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Nicholas Baklinski, shown here cradling his newborn son, says the news of New Brunswick's decision to liberalize its abortion regulations, coming mere days after the birth of his child, has convicted him of the dire need to fight abortion.

Editor’s note: Nicholas Baklinski, son of LifeSiteNews journalist Ted Baklinski, writes about how the birth of his son, just days prior to New Brunswick announcing that it is changing its abortion regulations to make it easier for women, made him look at abortion in an entirely new light.

This past week my wife did an amazing job of birthing our little son into the world! What a wonderful joy it is to have such a fresh experience of new life, manifested so uniquely for parents within the first seconds and hours of a child being brought forth into the world. For my wife, the delivery of this new little healthy bundle of life was the fulfillment of a 37-week high-risk pregnancy, a pregnancy that always seemed to be an uphill battle from the start, with many mountains that seemed impossible to cross. His birth was, in short, a complete miracle for her, for us.

After arriving home from many days spent in the hospital, I was out driving to our local town on an errand and still much filled with the emotion of the past day’s events. I had just turned on the vehicle’s radio to CBC and the broadcaster was announcing the changes New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant was making to the province’s abortion regulations to “increase capacity” and “improve access.” The broadcaster droned on, saying the effect of this new bill would be that women would no longer need the customary two-doctor approval as well as a qualified specialist to perform an abortion.

My heart quite literally jumped in my chest and for a moment I felt sick. “What?” I asked myself, “What did I just hear?” For the first time in such a long time it hit me hard — and in a new way — what we humans are doing to so, so many of our beautiful children.

I turned off the radio and for a moment I just asked myself, “What are we doing? What are we allowing to happen?”

Deafening words rang out over and over in my head: “We’re killing them! We’re killing them! Our little girls and boys!”

The words would not stop echoing inside me. My hands gripped the steering wheel tighter as a fatherly urge seemed to flow through my body for the need to safeguard and protect my three little children from some unseen evil presence that was lurking and seeking to devour.

I was also stunned at how nonchalantly the broadcaster had just reported how women are being given a more streamlined way to kill their pre-born babies.

Then it hit me: “I have become so desensitized.” This disregard for the beauty of life has permeated our culture. It is something I have heard so constantly, everywhere, with slogans like: “Woman’s Choice!” “My Body, My Choice!” It seems to pour out from every faucet of media out there and it had worn down my sensitivity. Though I am completely opposed to this “Right to Choose” to destroy that which I now hold close and cuddle so tenderly, the urgency in me to “act” had been dulled in the busyness of my day-to-day life.

So, thank you to my new little son who brings to me so much life and joy, for reawakening this inner “urgency” to stand up for the right-to-life for all children.

I have a rekindled gratitude and want to say “thank you” to those who are in the streets, marketplaces, media, in jail, in prayer and fasting, and who relentlessly spend their time, energy, and finances for the cause of defending life. I have gratitude for those who are saying “YES” to life in their marriages and are sharing this gift of new life with the world. The birth of every new child is ultimately a sign of hope for a new springtime for the entire world.

What you are doing makes a difference and is so much needed. Please carry on.

Now is not the time to become complacent, but to rise up and take action against this dark force that is sweeping across our nation and destroying that which we hold so dear to our hearts, our little children! 

We mustn’t give up in this fight for the right of so many innocent ones, even if it appears to be an impassible mountain range, because yes, miracles do happen and my son is proof of it!

Nicholas Baklinski, a carpenter, writes from his home in Combermere, ON, where he lives with his wife Rhea and his three young children.