cf. Proverbs 24:11). It is the murder-protecting government officials and abortionists who “want” us to go to jail.

The innocent preborn want us to rescue them, the same as any other human being about to be poisoned or dismembered alive.

When unjust temporal powers throw us in prison for peacefully protecting the least of God’s children, the witness of truth continues.

A noted Catholic author, who wrote about rescue in the 80s, explained that when rescuers are unjustly sentenced to jail, “no in-utero children made in God’s image are killed — anywhere — without this public witness to their value, before man, and before His God.”

The witness to truth, the sacrifices of love, the rescue itself continues into prison as we share in some small measure with the deadly persecution suffered by our preborn brothers and sisters.

We may lose our freedom for a time, but they lose everything.

St. Josemaría Escriva said that our human life “is but a small thing for making reparation to Almighty God for sin.” This means our life sacrifices are but small acts of love for the All-Holy God, including our sacrificial love for human persons that are being destroyed with reckless abandon.

Being sent to federal prison by an evil government is actually an undeserved (and undesired) blessing. May God help us in our sustained witness to His Truth.

Following our respective sentencing hearings, my attorney has explained that U.S. Marshals can come to my current “detention center” in Virginia and snatch me up at any time, unannounced, to take me off to a federal prison without even telling me where I am going. We will each find out only after arriving at the final destination.

I offer three parting requests to my fellow pro-lifers:

  1. Please pray for all imprisoned rescuers to remain faithful to Christ the King.
  2. Please pray for their family, including spouses, parents, children, grandchildren and siblings.
  3. Please donate to the Thomas More Society and LifeSiteNews.

My deep thanks to everyone for their generous love, Christian solidarity, and ongoing prayers for us.

I offer an even more profound and emphatic “thank you!” to everyone who is working to help moms/dads and preborn babies in danger, and therefore aid in ending this horrific global holocaust of innocents.

I will be praying for each one of you from inside our prison “monastery of hard knocks” that you may hear the call of Almighty God to “rescue those being taken to their death” (Proverbs 24:11).

+Viva Cristo Rey!

Will Goodman (day #270)


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