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Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

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May 31, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – This first Festival of Philosophy [1] is dedicated to Msgr. Antonio Livi, of whom we all preserve a heartfelt and grateful memory, both for his witness of faith as well for his rare erudition in the theological disciplines. The learned Roman prelate is united to me in a particular way by his path of “conversion” to Tradition, which led him, a few years before me, to the assiduous celebration of the venerable Apostolic Liturgy, in perfect coherence with the doctrine in which he was extremely well-versed. Both of us found ourselves rediscovering the treasures of the Mass of our Ordination, with the consolation of also rediscovering our Priesthood in its fullness. If we wish to remember Monsignor Livi worthily today, I think that we cannot neglect the School of “Common Sense” of which he was the initiator, and that in this moment represents an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the present reality: the great upheavals of this past year, the so-called pandemic, and, more generally, the crisis in which both the world and the Church find themselves. The lack of “common sense” in individuals has in large part made possible this assault against God, against the Church, and against the human race that is represented by the Great Reset and the ideology it expresses. Irrationality, the abdication of reason, the annihilation of critical judgment and the denial of evidence are the true pandemic virus of our time, which in rebellion against God manifests a delirium of omnipotence and in collective madness reveals the just nemesis of this wicked challenge. Saint Paul exhorts us to a rational faith, rationabile obsequium (Rom 12;1), in which faith and reason, like two wings, make us ascend to the contemplation of the Truth, that is, of God Himself. Thus, the Apostle’s warning also implies a healthy distance from the thinking of the world: nolite conformari huic sæculo (Rom 12:2).

A significant precedent

When Stalin decided in 1932 to eliminate millions of Ukrainians in the genocide of Holodomor, he planned a famine as an instrument of social engineering, through which to nationalize agricultural lands and then allocate the profits to industry. Stalin wrote:

In order to eliminate the Kulaks as a class, the policy of limiting and eliminating single groups of Kulaks is not enough… it is necessary to break the resistance of this class with an open battle and to deprive it of the economic sources of its existence and development. (Josef Stalin, Questioni di leninismo, Rome, 1945).

Stalin then had wheat, beets, potatoes, vegetables, and every sort of food seized; he forbade any sort of commerce – does this sound familiar? – and confiscated the financial resources of the Ukrainians. Children fleeing the countryside were arrested and deported to collective farms called “kolkhozes” and to orphanages, where they died from malnutrition. The Central Committee prohibited movement – a sort of lockdown ante litteram – and accused those who denounced the massacre of the Ukrainians of being the enemy of the people. Holodomor deniers – using the term in its proper sense – maintain that the genocide of 1932-1933 in the Soviet Ukraine never happened or that it occurred without premeditation. The regime’s censorship contributed to hiding a tragedy that today is recognized by many countries as a crime against humanity and that, upon analysis of its method and goal, was also an example of a “Great Reset.”

If a Ukrainian had wondered how it could be that the Russian government, faced with a famine, did not help the population by sending food but rather forbade commercial activity and movement, thereby aggravating the situation, he would have committed the same error as many today who, in the presence of an alleged pandemic, ask why governments have preemptively undermined public health, weakened national pandemic plans, forbidden effective treatments, and administered harmful if not deadly treatments and are now forcing citizens – using the blackmail of perpetual lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and unconstitutional “green passes” – to submit to vaccines that not only do not guarantee any immunity but actually carry serious short-term and long-term side effects, as well as further spreading more resistant forms of the virus.

Changing our point of view

Looking for any sort of logic in what is told us by the mainstream media, by our government leaders, by virologists and so-called “experts” is an arduous challenge that disappears as if by magic and turns into the most cynical rationality if we only have the intellectual honesty to overturn our point of view. We should therefore renounce the comforting premise which tells us that our leaders act for our good, and more generally the idea that our interlocutors are honest, sincere, and animated by good principles. 

