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1 June, 2021 (American Thinker) – It's a little late, but according to the Daily Mail, the media are finally admitting it:

Liberal media reporters and pundits admitted over the weekend they were wrong to dismiss the Wuhan lab leak theory just because it was espoused by former President Donald Trump.

Mainstream reporters had pushed back at the idea that COVID-19 may have originated in a virology lab in Wuhan, China, and openly ridiculed the idea as Trump spoke openly about it in the early days of the pandemic. 

But now, those same reporters have admitted that it is possible that the virus came from a lab leak — as more scientists and political officials openly question the virus' origins.

'I think a lot of people have egg on their face,' ABC News' Jon Karl told Martha Raddatz Sunday morning.

That makes them look kind of stupid, more stupid than they realize, given that people have known about this for months, and long suspected it was happening.  Those who stated early that it may well have been lab-created had been dismissed by this bunch as conspiracy nuts.

The reporters and commentators who did this weren't reporting news; they were advancing a political “narrative,” acting like the 27-year-old reporters who know “nothing,” as Obama-era spinmeister Ben Rhodes once contemptuously said of them.  They were boobs in the service of charlatans, and yes, they do have egg all over their faces.  They can wear that as a badge of honor in the service of Democrats and show it to all their crummy little friends.

The whole COVID fiasco has been an amazing string of bad reporting revolving around the press's crazed desire to Get Trump.

The press lied about the Chinese origin of the virus, using it as bait to hammer home on television screen after television screen that the president was a racist.  The cover-up of the origins of this virus was useful indeed for that agenda, but the truth went untold.  They even allowed a killer clown like New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo to claim that the virus emerged from Europe.  That, too, was a lie, and nobody called him on it.

Speaking of Cuomo, who the heck among this bunch exposed Cuomo, and four other leftist governors, for seeding nursing homes with COVID patients, the most insane and lethal move in the entire pandemic?  That government-mandated atrocity killed tens of thousands and was characterized by unusual cruelty.  Loved ones were prevented from seeing their elders even in their last moments, forcing them to die alone, to somehow “protect” them, yet untested hospital patients from COVID wards were let in, ostensibly on non-discrimination grounds, all to cough, wheeze, and breathe all over the most COVID-vulnerable people on the planet.  Only the New York Post kept on this story and got to the bottom of it.  If it weren't for the Post, Cuomo would have gotten away with it and gone on to more fawning media and millions more in book deals.  Today, he stands exposed as an ogre.

There was continuous nonsense about masks — don't wear one, wear one, why isn't Trump wearing a mask?  Wear two of them, wear one, masks don't do much.  That was the latest word from a study in Sweden, and it shows the extent to which the press just followed Fauci, the sorry National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director, glowingly described, again and again, as America's foremost expert on infectious diseases, despite spending much of his career as a medical bureaucrat, ignoring the real experts who know about these things, and whose research is reflected accordingly.  A couple of them in Kentucky found that mask mandates did nothing to slow the spread of COVID during high-transmission periods.  They used actual evidence on the scientific method, based on states with and without mask mandates.

And speaking of experts who know what they are talking about, let's get into the media's treatment of Dr. Scott Atlas, M.D., a Stanford neuroradiologist and President Trump's late-appointed COVID czar, who was continuously demonized for stating the basic facts about how human immunity works, including the uselessness of lockdowns and mask mandates.  He was continuously reported to be a nut because he followed science rather than the politically motivated Get Trump agendas of the CDC and the NIAID of Fauci.  Nobody in the press bothered to look for the truth.

The press also lied about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as effective treatments for COVID, some really big lies, which cost untold lives as sick patients were denied this treatment, all to Get Trump.  As I wrote here on May 5, 2020:

When President Trump brought up hydroxychloroquine as a promising potential treatment for COVID-19, a huge upsurge of negative political publicity followed from it.  It was strange stuff, because up until then, the treatment, which had been safely used to treat malaria, lupus, and arthritis, had been seeing promising results for COVID-19, too.  Yet the condemnations from all sides poured for weeks.  It wasn't just the political establishment blasting it; it seemed to be the medical establishment, too.  That raises questions as to whether financial interests might be involved here.

It started with the press engaging in its customary contrarianism against Trump when he called the treatment “promising.”  The logic was simple: If Trump liked it, then it had to be bad.

How's this for a slanted headline and report from NPR, which ran on April 10?

