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Jeremy Williamson

June 24, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Four years ago, when I was running for school board in Medicine Hat, I had the roughest year of my life. I was under extreme pressure, fresh out of a legal battle with the school board over the implementation of transgender policies that put girls at risk. I was getting death threats and threats of assault.

As if that were not enough, a member of my inner circle turned on me, and spread lies about me. I was being threatened with financial ruin. While I had my supporters, I was still a lone wolf in a sea of left-wing politicians and media.

There were many days I felt alone fighting Goliath.

That is when a now-good friend of mine asked, “Have you heard of LifeSite?” He shared with me my first LifeSiteNews article, and I realized I was not alone. Over the next few years, I shared many articles from LifeSite, befriended some of their reporters, and encouraged others to read LifeSite. As a result, several friends and family members have been encouraged by LifeSite’s reporting.

Then I found out that LifeSite was hiring, and they were looking for someone with my exact skill set. I jumped at the chance and was hired. It has been an exciting and invigorating experience. It has been fantastic working with an organization that is willing to speak the truth no matter the cost.

And I’m not the only one who has benefited from LifeSite’s integrity and truth telling. I've had random encounters with people from all over Alberta who have had similar experiences. One encounter with an elderly woman comes to mind. (I know she will read this, and hope she knows that she made my day and brought me such happiness.)

I was in my local grocery store without a mask. That lovely woman sought me out from across the store, and asked me if I ever wore a mask. I was a bit worried, as I’ve had unpleasant encounters over my not wearing a mask. I told her no, I don’t wear a mask. I explained my reasons, and let her know that she could find true and reliable information on LifeSiteNews about masks, COVID-19 treatments, and vaccines. I mentioned I’m a little biased, because I work for LifeSite.

Her face immediately lit up, and I could tell she was smiling under her mask. She excitedly told me that she reads LifeSiteNews! We had a very good chat in the aisle of the supermarket. She ended up telling me that she was done complying with the COVID regime and was going to get rid of her masks. I had given her the encouragement she needed.

For me it is encounters like that, and the people I meet who are uplifted by LifeSite, that let me know that God is working through our pro-life, pro-freedom reporting.

And you can play an important role in empowering LifeSite to continue to report on the truth by supporting our mission. As a reader-funded organization, its folks like you and me that keep the lights on for LifeSite, both literally and figuratively!

If you feel called to stand alongside us in this breach, as we daily fend off the deluge of anti-life and anti-family efforts to dismantle Western Civilization…all it takes is a small gift of any amount to be counted among our giving family and to make an impact in the world.

And perhaps your circumstances allow you to consider becoming a monthly supporter (we call these folks Sustainers) and allow us to continue our reporting 365 days a year. Please use this secure link to join us today: give.lifesitenews.com/standinthebreach.