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June 29, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A new high-quality documentary exposes multiple levels of scientific falsehoods behind so-called mitigation measures for COVID-19.

Produced by Catholic apologist Mark Mallett, a blogger at Countdown to the Kingdom, the title of the documentary is Following the Science? According to the written introduction, “Everyone from clergy to politicians have repeatedly said we must ‘follow the science.’ But have lockdowns, PCR testing, social distancing, masking, and ‘vaccination’ actually been following the science?”

The film provides information on these serious topics in an engaging and sometimes even fun and humorous way, to provide the viewer with some levity. It continually “cites renowned immunologists, virologists, microbiologists and others who are experts in the treatment and care of individuals,” as Mallett explains, indicating that the path our governments have put us on “may not be ‘following the science’ at all … but a path to unspeakable sorrows.”

Reviews include, “Prize winning journalism. Wow, absolutely outstanding!,” “Masterfully done!” and “Powerful! Moving!”