Believe me, I understand that it would be easier to bask in the illusion that “everything will be fine” and that this pandemic really is a huge disaster that none of us were prepared for. It is much easier to think that the leaders of the world ought to be judged with grateful indulgence, forgiving them for mistakes that anyone in the same position could have made in the fight against the “invisible enemy.” It warms the heart to believe that the multinational pharmaceutical companies and international health agencies have nothing at heart but our good, and that they could never distribute, solely for economic calculation, experimental drugs that will end up making us all chronically ill or will exterminate us. And it is incredibly difficult and psychologically exhausting to face the daily domestic struggle we have to endure with relatives and friends, acquaintances and colleagues at work, simply because we consider the COVID narrative absurd. Being considered “conspiracy theorists” or “deniers” and being made the object of pity, contempt, or social condemnation is a thankless fate, especially when the people who believe in the global lie are dear to us. And it is even more thankless to feel discriminated against and ostracized even from our ecclesial community, all the more so when we see the ideological flattening in conformity with the mainstream narrative on the part of the bishops and the highest levels of the Hierarchy.

The reality is quite different, and not wanting to accept it makes us fall into that cognitive dissonance that social psychology has extensively studied. The reality is not only different but diametrically opposed to what we are being told, and it will be better for us if we want to understand it, recognize it, face it, and fight it with all our strength – also because the modus operandi with which similar cases have been carried out in the course of history is substantially the same.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the proponents of the Great Reset

Let’s start from the point of view of those who organized this plot rather than of those who are suffering it unknowingly. If we put ourselves in the shoes of a Bill Gates, a George Soros, or a Klaus Schwab, it will not be difficult to understand that if we shamelessly declare that we have decided to decimate the world population by means of a gene serum, in all probability we will not obtain the consent of the masses nor the support of institutions, because making our criminal plan known would provoke a revolt and above all it would reveal our cards.

In reality, we have even declared our plans on several occasions; we have written them in the proceedings of our congresses; we have reiterated them in interviews and institutional meetings; we have even had them engraved on the Georgia Guidestones. Perhaps our admission of this criminal design sounded too brazen, and those who may have felt threatened preferred to look elsewhere, blaming instead those who raised the alarm, unheeded like Laocoon.[2]

And so we decide to tell the “beautiful fable” of global commitment, of eco-sustainability, of inclusivity, of resilience in the face of a virus that we ourselves probably created in a laboratory in Wuhan financed by us, presenting it as a deadly pandemic that requires immediate measures to be taken that are justified by the health emergency. And since there could not really be an emergency since it is simply a flu syndrome, an almost normal coronavirus just as happens in any other year, we have to ask the officials of the WHO – an entity financed almost completely by us and by our ally the Chinese communist dictatorship – to give directives prohibiting treatment, creating a high number of deaths attributable to COVID, and leading patients to death by imposing forced ventilation on them. Obviously the pharmaceutical companies, of which we are shareholders through the Black Rock investment fund, have every interest in producing vaccines without the usual experimentation period, because at the same time that treatments are prohibited, the laws protecting public health can also be waived, and the vaccines – or rather, the gene serums – can be authorized for experimental distribution. And to seal the pactum sceleris with the Chinese regime, we can snow it under with orders for masks, swabs tests, ventilators, and medical supplies, even though we know that they are useless and do not comply with health parameters. In the meantime, our “experts” – who are almost always former employees or whose institutes and consultancies we sponsor – sow panic in the media with projections and forecasts as absurd as they are terrifying, while journalists and television hosts prostitute themselves to their new boss, renouncing professional ethics and their duty to respect the truth at all costs. But we know well that money and fame can easily purchase the sycophantic collaboration and complicit silence of many, especially if they owe their positions to us, if we are shareholders of the newspapers they work for or the main buyers of their advertising space. At the same time, we ensure that public funds are allocated to fund the media, obviously with the implicit expectation that they will promote the official narrative and censor every dissenting voice. 

