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February 18, 2021 (The American Mind) — Hard to believe, but I have a kid approaching driving age. He’s a wonderful boy, in every way. Devout, intelligent, and obsessed with basketball and video games, says his prayers every night before bed. Always reminds me to do penance on Fridays if I forget what day it is and eat meat (what day is this?). Anyway, the Catholic formation we attempted, albeit imperfectly, to impose on him took. It blossomed.

Our son is always dressed for sports practice. He asked for a new weight bench and plates for Christmas. He spent all of lockdown working out, just to make himself into a better basketball player. He measures himself every day and prays for more height. He is obviously, and very apparently, comfortable with all aspects of boyhood.

When it comes to his gender identity, the science is not only settled, but set in stone. You would have to be an imbecile not to see this instantly.

Or a pediatrician.

The Doctor Will Seize You Now

It started out as a normal annual checkup, until the pediatrician asked me to leave the room. I didn’t understand at first. “Why?” I asked. “There are some questions I need to ask him without you here.” “Like what?” “Oh, you know, about drugs and smoking.” I stared at her, my mind racing. I realized that if I refused, other issues would be raised. Red flags would be added to the chart. Why wouldn’t I want him to talk to a doctor? Was I hiding something? Did he have secrets I wanted kept secret? “Do I have to leave?” I asked, still stunned. “Yes, I need to ask him these things.” She stared at me not smiling. My longtime doctor who had always been attentive and kind, was suddenly swinging iron keys to my gulag cell while punching the number to Child Protective Services on her phone. 

Reader, I left. I lingered outside the door for a minute until a nurse ushered me into an empty storage room to wait, where I couldn’t eavesdrop. 

A few minutes later, the doctor slinked out and waved goodbye without a word. On the way to the car, the boy told me what happened. “She talked to me about drugs and alcohol. And she told me when I have sex to use a condom.” 

And finally, the kicker: “Then she asked me if I was comfortable with my gender.” 

Beware the Pedo-atrician

He thought the gender question was absurd and funny. But he was outraged about the condom question. “Mom, she told me to use birth control. Until I’m twenty-five! I’d be committing a mortal sin.” He’s so good. I don’t deserve him. I got angrier and angrier as we drove home. Here was this doctor my son had seen in person a total of five times in his life probing his most intimate secrets. Does the white coat magically melt away kids’ stranger danger and cause them to open up to middle-aged harridans holding clipboards? Guys, they really do want to separate you from your children and dictate their own agenda to them! It’s not just theoretical anymore. This time it’s personal. 

I realized too late that I don’t know anything about our doctor, I don’t know her beliefs or her politics, because it never occurred to me that a pediatrician visit would become political. 

How dare she decide to give a child an impromptu sex ed lesson without his parent’s permission. Would she recommend condoms to a young Muslim boy? Would she ask a Hasidic boy if he was comfortable with his gender? Condoms and premarital sex are literally against the Catholic religion. I realize many people think those edicts are dumb. Most people laugh at them and think we’re idiots to presume our children are actually chaste. “Kids are going to do it no matter what you say, you dumb religious fanatic.” Well guess what? Any rules that can help a child avoid catastrophic psychic damage are excellent rules and they work

Enjoy your daughter’s chronic chlamydia, years of heartbreak, and icing off all those genital warts before prom! I’ll be over here dandling my first grandchild on my knee in ten years.

Isn’t a pediatrician’s entire mission in life to keep kids healthy?  Do these nutty MDs really think it would be good and healthy for a ninth grader to be having sex? With other ninth graders? What about with eighth graders? Is an active sex life something they recommend for children, along with eating vegetables and using a car seat and wearing sunscreen? 

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Boycott American Girl: Tell Mattel to STOP pushing a lesbian storyline on children!
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Keep me updated via email on this petition and related issues.

Mattel, the California toy maker that created Barbie and is also the parent company of American Girl, has just released their "2021 Girl of the Year."

The popular "Girl of the Year" series features new characters whose lifelike dolls and storybook tales engage the imagination of young girls across the country and world.

But, this year, there's an insurmountable problem which is rightly causing fury among parents: the new "Girl of the Year," Kira Bailey, visits her "great-aunts", in Australia, who, we learn, are in a homosexual relationship, and who are "married" to each other.

This is totally unacceptable, and that's why we're asking you to JOIN this BOYCOTT of Mattel, until they pull this new "Girl of the Year" from the shelves.

Many parents are rightly infuriated. And, many have taken to social media to comment about the situation, focusing on the destruction of innocence and consent.

