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This blog is intended for residents of New Brunswick. If you live outside the province, it is not recommended that you to contact the MLAs listed below about this issue.

(Campaign Life Coalition) — It’s a time for celebration by pro-family New Brunswickers! As of July 1st, schools will no longer be able to hide gender transitioning of young children from their parents!

Premier Blaine Higgs is putting forth the most hopeful policy reform we’ve ever seen, from any government in Canada, to counter the tidal wave of harmful transgender ideology in our schools, but …

There’s a chance it could trigger an early election, or even cost him his political career. More importantly however, the LGBT lobby is protesting this great policy to try to pressure Higgs to withdraw it, and that’s why I need your help.

By now, you’ve probably heard the news, because so many New Brunswickers are talking about this.

Premier Higgs recently announced some long-hoped for reforms to Policy 713, which governs matters on “Gender Identity” and transgender identification by children in schools across the province.

Here’s a rundown of the three positive changes that will be very welcome by New Brunswick parents:

#1. Will prohibit gender-confused students under the age of 16 from changing their names and pronouns without parental consent.

  • The old policy required teachers to hide a student’s gender “transitioning” from parents. To keep it secret from mom and dad, unless directed by the child to share the info.
  • Asked by reporters if he’s prepared to face an election over this policy change, Premier Higgs answered: “I believe that strongly in the case of finding a solution here where we do not exclude parents in their child’s life.”

#2. Will reverse the old policy that allowed biological male students to take part in female sports, and vice-versa.

  • This was accomplished by deleting the language “consistent with their gender identity” from the section on student participation in curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities.

#3. Will require every school to provide at least one private universal washroom and “private universal changing areas”.

  • This is not quite as strong a policy as Education Minister Bill Hogan had originally hinted at when he told the media that this section was being reviewed to make sure the female students felt comfortable sharing a washroom with biological males. We had hoped for an explicit ban on biological males in girls washrooms.
  • However, this is a step in the right direction, for two reasons. It may steer males who want to imitate being female, into the universal washrooms, thus protecting the privacy rights of girls. It also gives girls who are uncomfortable with boys invading their washrooms and changerooms, a safe space in the private universal washroom or changeroom.
  • This modest reform may also serve as a foundation on which to build a future ban on biological males invading female spaces.

In some respects, we could say these are only modest steps that should be non-controversial to most reasonable people, and which don’t even go far enough.

After all, parents should also be required to consent to their sixteen and seventeen year old children transitioning, since they are still minors under the guidance and authority of their parents.

However, these reforms are a great start, and could have positive national implications by potentially encouraging similar changes in other provinces led by Conservative governments. In this way, New Brunswick might be the province which leads the rest of Canada to end transgender tyranny and grooming in schools.

It’s for that very reason that LGBT activists and their allies in the legacy media outlets are fuming over the proposed changes. They’re hoping to put such immense pressure on Premier Higgs that his government will be forced to repeal these wonderful policy changes.

In fact, the backlash is so bad, Premier Higgs is facing a significant revolt from within his own party caucus!

Eight dissident MLAs from the Progressive Conservative Party sat out of Question Period and other legislative duties in protest, on the day the changes were announced.

Could the LGBT and media hate campaign against Premier Higgs’ policy changes succeed?

Could he cave and totally reverse course, restoring the status quo of hiding from parents that their sons and daughters are pretending to be the opposite sex while at school? We’ve seen exactly that kind of retreat from Conservative politicians many times before, once the media pressure became too much to bear.

For example, Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford won a super-majority government in 2018 by campaigning on repealing a radical sex-ed curriculum installed by the previous Liberal government. Once in power, he did repeal it for a brief time. But then, the mainstream media and the teachers unions ramped up a relentless smear campaign. Doug Ford quickly caved under the pressure and reinstated the age-inappropriate, child-sexualizing curriculum, word-for-word.

For the moment, Premier Higgs appears steadfast in his stand, and has said he’s willing to call an election on the issue. However, the LGBT lobby will surely increase the number of protests at the legislature. And the media will now pump out attack pieces ad nauseum in the hope of causing the Premier to abandon the pro-parent policy changes.

So, we can’t take any chances.

The situation is escalating quickly, which means we need to move fast to reassure Premier Higgs that the parents and grandparents of New Brunswick have his back and fully support his government’s reform of Policy 713.

Top priority: Contact all PC MLAs

We need our supporters from across the province to email and phone every PC MLAs right away and urge them to support the reforms to policy 713.

