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A breakdown of what children learn by grade from the Liberal government's new sex-ed curriculum.

May 10, 2016 (Campaign Life Coalition) — Last week we spoke to a mom who is on the parents council at her elementary school in the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). The mother shared with us that she had asked her Principal for advance notice of all Sex-ed lessons so she could choose whether or not to withdraw her child from class.

The Principal stunned her with the following answer: “We cannot give you advance notice because Sex-ed will be weaved throughout all subjects“.

She is now in a battle with her school to have her parental rights respected.

Lessons beginning now

Now that we are into Spring, the controversial new curriculum will start to be taught at any time, and in some schools, has already started to roll out.  Therefore young children will soon be introduced to adult concepts of sex that are often dangerous to their health, both physically and spiritually.

Even earlier than Grade 1

We spoke to another TDSB parent just today, whose five-year-old son was told by his teacher that, “If you want to marry your boyfriend, you can do that!”.  This indoctrination session took place in a Kindergarten class. Never mind that the curriculum says homosexuality will be taught in Grade 3.

The sex-activists are pushing their libertine sexual values right away in Kindergarten, with no respect for the values of traditionally-principled families. In fact, it's fairly obvious that eradicating those parental values from the minds of your children (and supplanting them with the government's own sexual doctrine), is precisely the goal.

As CLC has warned before, teachers have the autonomy to give the lessons earlier than the grades indicated in the sex ed curriculum. Those grades essentially indicate the latest time by which lessons should be presented. 

It appears school boards, or at least the TDSB, is becoming more belligerent in their take-over of parental rights.

No Catholic lens

CLC has done a preliminary analysis of the so-called “Catholic lens” resources published by the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE). 

The bishops of Ontario promised that ICE would transform the secular Wynne/Levin curriculum, which entails numerous teachings that are essentially anti-Christian, into something that becomes very harmonious with Catholicism.

We are sad to say that that promise, which was dubious from the outset, has not materialized. The so-called Catholic version by ICE is extremely problematic. It pays only lip service to Catholic teaching, while accepting in whole or in part, the radical ideological agenda of the sex-education industry and Kathleen Wynne.  

More analysis from CLC will follow soon.

Push back – Saturday May 14


The parental rights movement has made great progress in pushing back against Kathleen Wynne's s/x ed agenda.  Under the umbrella of Canadian Families Alliance (CFA), this movement recently announced the next major protest against radical S/ex-ed. It will take the form of “Car Rallies” across Ontario on Saturday May 14th.

Parents and grandparents have responded in a big way. So far, people have signed up at our web page to join a Car Rally in 61 provincial ridings across Ontario. That's huge.

Campaign Life Coalition is honoured to partner with the CFA, and our goal is to try to cover as many of the province's 107 ridings as possible. Last fall, we succeeded in covering 103 electoral districts with a different type of rally, so we know this goal is achievable.

Please take a moment to sign up right now for a Car Rally in your local riding. Let's make a statement that the Kathleen Wynne government can't ignore. Let's raise awareness about this in communities all over Ontario, so that more parents join in this anti-child sexualization movement.

You can download the promotional poster by clicking here.

For a detailed analysis of the controversial curriculum, click here.

Thank you for taking a stand to protect the innocence and safety of children.