Indeed, there were no warning labels on any of this year's "Girl of the Year" material, advising parents of the contents. This meant that many children were already exposed to harmful, sexually-confusing material before their parents knew what was going on.

One reviewer on the series on Amazon wrote:

"Homosexuality is an inappropriate topic for a children’s book and I am very disappointed that it was woven so blatantly into the story line for Kira. This type of content should have been made clear in the advertising so that I as a parent could make an informed choice for my child. My daughter and I have read dozens of American Girl books and have always loved them and highly recommended them to friends. Before now, I have never had to worry about American Girl reading material being wholesome for my child. My daughter had no idea what a lesbian couple is and American Girl has cruelly taken away part of her innocence now that I’ve had to explain about that lifestyle. It goes against what I believe as a Christian and was not something I wanted my daughter to be exposed to at this early age. I am very, very disappointed in [American Girl] and will not purchase their products in the future."

Of course, while LifeSite does not believe that homosexual content is ever appropriate for a children's book, we completely agree with this mother's sentiments about Mattel having "cruelly taken away part of her [daughter's] innocence."

It seems clear that this move by Mattel is not a business decision, but a political decision. In fact, this move seems expressly designed to appeal to adults who support a radical sexual ideology.

But, it is not Mattel's role - as a toy-maker - to enter into this delicate area of sexual and moral ethics.

However, because Mattel has chosen to pursue this dangerous political decision over the best interests of children, we are calling on parents to boycott Mattel until they pull Kira Bailey from the shelves.

Thank you for JOINING this boycott, and thank you for SHARING this important petition with your like-minded family, friends and colleagues.


'New American Girl Doll Story Includes Characters In Same-Sex Relationship, Parents Furious' - https://elizabethjohnston.org/new-american-girl-doll-story-includes-characters-in-same-sex-relationship-parents-furious

**Photo Credit: Screen Capture from YouTube

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Call me old-fashioned but giving a child hot tips on how to make the most of their sex life—and doing it in a room alone with the kid after kicking the parent out—sounds like grooming.

They already teach kids how to use sex toys and more in our American middle schools, so I shouldn’t have been shocked by this relatively benign doctor visit. Some evil genius will soon launch a line of sex toys designed and marketed specifically for children. Size XXS anal plugs, with the letters of the alphabet on them for educational purposes. Maybe David Hogg can produce these after his pillow triumph! 

Doctor Demented

A Harvard gender studies professor born before 1980 would insist that our doctor was correct not to assume my son was happy as a boy. To these starched shirts, stereotyping children based on superficial things like playing basketball is wrong, since girls like sports too. According to this type of ancient progressive, assuming that my son is male because of activities he enjoys, or his favorite color, is sexism.

But those were last week’s woke progressives, Grandpx! This week, the best way to diagnose transgenderism is to take a cursory glance at how a kid acts on a playground and boom, vee cut off your johnson!

This video illustrates this dangerous stupidity. At around 1:40, a man dressed like a woman tells his five-year-old daughter that she is actually a boy because she likes to run around and not sit still “like a girl.” He informs the little girl, who is visibly uncomfortable around her creepy father “that’s called being transgender.”

Oh, you’re a girl who likes running and being loud? You’re a boy now. You’re a boy who likes playing quietly with stuffed animals? Your new name is Justine, Justin. You like basketball and worship Steph Curry? You’re obviously a boy.

Our pediatrician was still using the more nuanced, third-wave-feminist method of digging deep into a child’s secret identity. But the 2021 trans detectives have now lowered the threshold. They’re casting a much wider net, with the obvious goal of entrapping more children. The more trans children generated by their machine, the more clout, influence, power, and fame accumulates to the trans lobby. But I suspect that the true reason they want to make your kids trans is because it somehow eases their psychic pain. They’re like vampires hunting and biting children, so they can have playthings for all eternity.

No matter what, they are coming for the kids. We had the doors locked, the windows battened down, the chimney flue sealed shut, but the brainworms still got inside the house. 

Fortunately there is a vaccine to the diseases inflicted on kids by a depraved culture and by their doctors. It’s painless, and there are no adverse side effects. Faith in God is the only thing that can stop them, I’m afraid. It’s corny, I know, but there is no other way, and it still might not be 100% effective. You can only fight great evil with something powerful enough to counter it. 

My son’s health was protected by this invisible and mighty force field. Parents, activate your force fields immediately, before it’s too late. 

And you might need a new doctor.

Published with permission from The American Mind.


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