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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets Pope Francis Justin Trudeau / Twitter

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(LifeSiteNews) — With Pope Francis scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau next week as part of the papal visit to Canada’s Indigenous communities, one cannot help but notice the eerie similarities between the two globally-minded leaders.  

Historically, Catholics would rejoice if their political leader shared a vision for the world with the Pope, but unfortunately, the situation with Francis and Trudeau engenders the opposite sentiment.  

Whether it is the promotion of the abortion-tainted COVID injections, the ties to globalist organizations, or their radical “solutions” to the so-called climate crisis, many Canadian Catholics are left wondering: If Trudeau does not seem to serve Canadians, and Francis does not seem to serve Christ and His Church, who or what are these men serving?  

While it may be an uncomfortable truth, with the sheer volume of overlap between a pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, religiously indifferent secular humanist politician, and the Pope, one can only assume the same globalist superstructure is pulling the strings of them both. 

Climate Change


  • In 2016, Pope Francis endorsed the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations’ Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs), a radical set of new environmental targets that include the promotion of both contraception and abortion for the purported purpose of “family planning.” 
  • In 2020, Francis launched a new partnership between the Vatican’s Global Pact for Education and the UN’s Mission 4.7, and hosted a symposium with the goal of “instilling” the SDGs, the pro-abortion Paris Climate Agreement, and the Pope’s encyclicals Fratelli tutti and Laudato si’. 
  • Also in 2020, Francis called “for a change of direction,” pledging to reduce the Vatican to “zero” carbon emissions by 2050. 
  • In July of this year, Francis penned a letter to the EU Youth Conference in Prague in which he encouraged young people to “eat less meat” for the purposes of aiding the climate. 


  • In 2015, Trudeau also adopted the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which includes the proliferation of contraceptives and abortion throughout the world. 
  • In 2016, the Prime Minister signed the pro-abortion Paris Climate Agreement.  
  • In late 2020, the Liberal leader unveiled his Strengthened Climate Plan, which includes legislation entitled the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act and, much like the Vatican, commits Canada to the goal of “zero” carbon emissions.  
  • Also in 2020, Trudeau’s government invested a whopping $100 million dollars in vegan “meat.” 

 The Great Reset of Capitalism 


  • In 2019, Francis made a speech advocating for globalist world practices, calling for “globalization to be beneficial for all.” In the speech, Francis added that “there is need for a special legally constituted authority capable of facilitating its implementation.” 
  • In 2020, Francis joined forces with major global corporations to promote a new “economic system” of capitalism based on the UN’s SDGs. 
  • Also in 2020, Francis used the phrase “build back better,” the slogan that has become synonymous with globalist polices to “push the reset button” on the global economy. 
  • Earlier this year, Francis sent a Vatican official to the World Economic Forum – the group behind the “Great Reset Agenda” – who stated that the Catholic Church under Francis intends to “implement policies and programs to put into practice the issues considered by the forum.” 


  • Speaking to the UN, Trudeau openly stated that “This [COVID] pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.” 
  • In 2017, WEF chairman Klaus Schwab bragged that his organization has “penetrated” Trudeau’s cabinet in order to push the group’s globalist agenda – which has suggested that everyone will “own nothing” and “be happy” by 2030 – on unsuspecting Canadians.  
  • Trudeau’s Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland – who along with Trudeau is herself a WEF member – has permanently expanded the scope of government involvement in the tracking and monitoring of the private financial transactions of Canadians.  



  • Francis consistently promoted the experimental COVID-19 injections despite their abortion-tainted nature. 
  • Francis implemented a vaccine passport system for all those visiting the Vatican during the COVID-era, despite many faithful Catholics making the personal determination of conscience that the shots’ connection to abortion prohibited them from taking the jab. 
  • Francis also enforced vaccine mandates for all Vatican employees, including the Swiss Pontifical Guards. 


  • Trudeau supported the imposition of vaccine passports in every province in Canada, leaving millions without access to restaurants, bars, sporting venues, and other public facilities. 
  • Trudeau imposed a nationwide vaccine mandate for all those travelling by air or train, even after it was definitively proven that the COVID vaccines do not prevent transmission or infection of the highly-survivable virus. 
  • Trudeau enforced a vaccine mandate for all federal employees, including the national police force and members of the Canadian Armed Forces.  



  • Despite a litany of human rights abuses, including the religious persecution of Catholics and the genocide of Uyghur Muslims, Francis struck and then renewed a secret deal with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) allegedly regarding the appointment of Catholic bishops in the totalitarian state.  
  • Francis has held back on publicly supporting CCP critic Cardinal Joseph Zen, even when he was arrested and charged by Chinese police for opposing the nation’s religiously oppressive regime.  


  • Trudeau’s government refused to vote in favor of calling the CCP’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims a genocide despite credible evidence that the communist regime forces Uyghur women to undergo sterilization and have abortions for the purposes of reducing the ethno-religious minority group.  
  • Trudeau has praised the actions of China’s communist government while ignoring their organ-harvesting program, inhumane restrictions on the number of children allowed per family,
  • and the outright totalitarian nature of the nation’s social credit system.  

When reading the many endeavors undertaken by the Francis pontificate, one almost forgets he is meant to be the Vicar of Christ, whose primary concern is the salvation of souls. In similar fashion, when listening to Trudeau’s endless dictates, it becomes nearly incomprehensible that he is the country’s “elected representative.” 

For time immemorial, Catholics have turned to the Church when the broader cultural, political and social landscape veers towards a complete rejection of God. Now that it seems the Pope himself has personally decided to usurp the Church’s true mission in favor of secular humanist hegemony, in alignment with the global political overlords, the only coherent plea left for a Canadian Catholic to utter seems to be: May God save our country and save our Church.