May 22, 2014 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Justin Trudeau has a face that belongs in Hollywood. It’s almost surreal watching him talk on TV, because it makes the 6 o’clock news look like it has been usurped by the trailer of some low-budget political parody. His interviews used to make me chuckle, but ever since he came out with his abortion hardline, the fun has all drained out. Now I stare at him and wonder: is this pretty face, this seemingly genteel visage, the face of the first truly dogmatic and antidemocratic future leader of Canada?


It didn’t take long for the greenhorn to grow his horns. Now that he has so brazenly demonstrated his dictatorial tendencies, barely a year into his stint as leader of the Liberal Party, it gives me pause to think of the policies he would enact as Prime Minister. One thing is clear as day: with Trudeau Jr. in the PM’s chair, Canada would no longer have a legal vacuum regarding abortion. Instead, abortion on demand would surely be legally enshrined as a woman’s right. In Trudeau’s opinion, this right belongs in the Charter (though it is not actually there).

Abortion is one thing. But what concerns me still more is the attitude, because that reaches much farther still. With his radically intolerant stance towards those who support limiting abortion (and that includes a large percentage of Canadians), he reveals a presumptuous certitude that his own moral views are the only ones acceptable in our society. The other side of the issue, it seems, is not even worthy of debate – it should be banished altogether, quite literally.

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If we elect a Prime Minister with that kind of outlook, good luck to our democracy. We are already teetering at a precarious ethical crossroads in our society, with heated debates happening on various moral issues from the use of reproductive technologies to euthanasia and assisted suicide, and the last thing we need is a leader with absolutist tendencies who will make quick work of the whole nuanced discussion about truth and justice and human rights, simply by forcing through his side of the question and debilitating dissenters.

As odious as it is, Trudeau’s pompous act of intolerance may have had one benefit – teaching voters their lesson. Now that Justin has blown his cover, we might be more discerning in the voting booths. And here’s crossing my fingers, that his is not the face of the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Lea Singh writes from Ottawa and blogs at https://leazsingh.blogspot.ca/. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Dartmouth College, and previously worked in a New York law firm before joining nonprofit organizations to defend the worth and dignity of human life and the natural family, both at the United Nations and in Canada’s capital.  She is currently employed full time as the homeschooling mother of three young children.