Healthcare is also in our hands, and for years now! We have progressively destroyed the public healthcare system, making use of our personnel in national governments, in the European Union, and in international organizations; and after destroying it we lamented its inefficiency and recommended that it be replaced with private healthcare, of which we are shareholders. What remains of public health is nevertheless set up on a business model that places profit before the provision of services, and in any case it is always the State that pays off the debts of healthcare companies. We know well that the profits to be made off the pandemic are quite tempting to many, even to the point of remaining silent in the face of hospitalizations that are useless or that will even lead to the death of the patient as a result of the treatments that we have mentioned instead of giving them home care. Three thousand euros per day for an intensive care bed for a COVID patient thus legitimizes the social alarm, because those beds are few – we have had their number reduced in recent years thanks to complacent politicians – and in order to increase them during a full pandemic emergency the State spends exorbitant amounts without going through a process of taking bids. If we then manage to use swab tests to make people believe that a very high percentage of the population is positive for the virus, we will guarantee the persistence of the state of emergency, and with it the lockdown and containment measures that destroy the economy. And this is exactly what we want: to cancel small businesses, forcing the population to purchase online everything they can no longer buy in the local family-run store, making money even off the pizza parlor or the restaurant that in order to survive is forced to use delivery companies of which we made sure we were shareholders. Finally, in order to make this assault complete, we increase illegal immigration thanks to our “humanitarian” foundations and NGOs, thereby increasing crime, diverting funds from citizens that are earmarked instead towards dealing with immigration costs, and making Europe be invaded by waves of Muslims who demand rights. Their presence allows us to inexorably break up the social and religious fabric of nations, in the name of “welcoming” and leveraging the sense of guilt, the danger of racism and the do-good rhetoric that we have even succeeded in getting the Catholic Church to accept. Obviously the social destabilization we have created allows us to promulgate laws against discrimination and racial hatred, repressing the dissent of those who feel invaded and threatened. Finally, thanks to the State debt due to the pandemic and the social emergency we have artificially created, we are able to impose the disbursement of funds from the International Monetary Fund, the Central European Bank, and the European Union, putting the population into the noose of debt and constraining it to invest those funds according to criteria and “conditionalities” that only serve to make the transformation of society, the technological community, and the “green economy” even more irreversible: this is the Great Reset. 

First we succeeded in creating fear of an “invisible enemy” and silencing the dissenting voices of scientists, intellectuals, and simple citizens; then we succeeded in making people believe that the salvation of the world depends on vaccines; now we are able to blackmail billions of human beings, who will be told that if they want to return to some form of loosening of the restrictions that have been imposed they must accept the “green pass” in order to travel abroad, go to the stadium or go shopping. The pressure we have placed on the masses is such that many will accept these forms of control. Soon they will put out their hands to have a subcutaneous chip implanted that will permit us to bring our plan to its completion.

All this is now a reality: both the vaccine passport, which will not necessarily be limited to COVID, as well as electronic payments in place of cash. “No one could buy or sell unless he had the mark” (Rev 13:17). Thus it will only take pressing a button to cancel a person from social life – and we will be the ones who press it. 

And as an insult against the civilization we hate, we force the masses to feed on beetles and larvae, extolling their nutritional properties and their low environmental impact, while we reserve choice meats for ourselves. We ask them to renounce private property in exchange for universal income, with which they can pay us the leasing for their 30-square-meter housing unit, obviously with zero emissions. We send them around on electric scooters made in China while we ride in custom-built cars that cause all sorts of pollution, cruise around on very expensive yachts and travel by helicopter. And while laid-off fifty year olds get jobs as delivery boys, we receive billions in dividends from our companies based in tax havens. We have reached such a level of enslavement of the masses that we have no reason to fear any revolt, which in any case would be quelled with truncheon blows as the media and our ally the Left remained silent. 

Even if the pandemic farce does not have the desired effects due to unforeseen events, we already have the next step ready: the climate emergency as the pretext for imposing the “ecological transition” and “sustainable development.” Or else we will start yet another conflict in the Middle East so as to provoke terrorist attacks in our cities and sow panic among the population. And if these tried and tested methods don’t succeed, we could invent – why not? – an alien attack, about which some of our friends are beginning to open the famous Overton Window: what better than extra-terrestrials can be considered an “invisible enemy” to feed collective fear, after decades of films in which we show invasions of creatures from outer space? On the other hand, the masses believe everything the mainstream media tells them – as we have seen in recent months – no matter how absurd and irrational it may be. If you see it on television, it must be true!

The modus operandi of the Great Reset

And now, taking off the shoes of Gates and Soros, we observe the entire operation from the outside, seeking to identify the recurring elements. The first, as I said earlier, is the secrecy of the criminal design of the elite and the need to cloak it in acceptable ideals. The second is the creation of an emergency situation – in the past it could have been a war fought with weapons, today a bacteriological war or a conflict fought financially – that makes recourse to the solutions that the elite has prepared and planned inevitable. The third element consists in the apparent solution that allows for the implementation of those “reforms” and limitations of personal liberties that in normal times would be unacceptable and illegitimate. This will split society internally, creating new enemies of the people and distracting them from the real architects of the conflict. 

