October 26, 2012 (Bound4Life.com) – My heart broke as I read my friend’s status about a mother entering Planned Parenthood to get an abortion while leaving her child in the car to wait for her. The child waiting in the car looked to be about three or four years old.  One thought has consumed my mind since that moment: mothers are influential.

The disturbing deathly tide of abortion will turn when mothers use their influence to bring life.

When Jesus was at a wedding in Cana, His mother was there with Him. Mary called Jesus to tell Him that they did not have wine. She encouraged Him to perform His first miracle. The Son of God told her that it was not His time yet. Mary did not give up on her Son or on this moment. Her influence in the Gospel of John amazes me. Even after Jesus told her He was not ready and that His time had not yet come, she looked at the servants and told them to do whatever He said. It is not that Mary did not hear Jesus or understand Him – she recognized His greatness and her influence. She could have used her influence to send someone to buy what they needed, she could have given up her influence completely at the first sight of rejection when Jesus said no or when the task seemed impossible – but she used her influence instead to encourage her Son to perform a miracle.

I have read and heard of account after sad account of mothers forcing young daughters to abort their children out of fear or shame. Out of good intention, mothers want what is easiest for their children. They desire success and sometimes it seems like a child would only bring suffering and deter success. Remember, when Peter told Jesus not to go to the cross and not to suffer, Jesus said, “Get behind Me, satan.”  Did anyone else notice that Mary never begged Him not to go to the cross? She understood her role and her influence. She mourned for Him and stood by Him and then received her dead raised back to life again, but she never influenced Him to take what looked like an easy way out, and we have eternal life because He did not.



The influence of a mother is powerful. Consider how Adam named his wife. He called her, Eve which means life giver. Scripture calls Jesus the last Adam, which would make the church, His bride, the last Eve. We have the same name and the same purpose – to give life. We have influence and our influence is powerful. We cannot afford to be lazy or negatively, falsely protective. We have to use our influence to speak life and encourage miracles.

We must learn from Mary. We must be firm and influence miraculous life, no matter the cost or resistance. We must stand by our children and mourn when they suffer. We must receive our dead back to life again and end abortion by the influence we have. Our influence must be pure and life-giving always.

All of this influence seems like a heavy weight to carry. But we can rest in the knowledge that we do not carry the weight alone. We can rest in the knowledge that God designed and blessed the influence of mothers and the influence of the church. Submit today to His guidance and know that He is gentle and He always considers the young.

Isaiah 40:11 He shall feed his flock like a shepherd:  He shall gather the lambs with His arm, and carry them in His bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.

A mother has influence in almost every decision a child makes and every decision a mother makes has influence. Thankfully, she is not alone, He gently leads mothers. Even if it is difficult and met with resistance, I urge mothers today, I urge the church today, choose life no matter the cost. Your choice is influential and powerful. The reward is eternal.

Reprinted with permission from Bound4Life.com.