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Robert Kagan at the Institute of Peace Image courtesy of Blacklisted News

(LifeSiteNews) — The United States has again confirmed to the world its bellicose ideals, now ramping up war rhetoric against China over Taiwan.

The U.S. held the annual Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Wednesday, at which the Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said the Communist Party of China “represents both the leading and most consequential threat to U.S. national securty and leadership globally, and its intelligence-specific ambitions and capabilities make it for us our most serious and consequential intelligence rival.”

The past months have seen an escalation in war rhetoric from the neoconservative press, perhaps most pointedly in Thursday’s piece by The Economist, which not only states “America and China are preparing for a war over Taiwan,” but also seems to be convinced the U.S. would win it – because the Russians are losing in Ukraine:

America draws solace from Russia’s failures in Ukraine, believing they have increased Mr Xi’s doubts about his ability to take Taiwan.

How far are we then from reality? What is the reality of this situation?

The Economist advises that the U.S. must pour arms and concentrate its military power in the region to keep the peace, stating that “to preserve the precarious balance across the Taiwan Strait, America must act with exquisite skill. It needs to reinforce Mr Xi’s hesitation by strengthening itself, its allies and Taiwan, but not go so far that he thinks he must attack fast or give up on seizing Taiwan for ever.”

Si vis pacem, para bellum is an old saying and is often invoked as a wise maxim. “If you wish peace, prepare for war” is a fair idea in making realistic preparations for a credible defense. It is hard to reconcile the proposed escalation of tension in the region with any peaceful wish, however.

The problem faced by the neoconservative death cult which directs U.S. foreign policy was mentioned by Avril Haines herself: “It’s not our assessment that China wants to go to war.” This is a problem the neocons intend to overcome through the Ukraine strategy, which reduces to propaganda, regime change, heavy rearmament, and direct military support through the use of “advisors.”

It is a stratagem of provocation. Bloated obscenity Robert Kagan, neocon-in-chief and husband of regime changer Victoria “U.S. biolabs in Ukraine” Nuland, wrote in Foreign Affairs in June 2022 that “to insist that the invasion was entirely unprovoked is misleading.”

Kagan described the opposition to his factional policy of perpetual slaughter as bigoted in 2021:

That Americans refer to the relatively low-cost military involvements in Afghanistan and Iraq as ‘forever wars’ is just the latest example of their intolerance.

To the neoconservatives inspired and led by Kagan’s attempts at thinking, the Chinese are being unhelpful by refusing to start another war. This is not the plan they ordered. According to national security scholar Seth G Jones:

Chinese military strategy generally aims to avoid a conventional war. China’s goal is to weaken and surpass the United States without fighting.

This is a posture which frustrates the neoconservative agenda, which is to spread “freedom and democracy” by warfare.

Of course, such a policy is not restricted to destruction. It also aims at the replacement of national cultures and traditions with a global managerial surveillance state, in which every human activity of value will be diminished or eliminated. It is a consumerist idea of freedom, which permits nothing beyond the stimulation of desire.

In short, the society of the future is a godless prison of vice offering unlimited freedom in the realm of fantasy. It seeks to achieve this through the elimination of meaningful human activity, which is simply unwelcome competition to the addiction economy.

The Chinese Communist Party does not preside over a paradise. It has given the world a deeply disturbing vision of the future in its adoption of many digitized social credit systems, such as the WeChat app which directs people away from “undesirables” to protect their credit score.

Of course, in the Free World, you can already have your bank account frozen and your donations stolen for having the wrong opinions, like the Canadian Truckers. If you are Jeffrey Epstein (who did not kill himself), you can expect to be supported by banks like JP Morgan, who was safe from being “de-banked” because he was not a conservative.

The reality behind these views is a simple one. The United States war faction wants to provoke another conflict. It wishes to remain dominant in the pacific rim, and to thereby impose its own vision of the future on the region.

This is the reason for a concerted effort in the media to drum up support for yet another war. The defeat in Ukraine has yet to be communicated to the public. It will never register with the kind of people who start these wars, nor with those who cheerlead them in publications such as The Economist. To this faction nothing outside of their own imagination is real.

We inhabit a world distorted by the fantasies of powerful if tiny factions. A few thousand people dreaming of war, of a future where humanity is managed away with the help of machines, and a growing population of tribal fetishists who insist on their obvious delusions being taken extremely seriously.

This is a broad cult, infusing desire with death, destruction, humiliation and vengeance. It is the work of Satan to press for war, to create through provocation a reluctant enemy, and all in the service of insatiable desire.