If we think about the attack of September 11, 2001, we understand that the modus operandi is essentially the same, as also happened with the Gulf War or the Libyan Civil War. The terrorist threat was used as prophasis, an apparent cause, a false pretext for authorizing investments in the military industry, the tightening of controls on the populace, political upheavals, and to appropriate energy resources in Iraq and Libya and prevent the economic independence of the nations of the former French colonies in West and Central Africa. The destabilization thus achieved fueled the ethnic substitution plan in Europe and at the same time stripped Africa of the young generations that would have been able to make it prosperous and autonomous. It also struck the Catholic communities in the former colonies by fueling Islamic fanaticism as a prerequisite for bloody conflicts and now exports those conflicts to a de-Christianized Europe that inertly watches the daily burning of its churches, while a petulant Swedish girl is used by the system as an apocalyptic preacher of climate change and global warming. 

At the base of this modus operandi there is always a lie, that serves to hide the true intentions of the elite and makes us accept as inevitable those changes that, in conditions of relative normality, would have resulted in revolts that were difficult to stifle. The blaming of dissenters, the criminalization of those who do not accept subjecting themselves to the vaccine, the psychiatrization of “deniers” or “conspiracy theorists” are taking shape in recent months with the formation of detention camps, the prohibition of travelling without health checks and above all thanks to the pounding drum of the media. The spread of 5G technology, which in many countries has gone unnoticed due to the lockdowns, will allow population tracking by means of apps or a subcutaneous chip in constant connection with the internet.

The Great Reset has numerous precedents

The lie, therefore, is the consistent mark of the architects of the various Great Resets of the last few centuries. The Protestant Pseudo-Reformation was a Great Reset, which struck at Europe’s unity of faith, creating a laceration whose disastrous consequences are still seen today. The French Revolution was a Great Reset, as was the Italian Risorgimento, as well as the Russian Revolution. The two World Wars were Great Resets, along with the Industrial Revolution, the Revolution of 1968, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Each time, if you notice, the apparent reason for these revolutions never corresponded to the real one. The selling of indulgences as a pretext for Luther’s revolt leveraged the desire of the German Princes to take possession of the monasteries and dioceses and had to obtain the spread of heresy in the world and the weakening of the Papacy, the first defense of Christianity. In France, the poverty of the people was a pretext for the cancellation of the monarchy and the establishment of the Masonic and anti-Christian Republic. The division of the Italian States and the aspiration to an ideal of national unity was the pretext for the destruction of kingdoms and duchies and the annexation of the Papal States to the Kingdom of Italy, whose monarchy was subservient to the Masonic lodges and in its turn was cancelled by them as soon as the task was completed. The oppression of the Russian peasants was the pretext for the elimination of the Czar and the establishment of the communist dictatorship. The claim of individual nationalities was the pretext for the First World War in order to cancel the Austro-Hungarian Empire and perpetuate ethnic conflicts. In the Second World War, Nazism – first financed and then combatted – was a pretext for colonizing Europe and subjecting it economically and culturally to American liberal capitalism and Russian communism, thereby weakening it. The condition of laborers was the pretext for exploiting them in the factories and feeding the Moloch of modern capitalism. Young people’s desire for freedom was the pretext for corrupting their intellect and will, for breaking up the traditional family with divorce, cancelling motherhood with contraceptives and abortion, and striking at the very concept of authority. The end of the Soviet Bloc and its satellite countries was the pretext for spreading liberal capitalism and consumerism and morally corrupting a people exhausted by seventy years of communist dictatorship, whose strenuous opposition to the New World Order is the reason for the recent and continuous attacks on President Putin.

