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(LifeSiteNews) – This article further discusses the possibility that COVID-19 and other recent events may have been “strategic deceptions” used as a method to achieve global political goals.

The more one researches, the more one discovers the possibility of such a deception being planned many years in advance due to the extensive involvement of U.S. federal government entities, like the Department of Defense, the FBI, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the National Security Council, in planning and preparing for “bioincidents,” which include naturally occurring virus pandemics.

Due to space limitations, this article cannot completely elaborate on multiple U.S. government documents or government officials’ actions and statements, which, when combined, provide a basis for such a claim. Such documents include: “Final Report of the Defense Science Board Summer 2008 Study on Capability Surprise” (dated January 2010), President Obama’s National Security Council’s November 2009 “National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats,” President Obama’s November 4, 2016 Executive Order “Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats,” the 2018 “National Biodefense Strategy,” the Department of Health and Human Services’ 2018 “Posting of the National Security Presidential Memorandum 14, ‘Support for National Biodefense,’” the “2019 Biodefense Public Report: Implementation of the National Biodefense Strategy,” and the 2019 Executive Order “Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public Health.”

Researching the actions of the U.S. federal government entities known as “DARPA” and “BARDA” may also be helpful. The following article mostly discusses the recommendation to use “strategic deception” found in the “Final Report of the Defense Science Board Summer 2008 Study on Capability Surprise.”

Strategic deception” and the use of cunning and lies in thoroughly pre-planned schemes, ruses, ploys, hoaxes, or other events have been used by the Chinese government for thousands of years against both China’s enemies and China’s inhabitants. Deception is used by such communist governments to solve arising political problems with the potential to thwart the government’s control or expansion.

The anti-scientific, arbitrary, and draconian COVID-19 measures forcefully imposed and supported by U.S. government officials during the past year, combined with other political and cultural events seemingly perfectly timed to support the policies of the liberal, globalist Establishment in America, make one wonder if such strategic deception may be a method used by government officials in the United States.

The phrase “strategic deception” implies that a government would not inform its citizens or enemies when such a method is being used. There is, however, significant information which suggests the possibility that U.S. federal government national security or intelligence community officials may use widespread strategic deception in the United States.

Pentagon document recommends ‘strategic deception’ in the U.S.

A major statement on the subject was made in an official U.S. government document published during the Obama Administration years entitled “Final Report of the Defense Science Board Summer 2008 Study on Capability Surprise.”

After describing that “strategic deception” is useful in inflicting surprise on United States’ adversaries, the document writes that “strategic deception may be a key to solving wicked problems in the United States.” (Page 36; emphasis added) The document then describes “public health issues” as wicked problems. (Page 127) “Wicked problems” is a technical phrase which will be explained in a moment.

Additionally, the document notes that deception at any level is extraordinarily difficult, reliant as it is on the close control of information, running agents (and double agents), and creating stories that adversaries will readily believe. At the strategic level, effective deception requires interagency cooperation that is tied to political policy objectives. (Page 67)

This should be a big deal. An official U.S. government document recommends the possibility of using “strategic deception” – cunning, lies, hoaxes, false news stories, cooperation between U.S. government bureaus and departments, etc. – to solve “wicked problems” in the United States.

“Wicked problems” is a technical phrase used by sociologists to describe complex problems which have “competing viewpoints and goals,” and thus, decision-makers or politicians may disagree on potential solutions. (Page 127)

Literature research on the phrase “wicked problems” leads one to quickly determine that it is often used to describe mostly leftist, globalist Establishment political policy objectives which may be wrongly portrayed as problems.

Some public health problems have been described as wicked problems, (Page 127) which may include pandemics and “vaccine hesitancy.” Others have described climate change, gun violence, poverty, food security, and the “health of the environment” as wicked problems.

But the big deal is the recommendation in an official U.S. government document by influential national security personnel that “strategic deception may be a key to solving wicked problems in the United States”.

