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February 19, 2019 (Real Women of Canada) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his government will be returning to active duty its previous weapon to bring about politically correct “progressive” laws. The weapon is the notorious Court Challenges Program (CCP), initially established in 1978 by his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

This objectionable program was disbanded by two different Conservative governments but has been resurrected again.

The purpose of this program is to give grants to left wing “progressive” activist groups to assist them in bringing legal challenges on controversial laws so that judges can obligingly make favourable decisions. This avoids the Liberals having the changes debated and voted on in Parliament. That is, Liberal politicians prefer to wait for judges to make “progressive” laws, rather than working to build consensus on controversial issues. It is a back door way for the Liberals to force policy changes they want, without political risk.

An example of this tactic occurred in the physician-assisted suicide case (the Carter case) when the litigants received funding to bring a challenge to the Criminal Code provision prohibiting euthanasia (assisting in the death of another person). The subsequent court decision allowed the Liberals to say that the court forced their hand.

Currently, the legal arm of the feminist organization, the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF), has received government funding to intervene in a case before the Ontario Court of Appeal. This case was brought by Christian doctors, who oppose a policy requiring them, contrary to their consciences, to refer patients for an abortion or assisted suicide. LEAF has received funding in the past from the CCP, for 140 separate cases, on a multitude of issues that most women viewed as extreme and unreasonable, in that arguments were based on extremist, feminist ideology. These court decisions did not actually benefit “women” but, rather, benefitted and promoted the feminist lobby. The views of LEAF are merely a single thread among the many threads that make up the fabric of women's views in Canada. The CCP is a travesty of the equality and justice which it is supposed to represent.

In addition, LEAF was also recently awarded $880,000 by the Department for Women and Gender Equality, (WAGE, formerly Status of Women), to develop, over five years, a plan for “strategic litigation” to assess with feminist groups and other stakeholders, “intersectional gender equality issues that can be effectively addressed through feminist strategic litigation”. In short, this money is a pathway, with no strings attached, paid by the taxpayers, to challenge any law the feminists decide they do not like. The Liberals, of course, will happily enforce any court decisions once judges have done their job of cutting out any remnants of laws that have been based on Judeo-Christian principles. Of course, the Liberals claim that the only purpose of the CCP is to assist the poor and disadvantaged, to allow them to have a level playing field before the courts. This is pure rubbish.

One thing is certain, REAL Women knows that there is no possibility that any application it makes for funding will ever be approved by the CCP. We have experienced rejection from the program in the past. We can safely predict that only left-wing organizations, such as LEAF, homosexual groups, and others will be funded under this program.

Trudeau is steadily increasing our national debt, now at $667 billion, by allocating taxpayers' money to left-wing organizations, to ensure that Canada is changed to match his own values. He is devoid of any fiscal or common sense. He sees only his own image, as a modern progressive leader, and believes that this is all that is needed to mold the world to his limited vision.

Published with permission from Real Women of Canada.