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July 16, 2019 (Everyday For Life Canada) — The LGTBQ indoctrination never ends. Children in schools must be brainwashed. In the latest edition of Professionally Speaking, the June 2019 publication of the Ontario College of Teachers has another article pushing once more the inclusive classroom. It's written by Lisa va de Geyn and titled, “Teaching LGTBQ Students: Six steps to creating an inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two spirit and queer learners.” There seems to be no end to this sexual and student-confusing propaganda that is being pushed in society and taught to children.

Here are the steps listed to teaching (brainwashing) the LGTBQ students. The comments that follow are ours.

1. Practice self-reflection

In short, the teacher must not question in any way the LGBTQ ideology. The teacher is to just accept and sell the sexual alphabet agenda to the staff and students. “Self-reflection,” not really, more like self-delusion.

2. Soak up knowledge

Geyn isn't suggesting that teachers really soak up any real or factual knowledge. Instead, what teachers need to do is immerse themselves in the propaganda and spread the belief in the classroom and the rest of the school. One must have zeal for the cult of gender.

3. Encourage inclusion lessons

Teachers are to embed LGTBQ content in their lesson plans. Students are to be sexually brainwashed and given good marks for demonstrating that they have been solidly indoctrinated. For example, on a test students could be asked to know that Facebook lets users sign up with 58 genders in America, but in the United Kingdom there are 71 choices. That the information is make-believe is something students best not know. 

4. Encourage inclusion in the entire School

Teachers, after they have drunk the gender Kool-Aid, are to brainwash both the students and the staff when it comes to LGBTQ issues. Then the nonsense must be spread in all subjects and school programs. Proselytizing about gender identity is non-exclusive.

5. Share your own experience

Activist gay teachers are to make sure they peddle their personal narratives to students and staff. They know their subject matter best and so are called to instruct others. What they won't teach students is that the word “gender” was coined by the bogus sexologist John Money. He wanted to prove that gender was socially constructed. In his failed experiment on the Reimer twin boys, he tried to raise one of them as a girl. It was a total failure and both twins ended up committing suicide. The truth will set you free.

6. Start today

This mission to sexually indoctrinate students is vitally important. Teachers are encouraged to start immediately as the new school year begins.

If teachers need a little more help, the College offers a course that will give them additional qualifications to teach LGTBQ students. From kindergarten to Grade 12, teachers must work on “creating safe environments and instruction on how to encourage inclusive learning.” The College has even published e-titles on-line such as “Reading the Rainbow: LGBTQ-Inclusive Literacy Instruction in the Elementary Classroom” to help teachers. Will students and staff who disagree with this sexual propaganda find safe school spaces? That question is sure to be overruled.

Teachers are also told to check out resources from the activist group Egale Canada: “The Every Teacher Project on LGBTQ-Inclusive Education in Canada's K–12 Schools Final Report,” “Supporting Your Gender Diverse Child: A Guide to Support Parents, Guardians, Trans, Intersex, Two Spirit, Gender Diverse Children” and “Youth in the Ontario Education System Report.” We refuse to give a link to this sexual and dangerous propaganda.

What an enormous waste of taxpayer money and resources. Who is Lisa va de Geyn and what qualifies this person to be the expert on LGTBQ issues? The article doesn't say. Too many Ontario teachers have become gender and sexual indoctrinators. This is not education. What happened to teaching students reading, writing, computational and thinking skills? How is this gender nonsense going to prepare any student for adulthood or to enter the world of work? Where is the educational accountability from the government? Parents beware because you're on your own in protecting your children's safety and directing what they learn.

Published with permission from Everyday For Life Canada.