The Great Reset also involves the Church

In this long series of Great Resets organized by the same elite of conspirators, not even the Catholic Church has managed to escape. She too, with Vatican II, saw a greater understanding of the liturgy by the people given as a pretext for destroying the apostolic Mass, cancelling the sacred language and profaning the rites. And the longing for unity with heretics and schismatics was the pretext by which conciliar ecumenism was inaugurated, which laid the ideological foundations for the present apostasy. The democratization of the Church, in the name of an alleged greater participation of the laity, has served only as a pretext for progressively undermining papal power and parliamentarizing the power of the bishops, who are today reduced to mere executors of the decisions of the Bishops’ Conferences. 

The lies of the various Great Resets

Like all frauds, those that are hatched by the devil and his servants are based on false promises that will never be kept, in exchange for which we give up a certain good that will never be restored to us. In Eden, the prospect of becoming like gods led to the loss of friendship with God and to exclusion from eternal salvation, which only the redemptive Sacrifice of Our Lord was able to repair. The revolution against the Catholic monarchies was obtained by the promise made to the lower classes, which was never kept, offering them prosperity and a reduction of taxes. Those who believed in the deception saw their world collapse and found themselves much more oppressed than before. The Industrial Revolution was accepted because it promised new jobs in the factories, but those who left the countryside or the family shop found themselves exploited on the assembly line, torn from the traditional rhythms of the village and crammed together in the bleak outskirts of the large metropolises.

With the pandemic, little by little they told us that isolation, lockdowns, masks, curfews, “live-streamed Masses,” distance-learning, “smartworking,” recovery funds, vaccines, and “green passes” would permit us to come out of the emergency, and, believing in this lie, we renounced the rights and lifestyles that they warned us would never return: “Nothing will be the same again.” The “new normal” will still be presented to us as a concession that will require us to accept the deprivation of freedoms that we had taken for granted, and accordingly we will compromise without understanding the absurdity of our compliance and the obscenity of the demands of those who command us, giving us orders so absurd that they truly require a total abdication of reason and dignity. At each step there is a new turn of the screw and a further step towards the abyss: if we do not stop ourselves in this race towards collective suicide we will never go back.

The lie, therefore. A lie that we also find denounced in Sacred Scripture: if the Serpent had said to Adam and Eve that by eating the fruit of the tree they would lose immortal life and all of the gifts that God had given them, we would still be in Eden. But what can we expect from the one who is “a murderer from the beginning,” “a liar and the father of lies” (Jn 8:44). Was it not thanks to lies and false testimony that Our Lord was condemned, accused by the Sanhedrin of having told people not to pay taxes to Caesar? Was it not with deception and blackmail that the High Priests pushed Pilate to have the Son of God crucified, threatening Pilate that if he found Him innocent he would set himself against the Roman Emperor?

The Great Reset is the last step before the New World Order

It is our duty to reveal the deception of this Great Reset, because it may be traced back to all the other assaults that in the course of history have tried to nullify the work of redemption and establish the tyranny of the Antichrist. Because this is in reality what the architects of the Great Reset intend. The New World Order – a name which significantly echoes the conciliar Novus Ordo – overturns the divine cosmos in order to spread infernal chaos, in which everything that civilization has painstakingly constructed over the course of millennia under the inspiration of grace is overturned and perverted, corrupted and cancelled. 

Each of us must understand that what is happening is not the fruit of an unfortunate sequence of chance occurrences, but corresponds rather to a diabolical plan – in the sense that the Evil One is behind all this – which over the centuries pursues a single goal: destroying the work of creation, nullifying the redemption, and cancelling every trace of good on the earth. And in order to obtain this, the final step is the establishment of a synarchy in which command is seized by a few faceless tyrants who thirst for power, who are given over to the worship of death and sin and to the hatred of life, virtue and beauty because in them shines forth the greatness of that God against whom they still cry out their infernal “Non serviam.” The members of this accursed sect are not only Bill Gates, George Soros, or Klaus Schwab, but also those who for centuries have been plotting in the shadows in order to overthrow the Kingdom of Christ: the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, and those who today have formed an alliance with the highest levels of the Church, using the moral authority of the Pope and bishops to convince the faithful to get vaccinated. 

