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Harrison Butker of the Kansas City Chiefs speaks to the media during Super Bowl LVIII Opening Night at Allegiant Stadium on February 5, 2024, in Las Vegas, NevadaPhoto by Chris Unger/Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) — Mel Gibson’s 2005 movie The Passion of the Christ was a worldwide phenomenon when it came out. It was detested by the mainstream media and Hollywood elites, but the more they hated it, the more the public hungered to see it. The night before its premiere, an unprecedented network special aired an interview with Gibson over the nuances of the film.

And the film lived up to its expectations. It broke box office records worldwide, and while it predictably was passed over for an Oscar, it has become a revered classic. Every step of the way, Gibson knew what would happen, warned Jim Caviezel before he was hired to play Christ, and Caviezel accepted the role. Flawed human being that he is, Gibson’s sincerity and skill were used by the unseen Powers to awaken the world.

Donald Trump, another flawed human being, also knows exactly what role he is fulfilling.

Check some of his more accurate quotes:

“They are not after me, they are after you. I just got in their way.”

“If I was not running for president again, none of this lawfare B-S would be happening.”

And now we have a new phenomenon whose impact is perhaps only beginning: three-time Super Bowl winning place kicker Harrison Butker of the Kansas City Chiefs. Unlike Trump and Gibson, he is a superb role model in his personal life, is filled with the joy of the grace of God, and is brimming over with it.

He did not seek to speak out, but when the opportunity came, he refused to refuse. Benedictine College is a formerly obscure, small, and traditional Catholic college on the banks of the Missouri River. It has been discovered by the new generation of young traditionalists within American Catholicism, a Catholicism that resists the insults of ignorance heaped upon it by not only the secular culture, but even the Pope.

However, both the Pope and the secular world are finding that it is bullet-proof.

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So, even Evangelicals are cheering Butker on. If you haven’t been paying attention, let us recount the story with some checkboxes:

  1. Harrison Butker was asked to give the commencement speech at Benedictine College. He extolled the virtues of Christian morality and worship, criticized the nominally Catholic U.S. president ­– and the silence of most of the bishops and priests. He made it clear that traditional motherhood, fatherhood, and families make people… happy!
  2. The liberal tabloids and commenters lost their minds, as expected.
  3. Kansas City, in its official “X” page of information, “doxxed” Butker, in the same way Supreme Court justices were shortly after the Dobbs decision, and for the same purpose.
  4. The city had the doxxing quickly withdrawn, using an apology with improper grammar.
  5. The mayor gave a predictably weak response, offering no promise of internal discipline.
  6. The attorney general of Missouri promises to investigate the city’s responsibility for this outrage.
  7. Butker’s jersey quickly became the #1 most popular for souvenirs, nationwide.
  8. The NFL defended its official “woke” policies and disowned Butker’s speech.
  9. The Missouri AG obliquely warned the NFL to leave Butker alone.
  10. A story by the Associated Press behind the ongoing tug-o-war in American Catholicism gave the controversy a long and surprisingly fair treatment. “Why Harrison Butker’s speech was embraced at Benedictine College’s commencement.”

This journalist, and a long list of others far more prominent, have long pointed out that we live in a society gone mad. It is not arguable. Everyone knows it. Abortion is evil, homosexuality deserves pity instead of pandering, you cannot change your gender, the 2020 election was stolen, Joe Biden is a doddering old man, the Deep State is actively betraying all that is good in our country, and the Pope fires any bishop – and through his hierarchy – any priest who speaks his mind about the Pope’s reckless toying with timeless truth.

Our economy is in shambles, the COVID crisis was indeed a “plandemic”… and the mainstream media is a shameless propaganda tool of all this madness, drugging a large segment of the population into feckless indifference.

But in a world that worships celebrity, it takes an athlete who has swum upstream against the cultural malaise to speak the truth, and at considerable risk. But when a man understands that his eternal destiny is all that matters, he becomes unconquerable.

The truth is its own reward, and people hunger for it. Remember, repentance is always possible while you live.