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(LifeSiteNews) — Unless there is an emergent COVID-19 variant that is lethal (more lethal that the very non-lethal Delta variant or any of the variants that preceded it), then I suggest the following as our immediate way forward:

1. No ‘one-size-fits all’ approach: use an age-risk stratified ‘focused’ protection approach, focusing only on those who are at risk. Leave the rest of society alone, especially our children.

2. Provide strong protections for the elderly, high-risk, and vulnerable people (those with underlying medical conditions, obese persons) in society. Double and triple protections in nursing homes, long-term care facilities, assisted-living facilities, care homes, and in private households. This is the core component of this plan, and if it is not done fully and completely, then the plan will not work. This plan includes stopping staff from infecting elderly in nursing homes as this was, and is, the source of the outbreaks in such group settings. This plan also directs that healthcare systems and hospitals be geared up and prepared; they have had 18 months to do and be so.

3. Make available early outpatient drug treatment (see the writings of McCullough, Zelenko, Risch, Fareed, Smith, Tyson, Oskoui, Merritt, Urso, Ladapo, Vliet, Kory, Alexander, Marik, Tenenbaum, Trozzi, Dara et al.) to everyone in society, under physician supervision. Allow physicians to exercise their best clinical judgements in how best to treat their patients, and cease threats of discipline and punitive actions if physicians use early sequenced multi-drug treatment (combinations of anti-virals, corticosteroids, and anti-thrombotic, anti-clotting drugs).

4. Publish urgent public service announcements (PSAs) on Vitamin D supplementation, on reducing obesity, and on the positive impact of healthy life-styles, nutrition, and exercise on reducing risk of becoming ill.

5. Inform the population that we are not all at equal risk of severe outcome or death if infected, such that there is a 1000-fold difference in risk between children and older adults. 16-year-old Suzie who is in good health does not have the same risk of illness as her 85-year-old grandmother who has 2 to 3 medical conditions.

6. No mass testing of asymptomatic people. There should be testing of only symptomatic, sick people, including where there is a strong clinical suspicion.

7. No isolation/quarantine of asymptomatic people. The should be isolation of only symptomatic, sick people, including where there is a strong clinical suspicion. There should be no isolation of asymptomatic people at borders.

8. There should be no mask mandates, no mask use in school children, and no mask use outdoors.

9. No school closures, no university closures.

10. No lockdowns whatsoever, and no business closures whatsoever. Open society fully immediately.

11. Allow the vast majority of society (the healthy, the young,  the ‘well’, and those with no underlying illnesses) to continue their daily lives as normal but with reasonable common-sense precautions.

12. No vaccinations for people under 70 years of age: they  are not needed and contra-indicated once there is no risk. No vaccinations for children as the vaccine offers no opportunity for benefit and only opportunity for potential harms. No vaccination of either pregnant women or women of child-bearing age. No vaccination of COVID recovered people (who have already cleared the virus and are now immune) or suspected COVID recovered people.

13. No vaccine passports, and no vaccine passport mandates.

14. Terminate the misguided reliance on the exceedingly rare asymptomatic spread, re-current infections, and the flawed, highly sensitive and ‘false-positive’ RT-PCR test. Immediately replace the dysfunctional PCR test or set the cycle count (Ct) threshold to 24 to denote positivity.  A positive test must be accompanied by a strong clinical suspicion whereby the patient has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 .

15. Cease the illogical, irrational, inaccurate, and nonsensical absurdity that COVID-19 vaccine immunity is superior to naturally acquired immunity. The science is clear that natural exposure immunity is broad, robust, durable, mature, long-lasting and similar to, if not way superior, to the narrow  and immature immunity conferred by the COVID vaccines.

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander is a research methodologist, evidence-based medicine specialist, former COVID pandemic advisor to Health and Human Services in the Trump administration, and a former COVID pandemic evidence synthesis advisor to WHO-PAHO, DC.

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