The corruption of authority is the necessary premise of the Great Reset

Along with an awareness of the criminal lie of the entire system, we must also take note of the corruption of authority and the failure of the social, political and religious model that is the child of the Revolution. Modern democracy has proven to be, once again, a deception with which it was desired to oust Christ the King from His lordship over individuals and over societies, under the apparent pretext of giving the people a power that has in fact been usurped by an anti-Christian and antichristic elite. When it is stated that authority does not derive from God but resides in the people; when religion is not considered as a supernatural transcendent principle but instead as an amorphous immanent sentimentalism or a variant of anthropology; when morality loses its bond with the eternal law inscribed by God in human nature and instead adapts to fashions, nothing prevents those who govern as well as the governed from being dishonest and simply pursuing their own particular interests, because there is no longer good and evil, reward and punishment, heaven and hell. Everything is then based on a perverted concept of liberty corrupted into license: one can betray, steal, kill, and lie without hesitation, without that fear of God that in other times was able to curb our inclination to evil: if not out of love for the Creator and Redeemer than at least out of fear of the punishment that our evil conduct would inexorably entail.

We find ourselves facing a political class without ideals, in whom the bonum commune was first replaced by political programs which they used to obtain consent, and today by the simple subservience of those who govern us to the interests who get them elected, pay them, and demand their absolute obedience to the demands of the New World Order. We have reached the point at which even the vote, which was once exalted as the highest expression of democracy, is considered an annoying tinsel, to be granted only if those in charge are certain that they can bend it in their favor, and where it is expressed otherwise it can be modified or ignored: the colossal electoral fraud of the American presidential elections is a striking example of this.

But if the politicians and world leaders are subservient to the globalist elite and do not pursue the good of the citizens, the social contract fails, and the authority with which they believe they are endowed is lost, since it has no ratification, either from above – since the supernatural principle and bond of authority have been cancelled – or from below. And this is nothing but infamous dictatorship and hateful tyranny – a tyranny that cannot be overthrown by appealing to the revolutionary principles that determined it, but by returning to recognize that “there is no authority except from God” (Rom 13:1), and that the “secularism” of the State is a blasphemy, since it denies the sovereign rights of the Creator and Redeemer over those whom He has created and redeemed. 

A crisis of authority that also involves the Hierarchy

That authority which, since the French Revolution, was usurped from the Lord and attributed to the popular will, had remained intact within the Church to some extent. Up until sixty years ago she proclaimed the Kingship of Christ not only over His subjects, over societies and nations, but principally over berself, recognizing Our Lord as the Head of the Mystical Body and the Pope as His Vicar on earth. Vatican II shifted the Kingship of Christ in an eschatological key, and the Church thus found herself a victim of that same democratic deception into which civil societies had fallen almost two centuries earlier. By weakening the doctrine on sin, making the morality of each situation unique, and recognizing the legitimacy of error and false religions, the Catholic Church dethroned herself with her own hands, reducing herself to having to beg for approval and legitimization from the powerful of this world, to whose orders she has submitted. It is no coincidence that Bergoglio has archived the title “Vicar of Christ” as being a thing of the past: if the Church is replaced by an NGO that preaches “green theology”, promotes the Inclusive Capitalism of the Rothschilds and organizes conferences on vaccines with Anthony Fauci, whoever presides over her does not exercise authority in the name of Christ but ends up being a puppet accomplice in the hands of the puppeteer:

He who, on earth, usurps my place, 

my place, my place, 

which in the presence of the Son of God is vacant, 

of my burial-ground hath made a sewer 

of blood and stench; whereby the Pervert, 

who fell from hence, is there below appeased.

(Paradiso XXVII, lines 22 and ff.)[3] 

In this crisis of authority – which involves both temporal and spiritual power – a great responsibility must be attributed to the so-called moderates, who appear to be the voluntary or involuntary fifth column within the social body. Among these we must include almost all of the representatives of the parliamentary oppositions in the various nations – the Italian opposition first of all – and the parties of the so-called center-right. Even those who criticize the illegitimate and unconstitutional rules enacted by the present governments under the pretext of the pandemic do not in the least question the ideological bases of free-market capitalism that today has merged with communism in an alliance that would have been inconceivable in other times. And they do not question these bases because they agree with them.

