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(LifeSiteNews) — This week brought the disclosure of private messages from the former U.K. Health Minister Matt Hancock.

Released at 11pm on the 28th of February by journalist Isabel Oakeshott they reveal the inner workings of the U.K. government’s lockdown policies. What they say will not be news to the wise, but nevertheless provide incontrovertible proof that the policies we suffered under COVID were a pack of lies made up on the hoof. 

The Telegraph has obtained more than 100,000 WhatsApp messages sent between Matt Hancock and other ministers and officials at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oakeshott was working on Hancock’s book, which is why she had access to his message records. She justifies this violation of a non-disclosure agreement by pointing to the British State’s tendency to delay inquiries indefinitely. 

 “We need answers” she says, regarding the government’s draconian measures during the COVID panic. By comparison:

Sweden wrapped up its investigation a year ago. The verdictwas that avoiding mandatory lockdowns – an approach that made Sweden a global outlier – ultimately worked out quite well… They were rewarded with one of the lowest levels of excess mortality in Europe.

Sweden did not lock down and their report concluded that lockdowns did nothing. Perhaps this explains why the U.K. inquiry is still in the preliminary hearing stage. Plans to arrange an investigation into U.S. government lockdown policies have stalled. The Canadian government has declared itself justified in the repression of the truckers, and in the unsurprising absence of an official inquiry, a citizen’s inquiry into their lockdown policies has been launched. 

Australia’s horrific response to the COVID panic has been mildly reprimanded in an independent inquiry, which warned against “government overreach” during the next one. New Zealand, notorious for its lengthy and severe lockdowns coupled with vaccine mandates, began an inquiry in February 2023 which is due to conclude in the summer of 2024 

This news from Britain spells trouble for any leader who told us to “follow the science” – as “the science” turned out to be nonsense. 

This presents problems for both President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who unlike former Prime Minister Boris Johnson are still in power. New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern has bolted, locking the stable door behind her with a valedictory whitewash on the model of the Australian paper. Yet the revelations from the U.K. indict anyone involved in the needless suspension of life and liberty. 

The Cochrane Report has already shown that the wearing of masks “probably makes little or no difference to the outcome of laboratory-confirmed influenza/SARS-CoV-2 compared to not wearing masks.”

…whilst the messages reveal that masking was introduced in the U.K. because the Scottish First Minister had already done so. Social distancing rules are revealed to have been made up during WhatsApp chats. The decision to close schools was taken similarly, against advice, and the baseless notion that COVID affects everyone equally was pushed in the teeth of the evidence. Britain continued with lockdown because two media advisers warned against how it might look to lift it.  

What has yet to come to light is any mention of the rationale for a novel treatment whose heavily propagandized uptake has coincided with a mysterious uptick in the potential causes of heart disease. Being hot, being cold, drinking energy drinks, having children when young, getting out of bed, having a shower, poor sleep, exercising and not exercising, and a host of other factors are invoked to explain a 30 percent increase in the U.S. of heart attacks in people aged 25-44.  

There are many causes of “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,” but, following The Science, there is still no connection to the extremely lucrative novel mRNA treatments whose long term effects are simply unknown. In the short term, it is the leading cause of coincidence. Meanwhile the vaccine injured remain marginalized. Their existence as unwelcome bodies of evidence sees them often banned from social media and ignored by medical professionals, whilst facing derision for having taken the injections at all.  

It would have been simple to ignore the findings from Sweden. In fact, this is what the media in the West so dutifully did.  Throughout a period of unprecedented and coordinated removal of basic freedoms by diktat nothing was said about the merits of sanity versus the pandemic of manufactured panic.  

The reason for so doing was to support the messaging from government: “stay safe.” To defy these deranged and authoritarian measures was to have blood on your hands. People died alone and without comfort – often killed by ventilators which they did not need and which would not help – whilst relatives were forbidden to see them.  

The number of adults suffering depression soared. Children were locked out of school. Human life came to an abrupt halt, with face-to-face relations effectively abolished. A second culture of fear grew out of the first, that your friends and neighbors might be snitching on you for having a visitor, or for going out in the park for longer than the allotted daily hour.  

None of this was necessary. The Swedish example supplies the evidence that not only did lockdowns not work, more people died than usual in countries which had them. 

The revelations contained in these messages are still breaking news. There are a hundred thousand of them. They reveal the usual sniping and pejorative remarks present in practically anyone’s personal life. Yet overall a damning picture emerges. Why did all this have to happen? 

The danger of government is found more in action than inaction. When something happens, there is an urgent sense that something must be done. It must be seen to be done. Lockdowns were something, and so were all the other made-up measures with which we were all mandated to comply. This is what our governments did.  

The Lockdown Files have unmasked the state level actors in the United Kingdom. They reveal a “…vacillating prime minister as he lurched from optimism and lockdown skepticism to pessimism and lockdown zealotry…” which demonstrates the former prime minister’s aversion, or incapacity, for governing. Boris Johnson is the acme of the modern politician – a man with no principles who will do anything to ride out the news cycle. 

He is an exemplar of the ruling caste. An empty vessel filled with ambition, desperate for the oxygen of publicity. His performances onscreen show his love affair with the camera, as he imagined himself an historic statesman. This Churchill fought his own people on the beaches, however, having them arrested by police for walking alone by the sea. Leaders across the formerly free world did likewise. 

The devastation of ordinary life, together with the greatest wealth transfer to the rich in history, took place for nothing other than optics. Looking serious on television matters more than anything to these people, whose every action is inflected with a keen awareness of the media. They have left a legacy of damage impossible to calculate, including a global epidemic of hatred towards the unvaccinated, which is a direct result of their toxic propaganda. 

When they are at their most serious, be most suspicious. These polices were undertaken in a somber tone of the utmost gravity, allowing the mediocrities who manage us to appear magisterial. It is a pantomime, this model of power. Their credibility is burned. We should never take these people seriously again.  

The Lockdown Files reveal that at the highest level government officials will say anything to guarantee their own survival. In every case of the abuse of their power it is clear that their public image is of paramount importance.  

Make your views on the matter known to them. Contact your representatives and hold them to account, regardless of party politics, for their participation and design of a direct attack on the lives, livelihoods and future of their own populations. They cannot be allowed to get away with this.