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(LifeSiteNews) — It’s a darn shame.   

It’s a darn shame… That many Americans believe that if President Trump is reelected, three-letter agencies will do to him what they did to JFK. That there are many Americans saying they don’t think Trump will be “allowed” to win the election in 2024. That the price of gas was $2.00 a gallon three years ago and today it hovers around $4.00. That interest rates were below three percent three years ago and today they are over seven percent, predicted to go up to 10 percent. That the price of bacon has gone up 30 percent over the last three years. That our southern border was effectively closed to illegal immigration three years ago and today it is wide open, and drug and human trafficking cartels practically oversee America’s borders. That school boards in blue states and blue cities think they have more rights than parents and are threatening parents with arrests for getting in their way of indoctrination. That department stores are being forced to close down in blue cities because woke politicians refuse to arrest criminals.     

It’s a darn shame… That since America shut down during COVID (“two weeks to slow the spread!”), it has never been the same. That America has allowed billions of dollars of illegal drugs and thousands of unaccompanied children across our southern border, and the Biden administration apparently thinks that is perfectly fine. That the far left has tried to steal the real meaning and purpose from God’s rainbow. That Americans who try to protect the lives of the unborn are called extremists while environmental cultists who demand to protect the unborn lives of animal species are considered noble. That churches and synagogues in America allowed the precedence of their shuttering upon the orders of the government. That to be “color blind” is now considered to be racist. That nothing – absolutely nothing – has happened to those who lied about the origins of COVID, who lied about the “need” for masks, who lied about the cruciality of shutting down our thriving economy, and who lied about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine.

It’s a darn shame… That the present occupier of the White House is so far mentally gone and incapacitated that our friends don’t trust us and our enemies don’t fear us. That the present occupier of the White House and his family appear to be so bribed, compromised, and corrupted that he appears to be taking orders from Beijing, Tehran, and Kiev. That our military leadership is more concerned with LGBT and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” than winning wars. That BLM and Antifa were allowed to riot with impunity during 2020. That the federal government does not have enough resources to secure our borders, but does have enough resources to hunt down for political persecution Americans who went in or even near the Capitol on January 6.    

It’s a darn shame… That many politicians in Washington, D.C. seem to represent and work for people outside of the districts they were voted to represent. That many politicians when they arrive in D.C. are not millionaires, but somehow when they retire are multi-millionaires. That the DOJ, NSA, and the FBI have turned the Patriot Act inward towards Americans so that they can arrest political opponents of Biden, Obama, and the “Deep State.” That the regime says that to “save democracy,” they must act undemocratically and unconstitutionally towards Trump and the MAGA/America First movement. That the regime seeks to lock up their political opponents for decades. That somehow, the federal government believes law-abiding American citizens should not be allowed their Second Amendment rights, but for some reason newly hired IRS agents need to be firearms-trained and carrying. What?  

It’s a darn shame… That so many conspiracy theories against the federal government, Deep State, and global elites end up being proven true. That elementary schoolchildren are not allowed to read the Bible in class, but are allowed to checkout pornographic material from the school library. That some people are allowed to say other people are “racist” strictly based on the color of their skin (almost sounds… racist). That in some states a middle school student cannot get an Advil without parental consent but can receive life-altering permanent sex change counseling (or even “treatment”) without parental consent. That to some schools and school boards, parents are just in the way and are described as domestic terrorists by the DOJ and FBI. 

It’s a darn shame… That San Francisco, which once was “the pearl” of California, now looks more like a darkened, science fiction dystopian movie. That as more people forget the words of C.S. Lewis, then more people will live the words of George Orwell. That Animal Farm no longer seems like fiction. That some people actually believe men can get pregnant and give birth. That Biden has never ever visited East Palestine, Ohio. That Biden has spent nearly 40 percent of his days away on vacation, while Obama disciples seem to actually run the country.    

It’s a darn shame…That “sanctuary cities” are upset and offended when they are actually used as a sanctuary. That some Americans have never heard of Biden corruption, the Biden Crime Family, nor Hunter Biden because of far-left media censorship of that subject. That the only way some J6 detainees will ever get out of prison is by a presidential pardon. (Again, while Antifa and BLM run the streets with impunity). That Epstein’s “client list” of adults who abused children has never been made public.   

It’s a darn shame… That unless the American people repent and/or God Almighty intervenes, the American empire is a setting sun. America might soon suffer the fates of the Ottoman, Roman, and British empires. But one of the biggest and most worrisome shames is when they heard the song “Rich Men North of Richmond,” most Americans understood this song immediately. Millions of Americans felt this protest song against  D.C. politicians in their bones. The song struck a nerve deep inside the American psyche.  

Americans understood clearly that the words and sentiment of Oliver Anthony’ song were real, honest, and frighteningly true. Oliver Anthony’s song spoke openly that D.C. representatives are not representing their constituents. Many Americans are beginning to feel like strangers in a foreign land. It’s tough having an old soul in this new world order.