The error of the ‘moderates

The same mistake of deploring the effects without recognizing and fighting the causes is made by conservative Catholics, who while understanding the apostasy of the highest levels of the Hierarchy under the reign of Bergoglio, do not dare to admit that if it has reached the point of offering idolatrous worship to the Pachamama, this has been made possible thanks to Dignitatis Humanae, that the sabbath of Astana is the coherent application of Nostra Aetate, and that the German Synodal Path – that is, the declaration of schism without its official condemnation by the Holy See – is the logical conclusion of Gaudium et Spes. And there is no need to demonstrate that the conciliar documents are nothing more than the translation of revolutionary and Masonic principles into the ecclesial context. 

We know, however, that the lie is the emblem of the Devil, the distinctive sign of his servants, the hallmark of the enemies of God and the Church. God is truth; the Word of God is true, and He Himself is God. Speaking the truth, shouting it from the rooftops, and unveiling the deception is a sacred work, and no Catholic – nor anyone who has still preserved a shred of decency and honor – may shrink from this duty.

The response of the good

Each of us has been desired, thought of, and created in order to give glory to God and to be part of a great design of providence. From all eternity the Lord has called us to share with Him in the work of redemption, to cooperate in the salvation of souls and the triumph of the good. Each of us today has the possibility of choosing to align himself with Christ or against Christ, to fight for the cause of good or to make himself an accomplice of the workers of iniquity. The victory of God is most certain, as certain as the reward that awaits those who make the choice to enter the battlefield alongside the King of kings; and the defeat of those who serve the enemy is also certain, as is their eternal damnation.

Do you want to lose the supreme good that has been prepared for you, only for the sake of a quiet life and not to stand out from the crowd, out of cowardice and human respect, trading eternity for an apparent and ephemeral good? I exhort you to be witnesses of Christ, courageous champions of truth and goodness: on the benches of parliament, in hospital wards, from the chairs of schools and universities, from the altar and the pulpit, at work, in the office, in the shop, in the family, in your daily commitments and, yes, even in pains and trials. Be worthy heirs of the saints who have preceded you, remembering that you will have to answer for your silence, your complicity, and your cooperation with evil. If you can escape the condemnation of men, you will not be able to escape the judgment of God; just as you will be rewarded for the good you have done and witnessed to.

This rebellious and apostate generation can be fought with everyone’s contribution: from the doctor who finally denounces the harmful treatments imposed by criminal protocols, to the policeman who refuses to apply illegitimate rules; from the parliamentarian who votes against unfair laws, to the magistrate who opens a file for crimes against humanity; from the professor who teaches students to think for themselves, to the journalist who reveals the deceptions and conflicts of interest of the powerful; from the father who defends his children against vaccination, to the son who protects his elderly parent without abandoning him in a nursing home; from the citizen who claims the right to natural freedoms, to the artisan and restaurateur who do not accept the oppression of those who prevent them from opening their business; from the grandfather who warns his grandchildren about the dangers of the dictatorship, to the youth who does not allow himself to be seduced by fashions and influencers.

Let us restore the Crown to Christ the King that was torn from him by the Revolution

And when this farce has collapsed – because it will inexorably collapse, and it will collapse soon – commit yourselves everyone, with renewed zeal, so that the crown that His enemies have torn from Him may be restored to our king. Make Our Lord reign in your souls, in your families, in your communities, in the nation, in work, in education, in the laws and courts, in the arts, in information, in all areas of private and public life. May our most holy mother and queen, Mary Most Holy, who many times has admonished us about the dangers and punishments that await the world if it does not convert and do penance and may Jesus Christ reign in the holy Church, driving out the unworthy, the fornicators and the mercenaries. 

Only where Christ reigns is there true peace and concord: pax Christi in regno Christi. To Him, the beginning and end of all things, the Alpha and the Omega, may the confident and fervent prayer arise from each one of us and from the human family, asking Him to preserve us in His grace, strengthen us in virtue, and make us courageous witnesses of the Gospel so that we may thus achieve eternal beatitude in Heaven.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

30 May 2021

In Festo Ss.mæ Trinitatis


[1] https://www.accademianuovaitalia.it/index.php/home/comunicati-stampa/10145-evento-di-venezia-2021

[2] Laocoon, the priest of Apollo, warned the Trojans to “beware of Greeks bearing gifts” when they wanted to accept the Trojan horse. 

[3] In Dante’s Paradiso, these words are spoken by Saint Peter in condemnation of Boniface VIII.