COVID-19 Patients Given Unproven Drug In Texas Nursing Home In 'Disconcerting' Move

Last night, the real story was obtained by Fox News host Laura Ingraham, and it's quite a different picture.  It isn't out on YouTube yet, so I will describe it:

A Galveston-area doctor, Dr. Robin Armstrong, who was in charge of a nursing home, found himself in the middle of the worst health care nightmare anyone can imagine: a COVID-19 outbreak, on a home full of elderly people, and he was in charge.  Odds were big they were going to die.  We already know what the coronavirus did to a nursing home in Washington State, and we have subsequently learned what inserting COVID-19 patients into unwilling nursing homes in New York City did to those populations.  Coronavirus + Nursing Home = Death Sentence.  That was what he was looking at.  In desperation, the Texas doctor decided to treat his threatened patients with hydroxychloroquine in a last-ditch effort to save them…and he called it right.  Unlike those other places, his patients got well.  His informed judgment saved the lives of a building full of nursing home patients, and he reported no bad side-effects such as heart problems brought on by the treatment.  He would have been justified to take such risks because his treatment was triage, and the alternative was the death sentence.  But there wasn't even that.  His patients lived, they regained their fragile health, and there were no stacked bodies or chaotic medical scenes in his part of Texas on his watch. 

That's frankly a story of heroism, and the brilliant medical man should be celebrated for the huge number of lives he saved.

Instead, all he got were trashy stories with scare headlines like NPR's, painting him as some kind of evildoer.  Bad medicine, unproven treatment, everybody get scared.

It was worse than just this with hydroxychloroquine — people were demonized for saying it had worked for them.  A young black legislator in Michigan who said she was cured of COVID through its use, asking for it after hearing about it from President Trump, was met with a Democrat threat to expel her from the party.

Doctors who advocated for it, such as Dr. Stella Immanuel, who treated 350 patients with it and saved all of them, were censored on Facebook and other Democrat organs.  

Chris Cuomo, incidentally, was someone she accused of getting the treatment himself while loudly claiming that it did not work, a pretty potent indicator of media bias if true, and even if not true, a pretty significant indicator of culpable ignorance.

As I wrote here last July:

Immanuel, whose passionate testimony beginning at about the 5:30 point of the UGE video said that she herself treated 350 COVID patients with HCQ, same as doctors in Asia, Africa and Europe do, and not one died. Her described bedside manner, telling patients 'you're not going to die' must have been immensely assuring to many a patient with a terrifying diagnosis associated with so much death, based on her sureness of knowledge. And she's got science on her side. Just three weeks ago, a huge medical study confirmed HCQ's efficacy. A previous “study” by the famed British medical journal Lancet debunking HCQ got retracted because it was found to be junk. Aside from the studies, these doctors spoke from their own medical experience, the things they saw with their own eyes on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic, and sought to tell of.

And for that, they got censored. YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook removed all evidence of their testimony from their sites, leaving only smaller sites with the evidence they gave, effectively silencing them.

Things were just as bad for those who tried to speak the truth about ivermectin and its efficacy.  Two days ago, American Thinker editor-in-chief Thomas Lifson wrote about how India destroyed its runaway COVID problem by making this vital medicine easily available.  Instead of keeping patients on ventilators for weeks in the hospital and letting the patients flood in, overwhelming the system, ivermectin was given out, and people got well.  When Trump was in office, the media demonized the treatment.  When Trump was out, a New York Times big shot admitted that it was the most important story of the year, which it pretty well is.  That's right: the press ignored the biggest story of the year because, in its mind, Getting Trump was the most important narrative of the year.

There are probably a lot of lies I am forgetting in this, but that's because COVID has been a miasma of lies, ending with Joe Biden claiming credit for the vaccine development when it was President Trump who deserves that honor. 

It's disgusting.  The media may have gotten what they wanted in its continuous smog of false stories, debunkings, ignorings, and lies to Get Trump, but it's done so at a steep price: its credibility.  It lied about all sorts of things to this end — from the Russia collusion hoax to the continuous evidence-free claims that there's no such thing as election fraud, with the corollary claim that any move to stop election fraud is Jim Crow–style voter suppression.

It's crap, and there's no reason to believe them when they make such claims, given their record.  In time, with audits going on, the truth will come out.  Then it will be time for another round of egg on their faces, and it lingers ugly.  How much egg must they get before people stop paying attention entirely?

Correction: Fauci runs the NIAID, not the NIH.  

Published with permission from the American Thinker.