1. Premier Blaine Higgs: [email protected] (506) 848-5422

2. Minister Bill Hogan: [email protected] (506) 277-6020

3. MLA Richard Aimes: [email protected] (506) 575-6088

4. MLA Daniel Allain: [email protected] (506) 856-3228

5. MLA Andrea Anderson-Mason: [email protected] (506) 755-2810

6. MLA Kris Austin: [email protected] (506) 327-7014

7. MLA Kathy Bockus: [email protected] (506) 466-1449

8. MLA Jeff Carr: [email protected] (506) 368-2938

9. MLA Michelle Conroy: [email protected] (506) 627-1684

10. MLA Gary Crossman: [email protected] (506) 832-5700

11. MLA Ryan Cullins: [email protected] (506) 444-3952

12. MLA Mike Dawson: [email protected] (506) 843-2978

13. MLA Arlene Dunn: [email protected] (506) 643-6138

14. MLA Bruce Fitch: [email protected] (506) 869-6117

15. MLA Hugh John Alexander (Ted) Flemming: [email protected] (506) 848-5440

16. MLA Jill Green: [email protected] (506) 444-4401

17. MLA Trevor Holder: [email protected] (506) 657-2335

18. MLA Mike Holland: [email protected] (506) 856-4961

19. MLA Margaret Johnson: [email protected] (506) 276-4045

20. MLA Bill Oliver: [email protected] (506) 738-6586

21. MLA Glen Savoie: [email protected] (506) 658-6333

22. MLA Réjean Savoie: [email protected] (506) 773-3219

23. MLA Tammy Scott-Wallace: [email protected] (506) 567-4689

24. MLA Dorothy Shephard: [email protected] (506) 643-2900

25. MLA Ernie Steeves: [email protected] (506) 383-2164

26. MLA Greg Turner: [email protected] (506) 856-3808

27. MLA Ross Wetmore: [email protected] (506) 488-3577

28. MLA Mary Wilson: [email protected] (506) 357-1177

29. MLA Sherry Wilson: [email protected] (506) 382-6567

These elected officials need to hear from you now because make no mistake about it…

They’ve already been hearing from the other side, whether we’re talking about the LGBT activists who can’t stand conservative politics and Christian values…

Or whether we’re talking about the fearmongering in the “Pride”-obsessed mainstream media.

What Premier Higgs is proposing is a common sense policy that needs to be celebrated.

If the reforms to 713 are taken away from us by the LGBT lobby and media’s pressure campaign, it will be a massive loss for parents and other concerned citizens who are tired of seeing students subjected to the all-out assault of transgender ideology propaganda in the schools.

This is who the Higgs reforms are really meant for…

Our children.

So please, email and phone every PC MLA today and ask them to support the reforms to 713.

Thank you kindly for your support in this and God bless.

David Cooke
Campaign Manager
Campaign Life Coalition

P.S. Please keep all of New Brunswick’s MLAs in your prayers, especially the Premier.

P.P.S. After emailing and phoning the PC MLAs, please contact the opposition party MLAs too, and tell them to publicly support this reform of Policy 713 by the Higgs government. Here’s a listing of the other MLAs and their contact info.

30. MLA Kevin Arsenault (GRN): [email protected] (506) 521-5793

31. MLA Guy Arseneault (LIB): [email protected] (506) 684-2600

32. MLA Benoît Bourque (LIB): [email protected] (506) 743-0335

33. MLA Chuck Chiasson (LIB): [email protected] (506) 475-1124

34. MLA Keith Chiasson (LIB): [email protected] (506) 394-4038

35. MLA Jean-Claude D’Amours (LIB): Jean-Claude.D’[email protected] (506) 838-1031

36. MLA Robert Gauvin (LIB): [email protected] (506) 869-7000

37. MLA Susan Holt (LIB): [email protected] (506) 549-5329

38. MLA Francine Landry (LIB): [email protected] (506) 735-7222

39. MLA Jacques LeBlanc (LIB): [email protected] (506) 533-3450

40. MLA Marco LeBlanc (LIB): [email protected] (506) 453-2548

41: MLA René Legacy (LIB): [email protected] (506) 549-5329

42: MLA Gilles LePage (LIB): [email protected] (506) 826-6120

43. MLA Richard Losier (LIB): [email protected] (506) 869-7000

44. MLA Eric Mallet (LIB): [email protected] (506) 340-2901

45. MLA Robert McKee (LIB): [email protected] (506) 856-3827

46. MLA Isabelle Thériault (LIB): [email protected] (506) 724-1041

47. MLA Dominic Cardy (LIB): [email protected] (506) 453-8461

48. MLA David Coon (GRN): [email protected] (506) 455-0936

49. MLA Megan Mitton (GRN): [email protected] (506) 378-1565

Reprinted with permission from Campaign Life Coalition