National Security ‘Office of Strategic Deception’

That is not all, though. The document then recommends that the U.S. Secretary of Defense along with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence establish an official “deception entity” with the U.S. intelligence community, suggesting that the

Secretary [of Defense] task both the Under Secretaries of Defense for Policy and Intelligence, and the Joint Staff, working with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, to create a tiger team to lay out courses of action and a way ahead for establishing a standing strategic surprise/deception entity. Once the initial work has been completed, all parts of the interagency should be brought into this effort. (Page 67)

In other words, it was recommended that the U.S. federal government form what even the leftist mainstream media called an “Office of Strategic Deception.”

It is unknown if such a “deception entity” or “Office of Strategic Deception” including the Director of National Intelligence was ever established by the U.S. federal government. The establishment of a strategic deception entity to be used on American citizens would probably be kept secret.

Johns Hopkins and FBI advisor endorsed recommendations

That is still not all, though. All of the 2010 document’s recommendations were endorsed by Dr. Paul G. Kaminski, the Chairman of the Defense Science Board and member of the FBI Director’s Advisory Board at that time. Dr. Kaminski is, or was, apparently well-known and influential in the U.S. government. The document was published in January 2010, and President Obama had made Dr. Kaminski a Member of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board in December 2009.

As of 2018, Dr. Kaminski was on the Board of Managers of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. (Page 60) (President Biden’s Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, was a former Senior Fellow at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory).

Dr. Kaminski was also on the Director of National Intelligence’s advisor board, the In-Q-Tel board, and the FBI Director’s Advisory Board for several years, including after endorsing the recommendation of a “strategic deception entity” potentially to be used to “solve … problems” in the United States.

This is an important point because it has been said that “ruses or ploys” and “strategic deceptions” “are used often” by the FBI. (Page 132) Other documents from the FBI and DOJ also admit to the use of deception as a method.

The U.S. federal government has labeled “naturally occurring outbreaks of viruses” (epidemics) as “threats on national security.” (Page 9) Investigations of biological or epidemiological outbreaks are apparently conducted by a combination of the FBI and the CDC.

In other words, the FBI is involved with national security, so it can be reasonably stated that “strategic deception” may be used on a national level in the United States.

Pandemics or ‘vaccine hesitancy’ solved with ‘strategic deception’?

If the above recommendation to create a “deception entity” to “solve wicked problems in the United States” with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) was implemented, than one may reasonably wonder, since part of the FBI is already overseen by the DNI, and if the FBI already uses strategic deception, would the FBI also be used for strategic deception to solve “wicked problems in the United States”?

The FBI has several locations throughout the world and coordinates closely with The International Criminal Police Organization (“Interpol”). Interpol’s headquarters is in Lyon, France and provides global security in 194 countries – including China, Russia, Turkey, Iran, and others.

It may or may not be noteworthy that the FBI also has collaborated closely with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For example, in 2019 the FBI, together with the U.S. CDC, was giving workshops in Japan, the European Union, and South Africa.

Several crises in the U.S. within the last several years have appeared to be at least partly falsified. This has led reasonable people to question whether staged events or “false flag” operations and strategies have been used on Americans to achieve policies that would not be achieved without being prompted by an apparently falsified (or “strategically deceptive”) crisis.

If, for example, U.S. federal government officials decided that “vaccine hesitancy,” pandemics, and “emerging infectious diseases” like coronaviruses were “wicked problems,” then, according to the cited U.S. document, “strategic deception” may be a method used to solve such problems.

This official U.S. document is significant proof for those who question whether the U.S. federal government national security officials or other federal bureaus and departments may be using deception in such a manner. Some of the most influential U.S. national security officials recommended the possibility of using strategic deception – which would likely include hoaxes and “false flag” operations – on Americans to solve problems.

One cannot be labeled a crazy conspiracy theorist for mentioning the use of deception as a possibility when it is considered that some of the most powerful and influential U.S. national security and intelligence community government officials recommended it to solve problems in the United States.