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Ann Furedi

August 16, 2017 (SPUC) — ITV's Loose Women isn't known for being the most socially conservative show on television. However, the panelists couldn't hide their shock at the extreme proposals advocated by Ann Furedi, who was a guest on the show.

“Necessary family planning”

The head of bpas, the largest abortion provider in the country, was on the show reiterating her views that abortion is a necessary backup to contraception and that the current 24-week limit on abortion should be removed.

Panelist Gloria Hunniford interrupted Ms. Furedi almost instantly, pointing out that promoting abortion as a form of family planning is “sending out a message to young people that it doesn't matter if you get pregnant, as you can have an abortion,” an idea she branded “shocking.”

Abortion up to birth

All of the Loose Women were visibly uncomfortable with the suggestion that abortion should be allowed up to birth, which would happen if abortion were to be decriminalized. Gloria Hunniford spoke about her step-granddaughter, who despite being born at just over 24 weeks and given a poor prognosis, is now “a strapping young woman, and a nurse.” “You're never going to persuade me that a baby in that 24-25 week period isn't a lovely little person,” she concluded.

Ms. Furedi's views were all the more chilling because she referred to “the baby” throughout, and admitted that a woman who is 24 weeks' pregnant can feel the baby moving in her body. She also scoffed at the idea that the system she was suggesting would be abused — before saying that the current law is already abused.

… and to target baby girls

Actress Denise Van Outen then challenged Ms. Furedi on whether abortion was acceptable on the grounds of gender — and was visibly upset with the answer that it's “always down to the woman.”

In light of these extreme views, the question springs to mind — should the NHS be paying this organization to perform abortions?