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 Claire Chretien / LifeSiteNews

WASHINGTON, October 18, 2016 (Euthanasia Prevention Coalition) — Our nation’s capital is getting ready to vote on assisted suicide! D.C. is a Federal City and as such we all have an interest directly and through Congress in this vote.

The D.C. Mayor and Council want this to be quiet. We need to be noisy, right? We need to generate as many emails and calls and faxes as possible. It is up to you to make this happen. There is no time to waste. The Committee of the Whole is expected to vote soon on B21-38 the so-called “Death with Dignity 2015” bill. If passed, it would legalize assisted suicide in the District of Columbia. This bill not only discriminates against the sick, the elderly and people with disabilities, but it also limits both choice and autonomy in ways such as these:

It is the doctor, not the patient, who decides if the person is eligible for assisted suicide.

A patient may not have the capacity to make a real choice if they are depressed and untreated, or feel unwanted. Remember a psychological exam is not mandatory.

A patient’s heir can witness the written request for the lethal drugs. This situation creates the potential for coercion and abuse. They can even pick up the dose.

It is an insurance company or governmental entity that determines whether a patient will receive payment for treatment of a disease or the less-costly lethal drugs. This is not a choice.

There is no guarantee that the lethal drugs are taken by choice. A greedy family member or an abusive caregiver could easily administer the lethal drugs without the patient’s knowledge. Elder abuse is rampant in our society.

The person is not necessarily dying. Think about an 18 year old otherwise healthy diabetic, refusing to take his insulin. Without insulin, he is terminal. How many people would qualify if they stopped their meds or if their meds were denied to them.

And don’t forget that doctors can be wrong, a misdiagnosis occurs as much as 20 percent of the time.

Make calls/send faxes/emails. I am asking friends to contact: (send to your friends, too.)

Office of the Mayor

Press Secretary LaToya Foster at 202-727-5011 [email protected]

Flood her with calls and emails. 202-727-2643 is OK, but is just the main number.  

DC City Council Chairman Phil Mendelson,  202-724-8032, FAX (even better than a call or email in some ways) 202-724-8085

Monique Wynn, Deputy Chief for the Chairman, 202-724-8792, [email protected]

Lindsey Walton, Director of Communications, 202-724-8140 [email protected]

At-large City Council Member Elissa Silverman

Michele Blackwell, Chief of Staff, 202-724-7772, [email protected]

Ari Weisbard, Legislative Director, 202-724-7772, [email protected]

Flood them all as much as you can with calls and emails and finally, for good measure, an at-large member.