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SAGINAW, Michigan (LifeSiteNews) — A Michigan bishop who triggered dissident, left-wing Catholics on social media after saying that U.S. President Joe Biden is “stupid” and “not living the life Jesus wants for him” has issued a needless clarification of his remarks.

Bishop Robert Gruss of Saginaw, Michigan, published what some are calling an apology last Friday after chastising Biden in a talk he gave on April 5 titled “Forgiveness as the Heart of Christianity.” 

“I used the word ‘stupid’ in reference to President Biden, recognizing that it was poor judgment in my choice of words. It was not meant to be disparaging, and I apologize. I will continue to pray for the president and all political leaders, that they may seek and be guided by the Spirit of Truth,” His Excellency said on April 20. 

Gruss’ initial remarks were made during a First Friday of the month gathering at the Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption a little over two weeks ago. Honoring First Fridays is a Catholic devotion to Jesus’ Sacred Heart. The practice began in the 17th century after St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a French nun, experienced multiple visions of Our Lord.  

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In his April 5 speech, which lasted nearly an hour and focused on forgiveness, Gruss said that while Biden “professes” to be Catholic, he’s actually quite ignorant of what that entails.  

“It’s not stupidity in the derogatory way, it’s stupidity in the sense of […] he doesn’t know, he doesn’t understand the Catholic faith,” the prelate explained. 

“I’m not angry at him. I feel sorry for him,” he added. “That’s different. He doesn’t control my life… I’m sad for him because he’s not living the life Jesus wants for him… his life could be so much more.” 

For plainly speaking the truth about Biden, a man who has supported and funded abortion for decades, has presided over several homosexual “weddings,” and has aggressively pushed LGBT ideology during his time at the White House, Gruss won the ire of heretical media outlet National Catholic Reporter, as well as left-wing papal interpreter in chief Rich Raho. 

“It’s disrespectful to call the president of the United States stupid,” pro-LGBT Jesuit Thomas Reese told the Reporter. 

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The Bishops of the U.S. are further dividing an already polarized nation,” Raho, one of Francis’ biggest cheerleaders, posted on X last week Thursday. “Gruss should issue a full-fledged apology and retraction of these totally uncalled for remarks.” 

However, a close examination of the bishop’s remarks reveals he did nothing wrong. 

“If you’re harboring bad, negative, resentful feelings towards our president, you’re not free,” he said in the speech. “The Lord is inviting you to forgive him.” 

“Anger is like a ball and chain… ask the Lord to forgive [Joe Biden]… I don’t have any anger towards the president. I feel sorry for him.” 

Tridentine Brewing founder Trevor Alcorn was one of many X users who pushed back against Raho’s petulant complaint. 

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“How many times have you called out what Biden has done to the unborn, Rich? Yet here you are calling out Bishop Gruss for accurately categorizing Biden. In fact, that is a very charitable view by the bishop.” 

X user Father Paul Atreides similarly accused the Reporter of leaving out of its article Gruss’ remarks about forgiveness and praying for Biden. 

“The NCR would rather portray this like a MAGA rant than like an off the cuff, off-script remark in the midst of a very edifying whole,” he said.  

Catholic Fred Simon wryly commented that Gruss may receive an apostolic visit soon. 

Given the intensity of Joe Biden’s attacks on the Catholic faith in recent years, it is incumbent upon U.S. prelates like Gruss – who has laudably been using his X account to call out Biden as of late – to continue to do so. And not only that, but to never cave to critics on the Catholic left who are essentially acting as surrogates for the Biden reelection campaign.


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