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July 18, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – On Monday, the new P.C. Minister of Education Lisa Thompson, in her first ever opportunity to answer a question as a minister in the Question Period in the Ontario Legislature, offered a “clarification” on the Ford government's much-advertised “repeal” of the Wynne sex ed.

Are you sitting down?

Here's a direct quote:

THOMPSON: … I would like to share with you today that, contrary to what was reported last week, we are going to stand firmly in support of students and the realities they face in 2018.  We know they need to learn about consent. We know they need to learn about “cyber-safety”. We know they need to learn about “gender-identity” and appreciation.

Gender identity? Gender “appreciation”?

What part of “repeal” does Minister Thompson not understand?

Minister Thompson: REPEAL means REPEAL. Or, in terms that even Patrick Brown would understand: REPEAL means SCRAP.

To see the video from the Legislature yourself, please click here, or click the image below.  

Remember, it was Kathleen Wynne's culturally insensitive sex ed curriculum which first introduced gender identity to young children.

What do they mean when they say “gender identity”?

In short, the theory goes something like this: sure, there are only two “biological” sexes, male and female, but there many “genders” and these genders are “socially constructed” and there are many – potentially dozens – of genders.

But according to sensible Dr. Debra Soh, in an op-ed titled “Ontario's sex ed backlash isn't about children's safety” that appeared yesterday in The Globe and Mail:

I, too, was once a vocal supporter of the updated sex ed curriculum, but watching how its unscientific claims about gender identity have spread so prevalently has dampened my enthusiasm. The curriculum promotes the idea that there are more than two genders and that gender identity is socially constructed.

The fact that few people have pointed out how these teachings aren't based in science should raise a red flag in parents' minds.

According to one survey, less than 1 per cent of people in the United States identify as transgender. That means for over 99 per cent of us, our biological sex is our gender.

A curriculum that teaches gender fluidity is misleading and will impair a child's ability to have an accurate understanding of the world.

This controversial, unscientific “gender theory” is one of the very worst aspects of the Wynne sex ed.  When Ontario parents say they want a “repeal” of the Wynne sex ed curriculum, they most certainly have “gender theory” top of mind.

What did Doug Ford mean when he said “repeal”? I can't believe that Doug Ford really intended to keep Wynne's gender theory!

If Premier Ford and Minister Thompson truly want to repeal the Wynne sex ed, why would Thompson – in her very first Question Period – insist that children are still going to learn about the unscientific gender theory? Why does Minister Thompson insist on teaching the twisted Kathleen Wynne social studies as a part of Ontario sex ed?

This is a direct departure from last week's announcement of a “repeal”.

Minister Thompson: Please clarify – will children be forced to learn gender identity theory this fall or not?

Premier Doug Ford: Does “repeal” still mean “repeal”? Or are you pulling a “Patrick Brown”?


Please contact the premier and Minister Thompson and other members of the Cabinet and ask them to recognize that, when it comes to Doug Ford's promise to “repeal” the Wynne sex ed, REPEAL MEANS REPEAL! No unscientific, harmful gender identity theory!

If you send an email, please forward me a copy, or simply “BCC” me at [email protected]. And let me know if you receive a reply email. If you call their offices, let me know you have done so and let me know me what they tell you on the telephone.

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